Saturday Buzz: Has USC Baseball Hit Rock Bottom?

Did you see Friday night’s USC baseball score?

Stanford 22, USC 3.

Stanford hit 6 home runs and had an 8-run seventh inning. David Shaw only beat USC by 14 points last season.

USC (25-27, 8-21) is already in last place and eliminated from making the Pac-12 Tournament next week. So obviously it has nothing to play for.

But Coach Jason Gill is fighting for his job.

Gill was considered a good hire back in 2019 and would argue he’s slowly changing the culture of the moribund program. Some former players would disagree.

But whatever he is doing, it ain’t working.

To be fair, Andy Enfield had a miserable start to his USC career and is popular now despite the fact he is a bang-average coach. But I’m not sure Mike Bohn will wait with baseball especially since he didn’t hire Gill. And remember Gill is still under investigation following player complaints.

It’s a tough job to coach baseball with 11.7 scholarships at a private school like USC. But Mike Gillespie won and I bet he would have loved to recruit some baseball players under the new university policy that allows students whose families make less than $80,000 per year to go for free.

Gillespie was great at bringing in walk-ons. One year he went to the College World Series with a starting outfielder who originally was going to be a team manager.

USC foolishly fired Gillespie in 2006 and has had two winning seasons since then in 2014-15.

It’s a tough job to hire. Bohn can bring in some guy from Cincinnati or whatever but that doesn’t mean it will translate to USC, where a half-scholarship still means you need to pick up $30,000 (plus room and board).

He can throw money at the job like he did with Lindsay Gottlieb (and Lincoln Riley) and try to hire a big-name coach. But again, Gottlieb and Riley don’t operate in the 11.7-scholarship world, and that’s not attractive for an SEC or Big 12 baseball coach.

You know who is probably happy? Long Beach State coach Eric Valenzuela. He was at St. Mary’s and a finalist for the USC job before Gill got hired.

Valenzuela got hired at Long Beach State instead. If he gives out a half-scholarship, the player then has to pay $3,400. A little less than USC.

Bottom line: USC baseball has become a joke. It needs to be fixed. It’s been irrelevant since Gillespie.

Maybe Bohn can hire SportSourceAnalytics (Or “Sports Sorts” as he called it at Riley’s introductory press conference) to hire a baseball coach.

32 thoughts on “Saturday Buzz: Has USC Baseball Hit Rock Bottom?

  1. A big part of the baseball problem is apathy. If SC basketball can’t catch on with Trojans where does that leave baseball? SC is foremost a football school
    plus all-the-other-sports.

    And the Dodgers. Just down the street a few miles lies one of America’s best professional teams. That is tough competition for any college team

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    1. Open Letter From Carolt Folt & Mike Bohn: “We have learned our lesson with regard to destroying USC football —from here on we will be destroying USC sports on a case by case basis.”


  2. USC can and should be more than competitive in baseball. Private schools like Vandy, Rice, Stanford, and many more have top programs. It’s all about the head coach doing his job, and recruiting players. There are plenty of good players out there the coach has to get off his butt in baseball, and hit the pavement to recruit. Checkletts, the Coach at UC Santa Barbara would be a good choice if he will take the job this time as would the guy at TCU, or an Assistant at Vandy.

    Time to make a change Mike Bohn!

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    1. Apples and oranges.. Vanderbilt & Stanford both mix baseball scholarships with a sliding tuition scale. They both basically have 35 guys going to school for free. Until USC makes a true investment in the program, by offering the same aid and $, the program will be average. All in cost to attend USC is over $85k on Gill is a good man and a hard worker, doing the best with what he has.


      1. Say what Branden? Gill is a pure excuse for a head anything. He knows
        very little about using his pitchers , and his coaching staff is a joke.
        You must be related to this imposter.


  3. USC was and should be the best baseball program in the United States. It has the facilities, the tradition and the location to rule the sport. Gillespie did wonders with less than no support from Little Napoleon. There were years USC would not provide the guarantee to host a regional. Bohn needs to think big: alums with SC ties and MLB bench experience are plentiful. Add some assistants with college experience and it shouldn’t take long. And this isn’t women’s basketball: a packed Deadeaux Field was a thing during regionals in Gillespie’s day.

