USC Adds A Defensive Lineman

Sinjun Astani, a defensive lineman from San Jose State, has transferred to USC.

He played one game last season and had one tackle.

In 2020, he played in five games and had a QB hurry.

Astani played at Loyola High School.

I’m curious if he is related to Beverly Hills-based developer Sonny Astani, who donated $17 million to USC in 2007 and has his name on the USC Sonny Astani Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering.

23 thoughts on “USC Adds A Defensive Lineman

  1. Getting a DL is nice. Now for some big & uglies on the other side of the line, huh Ed?

    On another note, time for the Preakness, Baby!!

    I’m pulling for Simplification, but didn’t make any wagers.

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  2. I hope that they didn’t waste a scholarship on this guy. He was only a 2 star in college and he hardly played in 3 years at SJS(not exactly a powerhouse). He’s not a freshman who could be considered a project. He’ll be a senior. This is a wasted scholarship if they gave him one.

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    1. He is a walk on, preferred. Simply adds a little depth to the position, no scholie used on him. If he gives someone a few plays of rest, then he will be useful. Also to be used on practice squad.

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  3. Well, Sonny and Sinjun both live in Malibu. So I would presume they are related.

    But Sinjun is only a 2-star and has not exactly shined in his career, so it is an odd pickup for SC.

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  4. Yes, he is his son. With his father’s $, we should not waste schollie on this kid.

    Hopefully, not another varsity blues scandal in the making.

    I thought Donna Heinel was long gone awaiting sentencing.

    I wonder if they dismantled her former department.

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    1. He is a walk-on and can add some depth and the staff can develop him nicely. We dont know if he has potential, or if he is on the team because of his father’s donations. Either way, this is fine. SC fans need to calm down.

      I am fascinated by the chaos happening in the SEC right now. I would love to see more scrutiny on recruiting practices. Once USC is on a level playing field in terms of paying players, we will win an enormous number of the best recruits, even the linemen. The rest of college football will be getting worried by the end of this season and with USC as the #1 recruiting class for 2023. The only reason the SEC got all the best linemen was straight payment.

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  5. He committed as a preferred walk on. No scholarship being used. Most likely not playing anything but special teams. Pretty good gig, playing football at USC and dad footing the bill. Good for him.

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  6. greetings sports fans, well arch manning he looks very mature for a h s player !!!! the nba kidd the coach is failing here green and looney need to be eliminated from this equasion ! ? regards , E

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    1. Ed, you could consult for the Mavs, but I think it is too late for them. They are trying to be Golden State, but just aren’t nearly as good as them. Or maybe you should consult for the Cali governor. I think he wants more loopholes, but not for linesmen.

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  7. Call Ed, the Narcissistic, Committee of Athletic Assholes (NCAA) has opened another loophole. This loophole relaxes the limits on scholarships and counters. Maybe this is the loophole Ed’s looking for to get lines men

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  8. They gave him a preferred Walk-On. I have no problem with that. Just as long as they don’t offer him a scholarship. That would be a waste of a scholarship. If he hardly ever got on the field during 5 years at SJS, I don’t think that he will see the field much at USC.


  9. We love Big-Uglies and we need more Big-Uglies because we are just too dang pretty. In fact, people hate us because we are too dang pretty…

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    1. 4 star guy who can go both ways, OT and DE. Interesting that he hasn’t committed. Sounds like he is waiting for the best NIL deal he can get. Or perhaps the team that is committed to playing him at his preferred position.

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  10. He transferred to sit on the bench, because if he can’t dominate at San Jose State, then what does he think he’s going to do at USC ? Nothing like politics getting in the way of recruiting 😂. Sounds like some Pat Haden, and Lynn Swann Shit.


  11. George Tirebiter,

    Another Loyola High Cub on the SC squad. There have been many a Cub that have played at SC, Steve Grady, Joe Murray, Reaton, Mat Buckus, and others. Not bad.


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