The USC Sunday Supplement

Some things I wasn’t able to squeeze into Friday’s column:

In 1956, you could buy a Trojans jacket at the Trojan shop. Note the sign in back, the “Trojane Shop” for women’s sportswear.

  • I ran a picture of Life magazine covers with USC athletes Friday. Here are the four covers as they actually looked:
USC football captain Chuck Williams
USC track captain Payton Jordan

USC All-American Ralph Vaughn

Olympic gold medalist Mel Patton

The USC-Hollywood pipeline from the mid-1920’s to 1931: Ward Bond, John Wayne and Buster Crabbe.

Bond was a starting lineman on USC’s first national championship team (1928). He turned 25 that season, by the way. Crabbe was USC’s first All-American swimmer and an NCAA champion. How much Wayne actually played is a point of debate. He was on the freshman team and then got hurt and did not earn a letter.

22 thoughts on “The USC Sunday Supplement

  1. NEVER ON SUNDAY. ——— ———you can kiss me on a Monday. A Monday …….. MELINDA M.. Good song and flick. Condemned by the Legion of Decency. …But padre said ok. Go for it. But you have to walk out if you get aroused. Well. I didn’t get aroused. Lol. Those were the days. days of wine and roses.


    1. Referring to a concubine in the 1950s, George, was taboo. But since then
      “You’ve come a long way, baby”


      1. I can’t remember LJ. But I think that was in the 60s. Early 60s. But I forget bro.


  2. Has ESPN abandoned the female commentator for the Sunday night MLB games!? Like David Cone and Eduardo Perez.


      1. Don’t feel badly, Charles, every man has both of those qualities to some degree, although we should not stop trying to put a lid on those tendencies.

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  3. ugh,bond iz a lines man and couch dont think to recroot him,he to bizzy throwin his balls at the bais bal gaim and aint recrootin the lines man we nead cuz we aint got nun,smdh


  4. greetings fans of all aaahhh types , this guy addison will suffer a injury and then transfer back to pitt !? Regards ,E


  5. The reason for a football defeat is not always clear. Same is true in a basketball game, although even more so because of so much scoring.

    But baseball is different. Today the Dodgers were ahead 3-2, 2 outs in the last inning, and the second baseman misplayed a routine ground ball and 2 runs scored so that the Dodgers lost. Now that is pretty clear where to lay the blame for that loss.

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  6. I’d comment on Ward Bond and John Wayne …but I’m afraid of setting my friend Owns off again…..


    1. Michael,

      One of my favorite all time movies is, “The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance”. Lee Marvin was such a mean son of a gun in that movie. He should have won an Academy Award for his role.

      BTW, Marvin was a Marine and he was on Iwa Jima during the fight. You can see where he learned to be a little mean.


    1. Sir Charles. . I Wanna see the headline. SOUTHERN CAL GOES INDEPENDENT!!!!! Rest of Pac 12 joins mountain west conference——except for ruins which drops football

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      1. They don’t have to drop it. They can still play for fun. In front of the Graduate Library. For free.


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