USC Baseball Candidates

So who will replace USC baseball Jason Gill?

Gill was officially fired this morning. Here’s a look at some early candidates:

Andrew Checketts, UC Santa Barbara: USC was interested in him three years ago but couldn’t offer enough money to entice him. Things were a lot more cost-conscious under Lynn Swann, however, so if Coach Bohn throws a lot of money at Checketts, he might take it.

Bill Mosiello, TCU: Mosiello, a former USC assistant, is the associate head coach at TCU and being pursued for Division I jobs. He also coached at Cerritos College and Cal State Fullerton, so he has plenty of local ties.

Andy Stankiewicz, Grand Canyon: Stankiewicz was the runner-up three years ago to Gill and is also being pursued for Division I jobs. He was an assistant coach at Arizona State from 2006-09 so he has Pac-12 experience.

Troy Tulowitzki, Texas: He is a former major-leaguer, which creates a lot of buzz. He played at Long Beach State, so there is a local connection. And the Longhorns have been formidable since he joined the staff as an assistant coach in 2019.

Eric Valenzuela, Long Beach State: He got a courtesy interview three years ago but USC didn’t seem interested so he took the Long Beach job. He was the head coach at St. Mary’s from 2014-19, so he knows the challenges of coaching at a private school. The question now is whether he wants to return to those challenges now that he is at financially friendly Long Beach State.


38 thoughts on “USC Baseball Candidates

  1. ugh,seams stoopid to higher a couch and not now if he gonna win gaims,thay gotta higher onley couches that iz gonna win gaims for shore,uthurwize thay jussed gonna haff a couch that aint wining and then wut massage that send to the playurs,that it ok to loose,smdh

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    1. Thanks for that verbatim quotation, Ed — those first few lines of Biden’s last State of the Union Address always make me feel proud to be an American….

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      1. Biden barely going to have his second sit down interview of the year on Wednesday and with a very biased & friendly interviewer, of course. His handlers actually gave him permission!! I’m sure he’s been given the questions and more importantly, told how to answer them. (Would have been at least 20 interviews for a normal President half way through the year.)

        Yet one fool is trying to claim nothing is amiss with this administration, as only an idiot would do. Anyone who says otherwise?! Oh, something is wrong with THEM!!!

        Typical Liberal playbook. Blame the other person. Don’t like Kamala? You must be a racist or sexist. Or better? Both!! LMAO

        This idiot defending Dementia Joe should be on with those cows on The View. Afterall, he does use a name that I’ve only seen used by women. No joke!



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    1. I do believe CAL competing for that tub of goo(320 lbs in H.S?) And snatching him away from your illustrious offensive line coach and also leaving this thread with CAL completely dominating your sadly pathetic baseball program
      Are a must read.

      Factoid: CAL alums completely fund the CAL varsity baseball program because varsity baseball was cut from the athletic program.
      That should make you feel even more tingley up your leg. Let that soak in.

      PS: bourbon, SC has standards? Who knew?

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      1. Provocative statements …
        …These are not the wise & unifying words of the gentle Cal75 of the past….

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      2. I like having the concerned Alumni funding the baseball program.
        Public/Private partnership is the saving grace for public programs which are fiscally unsustainable.

        Personally, I think College Baseball no longer is relevant and nurturing future professionals should be left to the Minor Leagues. I am starting to wonder if the same is true of Men’s College Hoops, but remain hopeful that March Madness and Men’s CBB may remain relevant.
        It will be interesting to see how many from the G-league team IGNITE are go in the first round of the NBA draft this Summer. Many HS stars chose NOT to play NCAA hoops the last few years. Maybe NIL money will keep them in CBB.

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      3. ….and finally, Cal.
        I follow the WSJ rankings of University Excellence.
        Fully 40 percent of the score of a University is derived by the average salary achieved by the school’s graduate in their first 10 years.
        I really don’t care if a school has a bunch of Nobel Prize winners–who never teach a class–on campus. Not gonna help an undergrad when his/her (their) time comes to enter the job market!

        USC, UCLA, Cal, Stanford*–all great schools.
        USC earned their way onto the list with hard work and relentless improvement. Great leadership, starting with Zumberge. Fight on!

        *(and UCI, UCSD…)

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      4. That’s part of the package MG when I got the Big C diagnosis. Hadn’t been sick or to a doc since my left knee got zippered in 72.

        Complete PIA.

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      5. Cal 75 — I don’t even know how to respond. All I can say is you’re tough enough to handle ANYTHING.
        [And I consider you a friend]….

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      6. CAL75,

        I have read your comments for years now and have enjoyed them. They were objective, nuetral, and with diplomacy. However, about the last month or so, you have have shown a side that has not been the same as in the past. It has been more critical. I am wondering why? Like I said, i have enjoyed your comments prior to the change that I think I have seen. If you don’t mind, please let me know why the change. Thank you.

