USC Morning Buzz: Winners And Losers Of Week


Hershel Dennis

The former USC tailback is the football coach at Life Christian Academy, a high school in Tacoma, Wash.

USC baseball

Jason Gill is on the way out. I’ll have an early list of candidates later today.

Rick Caruso

Endorsed by Elon Musk and Katy Perry.

Drew Peterson

He’s going to get to take as many shots as he wants next season.

Marv Goux

Find another college coach who was in The Twilight Zone.



Made first World Cup in 64 years.


USC football

Three-star offensive tackle Amos Talalele, who has an official visit to USC scheduled, committed to Cal over the weekend. I know he is a three-star but USC wants him.

Rick Caruso

Endorsed by Elon Musk and Katy Perry.

1970 USC-Alabama movie

These types of sports movies rarely live up to the hype.

USC women’s soccer

Penelope Hocking, the leading scorer in USC history, transferred to Penn State. Great news for new coach Jane Alukonis.


50 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Winners And Losers Of Week

  1. Borderline four-star offensive tackle Amos Talalele, who HAD an official visit to USC scheduled, WISELY committed to Cal over the weekend. I know he is only a borderline four-star but USC wantED him. FIFY


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      1. Youz wize guyz are so kind. I was just up at zeroDarkThirty and couldn’t resist fixing Wolfy’s post.

        Otherwise, just stay out of trouble will ya?

        Congrats on the English improvement the last three years. Really unfortunate that SC doesn’t teach English ( with all your foreign students, who cares?), leaving it to a lowly miscreant such as myself.

        Never give up, never quit* Churchill

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      1. Unlike USC’s QB, the only place for LA governance to go is up. Unless it is Bass. In which case further down is possible.

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    1. Yeah T67, I’d never wish to have an endorsement from the richest guy on Earth who
      1. shook up a stodgy, polluting, old industry and revolutionized it SINGLEHANDEDLY
      2. told sanctimonious Gavin Nuisance to GFTHOff
      3. figured out how to make big bank off Xi Jinping (until Xi and his band of thieves steals all Tesla’s intellectual property)
      4. …and just thought he help out NASA in his spare time…

      …and Katy Perry is hot, talented, and rich. I’d never want her endorsement.

      Losers of the week fer sure.

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    2. I’m not sure if so cal even knows what day it is. Eat, sleep, shit, and Biden is all he can focus on. Talk about multitasking(LOL)


  2. Until Lincoln Riley proves heโ€™s going to play physical football upfront, then his recruiting struggles for top offensive linemen will continue. Clay Heltonโ€™s pass happy non-physical football has tarnished USC over the last 8 years, and thatโ€™s the reputation that will hang over their heads until Riley proves otherwise. Oklahoma averaged 10 plus wins under Riley, but when they got to the playoffs, they were beat down by physical teams, and thatโ€™s what lineman recruits remember

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  3. Marv is a winner because his pay was so low he had to work as an extra in television during the off season? Don’t get me wrong, The Twilight Zone was a great show, but you don’t see Elon Musk or Katy Perry working there.

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  4. No one talks much about former USC Wide Receiver/Track Star Earl McCullough as being on of the great USC athletes of all time. The block he made for OJ vs UCLA in the 67 game was very special.

    Anyone know where he is today, and how’s he doing?

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    1. And Earl was a member of the USC 44o yard world record relay team. I think he was the anchor, and OJ ran the third leg. I also believe Earl had a world record in the hurdles? He played for the Lions as I recall, don’t know what happened after his football career.

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  5. Hershel Dennis–hampered by some lousy coaching at USC early in his career. Had a great few season’s early in PC’s years. Hope he has a great career in LA HS FB.

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  6. Loser of the week–Amos Talalele, who had the chance to play in games that people watched while also attending the #19 University in America.
    Instead, will play in games no one watches (and win a few/lose a few) and graduate from the #34 (or so) school in America.

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      1. Talele won’t become a part of those NFL stats, Cal.
        Should have gone for the superior education.

