Time For Another Restaurant Break

Who remembers the Golden Cock Inn in San Gabriel?

It was part of the Clearman’s restaurants and the old location is where the Galley and North Woods Inn are still open on Rosemead Blvd. and Huntington Dr.

The waiting area had the circular fireplace in the center.

35 thoughts on “Time For Another Restaurant Break

      1. No problem, Gabby —Garland is making up charges out of thin air as we speak….

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  1. Hunter the crack addict has been peddling the family name all over the world for years, with Dad & Uncle Jim each getting their 10%, and someone is stupid enough to call Trump a criminal!! Doesn’t get any funnier than that!

    P.S. Pulling for OK State over the Gators in this one!!


  2. Trump blackmailed Zelensky and incited an insurrection. Those were his fucking highlights. He belongs in jail no matter what you rich white conservatives post. We’re outnumbered here but we will fight back against your rotten bullshit lies. Lock the bastard up and it can’t be soon enough for our money. We support Biden and you jerks are far outnumbered in our Golden State. Feel our passion now. It’s our turn now.

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    1. So Cal is a major cult member. Trump ran from covid, killed 400k, and left this country in shambles. But yet, all the Global issues are somehow Biden’s fault, according to his dipshit. The dipshit lives in denial and trolls the local dumpsters still looking for traces of voter fraud. I’m sure his relatives hide from him, I would


    2. Oh ya, I can feel your pain. Your only problem is you don’t qualify as an elite, so you are screwed with the rest of us. Comrad Teddy, which food line you going to stand in?

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      1. Steve, Cal and anyone else who is stocking up on shelf stable food without wanting to buy MREs…

        If you’re a cheese lover as I am, WSU developed their cheese in the 40’s after receiving funding from the U.S. gov’t and American Can Company, to create a cheese you can keep it in your fridge indefinitely. I recommend the Cougar Gold and the Smoky Cheddar. $27 per tin, but worth every penny and you’re supporting a Pac-12 school.


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      1. Above was meant for my friend, Teddy….


  3. So funny how whiny crybabies call it an insurrection. A true insurrection would have resulted in a lot of bloodshed on both sides. NO ONE supported it, but the most extreme supporters of 45.

    At the same time, the same idiots ignore over 500 riots that destroyed hundreds of businesses. Violence & destruction is fine with the left, as long as its their people doing it.

    Hypocritical idiots.


      1. Yeah, Cal, the fool showed how selfish he and other Biden supporters are. Because I don’t enjoy seeing people struggle financially, it supposedly means I’m struggling. Truly moronic.

        He can’t grasp what some of us feel seeing others being stretched, financially, because all Biden supporters care about is themselves.


      2. Guys, we need to calm down. “Our side” should EXPECT lots & lots of attacks from the Left going into November [after that they’ll be just burning things down]. “Their guy” is slurring and walking into doors so they know it’s time to turn up the heat. They’re not gonna go down without a fight —hence all the Charge of the Light Brigade speeches and threats….

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      3. Very true, MG.

        Just that their denial about his role in screwing things up is amusing. We wonder who could actually be stupid enough to be part of the 30% that approves of his performance thus far and then Dumbass shows us who! LMAO

        As a buddy of mine often says, they are among us.

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      4. I have relatives who voted for Biden —and they’d do it again if he was running in 2024 (which he won’t be). I hear the “Trump is a criminal” line all the fricking time —they can’t specify which Federal Statute he violated …or even if the could, they could never cite the evidence to support the charge. And they don’t care. It’s an emotional thing. They don’t even care that the big dem cities are in ruins. Or that children in those cities will be shot to death this weekend. They don’t care. They don’t care about the prices of gas or food. They don’t care that OUR cities look like shit compared to the European and Chinese cities we bankrolled. There’s nothing we can do about that mindset. I just hope that, after the dust settles, we can start coming together again. We’re up against too much to be against each other.

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      5. Nice lady at Albertsons told me this morning the store’s sales are way down and the suits from corporate were in the store recently asking, “What are you guys doing?!”

        The suits are completely cluess as to how much some are struggling. They’re no doubt making the drive to discount grocery stores such as 99 Cents Only, Food For Less and the like.

        Would be nice to come together. But that won’t happen when they refuse to accept responsibility for all of this. They’ll remain in denial until the end of time.

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      6. I don’t know how we’re gonna come together either, So Cal. My relatives are smart …but they’ve spent their entire lives in “go along to get along” mode. They will spend the rest of their lives believing what media tells them is True. They aren’t gonna wonder why things are so bad in the inner cities. Why the dems have done so little to help the people they profess to care about.
        [Sidebar: I feel sorry for Scott –he gave us a great restaurant piece to save us from ourselves —but we all went back to fighting each other]…

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      7. Anyone who voted for all of this and worse, would vote for it all again, can’t be that smart. Not possible.

        As for Scott’s piece, very true. The waiting area looks very cool.

        Watching the opening ceremonies of the Special Olympics from Orlando right now. Such a great organization!!

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  4. Clearman’s Golden Cock, Steak nStein, and Northwoods Inn were all major restaurants in the 50s. My parents ate at the Steak n Stein in Whittier on their wedding night and many anniversaries. The Clearman Inns also included a place called the Dinnerhorn. A lot of people love the Northwoods Inns, but for my family, it’s Steak n Stein. It’s good food.

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    1. All those made me think of Cask & Cleaver, formerly in Hacienda Heights! Closed a long time ago, but appears they are now in Rancho Cucamonga!

      May have to make the drive and check it out!

      P.S. Was bummed to read that Steer N’ Ale in Pasadena closed.

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  5. Biden has 2 Anourysms. Has Dementia is working with the Mafia with cocaine Hunter and his brother getting Mafia Money from russia and china. Destroy ing America MAKING everything Mo Mo Money…..

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  6. You may be cool, but will never be as cool as Rafael “just played a championship match with a foot numbed and beat a young buck in straight sets to win my 14th French Open Championship” Nadal.


    1. Nadal is a great champion. Tremendous tennis by a guy with physical struggles, not to mention he is 36. My son and I watched the doubles finals yesterday. Super good tennis, and it was great to see guys as old as 50 (not a typo) playing at that level.


  7. What a great opening just now! Female golfer, first Down Syndrome athlete to ever earn a full NCAA scholarship! Another, the first Down Syndrome athlete to ever complete an Iron Man Competition! And last but not least, a bowler still competing a 73!! So cool!!

    Gators vs Ruins up next! Go Gators!!

    And NASCAR in 30 minutes!!

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  8. The Golden Cock was Clearman’s high end restaurant back in the day.
    They had terrific steaks and the best creamed spinach the world has ever known! Are there any Arcadia Apaches or San Marino Titans out the that remember this?


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