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      7. CAL75,

        I just read that you have cancer. I am very sorry to hear that. I have lost 4 people in my life and and my best friend’s dad to that. You are in my prayers. God speed and Blessing to you and your loved ones.

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      8. Appreciate that PT.

        And yes my tude has gotten a little more sharp lately. There is a reason. I don’t won’t bore people here at this time but as the season progresses you will figure it out.

        I can do without the incoming geo. Soros idiot(s) that recently showed up. Seems the DU ilk has penetrated every chat room with their bravo sierra as though they think they can change minds.




  3. Disagree—-on Mosiello.from TCU. We need a proven head coach so why not the head coach at TCU. Can’t believe Checketts was offered a very low salary by Swann before. The UCSB job pays peanuts compared to other programs due to a low athletic budget. I heard he turned down the job so he could continue to raise his family in beautiful Santa Barbara which makes more sense.

    In respect for the rich baseball history at USC we need a coach who has taken a team to the College World Series not some scrub coach who has made it to the playoffs one time like Gill. Rod Dedeaux, was a legend we need to pay for one of the top coaches in the game to match up with what Rod built.

    I still say USC should offer John Savage from UCLA who is the best.. He owns and kills it recruiting in Southern California. USC, needs to open up the pocket book this time hiring a 1 season wonder, or assistant coach is too much of a gamble. Hiring Savage weakens UCLA also, and USC can afford to outbid UCLA every time for a proven winner.

    Speaking of local ties- Former Angel Coach and Dodger player Mike Scioscia would be a long shot, but an excellent choice. He is heavily involved with the local high programs/amateur baseball, major league scouts, and despite being older might be a great short term fix for a sinking program. Rod Dedeaux, was a great coach but most of all a great ambassador for USC. Mike Scioscia would do the same.

    No on Troy Tulowitzki- Since Augie Garrido left around 8 years ago Texas has not even been in the World Series despite a rich tradition in baseball like SC. No assistant coaches please we need a proven winner like with the football hire.

    Stankiewicz from Grand Canyon has slowly built a great program at Grand Canyon and keep in mind he has to recruit against Arizona, and Arizona State. Probably should be in your top 3 picks for an interview.

    Sure hope Mike Bohn does it right this time like he did in football. The rich baseball tradition USC had is fading away with time, and needs to be restored quickly.

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  4. Scooter,

    Ever since Gillispie was kicked out, SC has had nothing but medicore coaches starting with his son in law Kruter, then the other guy that was kicked out for illegal stuff, Hubbs, and you can add Gill. If SC does not hire the right guy, you can kiss the program goodby and get them out of the PAC 12. they only won PAC 12 series and one was against ugly. I went to many games this year and too much inconsistency. If they play well they could beat anyone, but most times pitching hurt SC. We will see.

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    1. 11 SCHOLARSHIPS? 3-4 HAVE TO BE PITCHERS…you need 2 of every other position,or guys who can play any position and excel…How did ncaa get the power to tell schools how many scholarships they can offer? typical democrat run tax payer only schools need to apply…


  5. Here we go with the 11 scholarship excuse…………… then does Stanford, Vandy, Gonzaga, TCU, Pepperdine, and many other private schools succeed. The answer is a great coach, and getting the boosters behind the program. Hiring guys like Gill, Kruter, and Hobbs showed USC was not interested in adding more trophies in college baseball. I think this new hire will be a proven coach, and USC will pay big time or they would have stayed with Gill after only 3 years ,or thrown in the towel on college baseball.
    USC can afford John Savage at UCLA- He’s the best in the West. If you can overpay for a women’s college basketball coach you can certainly afford to offer Savage a big time salary that no way UCLA can match. The program would again have instant credibility with the recruits especially pitchers which is the key ingredient to win in college baseball. College baseball is growing USC just needs to wake up. Take a look at the crowds in the Regionals going on in Corvallis, Palo Alto etc.
    Mike Bohn- either pay for a proven head coach big time, or eliminate the program. Even you want a bargain for a proven head coach talk to former Oregon and CS Fullerton head coach George Horton he’s back in town now.


    1. instead of asking how they do it why don’t you tell us…cheating? how do 11 guys get into the college world series?



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  7. I do wish we had a softball team. On a standard sized diamond, it might be boring. But the shrunken diamond demands quick reflexes and a more exciting game.

    I’d love to see how a Lady Trojans team stacked up against the women still in the tourney!


  8. We should ask the sobs lynn and haden who they recommend, cross those off and start from there. Save us some time, they are experts in who not to pick.

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    1. Seinfeld: ” If every instinct you have is wrong, then the opposite would have to be right.”

      Costanza: “Yes, I will do the opposite!”

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