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  4. Bohn really needs to get his ass in gear and get to work on not only baseball, but womens basketball. The poor showings of these sports makes USC look like a one horse stagecoach. Football is king, but these other sports are what makes USC the shining star it used to be. C’mon Bohn, do your job.

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    1. He just condemned Men’s Hoops to years of mediocrity by extending Enfield. The less Bohn touch might be the best touch.


  5. r preznint iz doin the bessed that he can and thats good enuff fir me cuz he and the luvley vice preznint cair abuot me and the litle poeples,

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    1. I hope Ed coming out of the closet as a Democrat doesn’t affect his standing here with most having a predominately Republican lean.
      As for me I am remaining in the closet looking for a 3rd party.

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      1. Trump IS the 3rd Party. Like him or not [as a person he’s a jerk but he stands for economic nationalism and the American worker] he IS the alternative to McConnell and the completely corrupt repubs [and dems].
        repub and dem leaders hate him for that [but they like him for being a childish jerk].

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    2. Ed — I like what one of the anchors on SkyNews in Australia said —“Biden is obviously completely gone mentally —but, apparently, 50% of Americans identify with that.”


      1. The entire world sees what those of us with any sense saw before the election. But Sky News is probably the best at making light of it. They rip on him more than Fox News.

        People here are complaining about Bidenflation, some struggling to provide for their families. But the people of Ukraine are paying a much higher price as a result of us installing a senile old man as the leader of the free world. 39% are actually happy with themselves: “I don’t care how many people die, as long as the mean guy is gone.”

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      2. Last line — an exact [and I mean exact] quote from my neighbors and in-laws…..


      3. That’s it exactly! A bunch of wusses who were more concerned about not getting their feelings hurt, than keeping the world a safer place.

        And the worst part? They are the 50% who say they would flee to Canada, Mexico or somewhere else if we were invaded, rather than stay and fight!


      4. Yes, but what HASN’T been in the news?

        The trial of former Clinton campaign lawyer Michael Sussmann began May 16, as Special Counsel John Durham’s years-long investigation into the origins of the Trump-Russia probe finally landed in court, but anyone who relies on ABC, NBC, CBS or MSNBC would have no idea.

        Since May 15, the eve of the trial, ABC News, NBC News, CBS News and MSNBC all ignored the trial on air through Thursday evening, according to a search of transcripts.

        CNN spent less than 10 minutes covering the trial from May 15 through Thursday, and didn’t mention it on air at all on Wednesday or Thursday as testimony intensified. None of CNN’s coverage has come during primetime.

        Same type of cover-up they pulled prior to the election of Hunter’s managing of the Biden Family Corruption Fund. 17% of Biden voters say they wouldn’t have voted for Dementia Joe if they had known about it, which would have been enough to sway the result. THAT, in & of itself, is election manipulation/fraud. But idiots still refer to it as The Big Lie.


      5. Look at the bright side, So Cal ——EVERYBODY will cover the verdict….IF… it’s hung or Not Guilty…

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  6. Minor league contract or college baseball? Such is the dilemma of 18 year-olds coming out of high school these days. USC was once among the nation’s top minor league teams. Maybe NIL money will help that again, but the coach needs to make it happen.

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    1. Mike Bohn needs to make that happen. Riley fell into his lap —let’s see Bohn do something right on his own.


  7. According to Trojans baseball players, Jason Gill, and his Fuckboy sidekick, Ted Silva are disrespectful, and attempt bully tactics when they coach. Both are clowns 🤡 who think they’re smarter then everyone else.


    1. When a coach gets to that point it is proof they are in over their head. The ego is just to big to admit it and resign. C’mon Bohn, do your magic on baseball.

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      1. Bohn isn’t magical, steveg….

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  8. Spending the money on LR made sense. College football is a bigtime money maker especially if you are one of the blue blood programs. Spending it on Gottlieb was a waste. Promoting the womens sports programs is politically correct even if they lose money.

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      1. Is political correctness still a thing? Personally I have never paid any attention to it if you haven’t noticed.

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