        It’s been breathtaking watch USC’s rise in the academic rankings, while also disheartening watching UCLA and Cal decline.

        Leadership. Pass it on.
        (or in UCLA and Cal’s parlance, Pass On it.)

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  7. I still say USC should hire John Savage (UCLA) as it new baseball coach. Savage, rebuilt the UCLA program from nothing, and at one time was the USC pitching coach under Mike Gillespie. Savage, has killed USC in recruiting especially pitching, and can definitely build the program back to the top quickly. USC, can definitely afford to pay him more than UCLA has. Stanford, stole it’s current baseball coach from Cal, and it certainly can be done especially by a private school which has more funds to pay the top coaches.

    If USC can afford to pay Gottlieb a million bucks it needs to pay back Rod Dedeaux for his long term success and service at USC while he worked for a salary of $1 due to the fact he had a very successful trucking business. I am sure Rod would tell Mike Bohn to go after the best only in John Savage.

    Solid but secondary local choices should be:

    Andy Stankewitz- Grand Canyon
    Andrew Chickletts- UCSB
    Mike Scioscia-“Hidden Gem” Older yes, but has ties with all the Major League Scouts, Coached the 2021 Olympic team, and is heavily involved with the High School Major League Development Program in Compton. The kids would definitely come to USC to play for Scioscia. Great Ambassador for USC, Baseball, and the Kids love him just like Tom Lasorda, and Rod Dedeaux. Might be a short term fix, but definitely can give the program the energy boost it has been lacking in the last 10 years.

    However, this time USC baseball needs a home run hire who can keep the kids in California, and have enough pull to get them to delay their pro careers. One way to do that is hire John Savage who’s currently doing that at UCLA. He’s the recruiting guru other coaches follow way behind him. No more limited scholarship excuses- Pepperdine, TCU, Stanford, Gonzaga, Vanderbilt, and many more have growing programs even though the tuition is high.

    Make it happen Mike Bohn! I applaud your quick move on Jason Gill who was not a winner or great recruiter.. Take a look at USC baseball history it’s truely remarkable almost as remarkable as the football program. Take a look at all the USC Baseball Trophies which are now collecting dust because our previous athletic dept. leaders fell asleep while the game of college baseball continued to grow.

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  8. Dumbass supports a senile old man who said in Oct 2021: “As one computer said, if you’re on the train, and they say Portal Bridge, you know you better make other plans…”

    Biden often doesn’t know where he is, who he is or with whom he’s meeting. But morons such as our buddy above thought he’d make a great President! Oh yeah, none of the crises we’re seeing are his fault. LMAO


    1. So cal was sitting on the examining table in the doctorโ€™s office having his hearing checked. The doctor poked his light scope in his ear and said, โ€œHey, you have a suppository in your ear!โ€

      โ€œRats,โ€ said so cal โ€œNow I know where my hearing aid went.โ€


  9. Yeah, if I had been stupid enough to vote for all of the death & suffering we’re seeing, I’d resort to denial and juvenile insults, too. So sad…and telling.


    1. What “death and suffering” details or STFU

      your king trump was a covid denier and his incompetence led to 25% of all worldwide deaths with only 4% of the population. He lost 10 million jobs, added 11 trillion to the national debt, and had negative GDP. So what part of that is better than the lowest Unemployment rate in decades, the largest increase in GPD in history, and record home equity….I’m sure you’ll come back with some lame excuse…. wipe the drool , old man


      1. You’re starting to sound like a fucking broken record. Get a new playbook. I’ve seen the same dog and pony show from you over and over…..the horse is dead!


  10. No president is perfect or our savior. Only one claimed to be the savior of all of us. Is some guy going to Cal really that big a deal? Anybody know any starting linemen from any national championship going to the Hall of Fame? Or named all-pro from Alabama, Ohio State or LSU? No o-line from Georgia was drafted in the first round on this past draft. Get a clue and get over yourselves, o-lineman are a dime a dozen. It’s d-line that makes a difference.

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