USC Morning Buzz: Baseball Coaching Hot Board

USC is back to square one on the baseball coaching search and two of the candidates on my original list of candidates turned down the job while a third candidate got hired at Ohio State.

So here is a revised list of candidates:

Ben Orloff, UC Irvine

Orloff played for former USC coach Mike Gillespie and served as his assistant from 2014-18. He succeeded Gillespie as head coach 2019 and won the Big West Conference in 2021.

Morgan Ensberg, Tampa Bay Rays minor league coach

The former USC third baseman is currently the manager of the Rays’ Class AA affiliate in Montgomery, Ala. Was a member of the 1998 USC national championship team. Has college experience as assistant at UC San Diego.

Andy Stankiewicz, Grand Canyon

It’s a little surprising USC had not spoken to Stankiewicz through last weekend. He nearly got the job before Jason Gill was hired three years ago. Maybe he wasn’t a splashy enough name before but USC needs a coach.

Eric Valenzuela, Long Beach State

No guarantee he is interested but probably worth a call since he was the head coach at St. Mary’s from 2014-19, so he knows the challenges of coaching at a private school.


87 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Baseball Coaching Hot Board

  1. USC employment process for athletics

    Step 1. Put dart board on wall
    Step 2. Add names
    Step 3. Throw dart, hope it hits name
    Step 4. If it hits nothing, repeat step 3
    Step 5. Give low ball offer to whatever name dart does hit

    BTW, having Tulo turn us down was a win, why in the world USC would go after a guy with ZERO heading coaching experience and no clue about how to recruit to a private school is just moronic.

    And remember this, Haden supposedly offered Savage at ucla a million to come coach USC and was told no.


    1. Hire Ben Orloff and call it a day, because anyone who was connected to Mike Gillespie knows what they are doing. Mike Garrett never gave Gillespie a chance to establish his program, so he goes down to UC Irvine, and takes them to the college World Series 😂. Just hire Orloff and go about your business, Mike Bohn, no need to overthink it


      1. Big fan of Orloff. Knows SoCal recruiting, young, energetic and learned under the best. Would definitely be onboard with that hire.


      2. do you who gillespie left us with, are you also part of the fsmily. It is time to move on and distance our selfs do to those that have resulted in bringing the program to the bottom. I have stories of players wanting to go to USC and could not get even a phone call. I f you no some history all three had to settle for FSC and enjoy World Series Chanpions and outstanding CWS MVP, another had to go to Fresno State and become world series chanpions and MVP. I have been associated with former players that enjoyed the years of prominenced. They will call and recommend players to death years.


    2. Look at what Willie B is building in Tempe. No coaching experience, period, and yet hes awakening the Sun Devil giant. Hell, Clay Helton had tons of coaching experience.


      1. Things aren’t as rosy at ASU as you make them out to be. Bloomquist is going thru some serious learning issues as he has no concept with NCAA recruiting R&R, academic issues, understanding offseason/summer itineraries for players and probably most alarming, doesn’t understand MLB draft and how to recruit against MLB teams in getting top talent to forgo signing. Huge learning curve going on. He just posted one of the worst W/L records in ASU history and it’s in doubt how that’ll change next season with 21+ new players due to a mass exodus in Portal. But according to you he’s “awakening the Sun Devil giant”. Ok then.


    1. Couldn’t agree more. But a fool who continually posts childish insults and is in complete denial about how miserable this administration is failing. Really needs to be told where to stick it.

      As many things in life, you get what you give. So he deserves to get it right back.


      1. I agree with you on many things…but I’m worried that repubs are gonna waste their chance to actually govern & spend all their time on conducting “revenge committees” ….the American people are sick of it —they want energy & food prices under control …and an end to name calling…

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      2. With the other side in complete denial about what’s gotten us here, that’s going to be tough, if not impossible.

        I can only hope your optimistic view of people coming together can be realized.

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      3. Hey slo cal, I left you a nice little retort below.

        PS…. my daughter said, she would love to meet you!



      4. Hey Dumb-ass, what are your qualifications to comment on this
        administration? Trump ruined it all for 4 yrs. and if you believe
        differently then you are an idiot, sorry to say.


    2. Hatred sucks and the word hate is a cuss word I don’t care what anyone says. That’s one of the biggest problems with the human race in the world right now; too much hate and not enough love for our fellow man.


    3. We should have been ready the moment the ball club went south, and the mommies started calling. We have already lost some outstanding coaches.


    1. Thank you, Ed…
      …Never thought we’d get to the point where the NCAA takes up the right to vivisection …

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  2. ugh,any buddy wunt to meat on a play grownd and fite,i gotta lotta free time theese dayes and dont now wut els to do wit my time wen a stranjur hirts my fealings,lemme now karin,smdh

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    1. Ha! Yeah! I’m pretty sure of two things –(1) I can land left hooks on anybody who rushes into me and (2) they won’t hurt anybody…


    2. LMAO, Ed! Yeah, these liberal wusses and their hurt feelings is what got us here and hundreds of thousands dying. They only care about lives if it’s help them achieve their other goals (abortions, guns, etc).


      1. wait wait wait!!!!! “hundreds of thousands dying”….. You’re talking about the anti-vaxxers?( rhetorical) why would a liberal be responsible for the anti-vaxxer’s stupidity? Given your ideology, an AR15 has more rights than a woman.

        Dude, do you put any actual thought into the BS you post, or is it a lack of mental capacity? I say the latter!


    1. Yeah —that’s what we really care about.. Georgia Southern!


      1. Wait!! How can we talk about Clay Helton when we have to tone down the anger and hatred we are harboring? It doesn’t equate.

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      1. That brawl was lame no body on base, 0-0 in the 2nd between the Angels and Mariners and Winker has a hissy fit because he got hit by a pitch. Come on grow a freaking pair this is baseball. There’s no crying in baseball. I don’t care what happen earlier with the pitchers and teams being warned. Ignore the nonsense and take your base. That simple.


      2. So Cal,

        I was at the game yesterday. It was awesome. A lot of anger and frustration out on the field. The enight before, somone threw a 95 mile per hour fastball by Trout’s head.


  3. Hey slo cal, why don’t we review some of your “childish insults” posted over the last few hours? …’She really wants Washington, to get away from his stupid ass. pussies who shoot their mouths off (or fingers) and are told where to stick it…oooh”..,Actually moronic enough to think that voting for an old man with dementia was a good idea. Fucking idiot!…. Someone who was stupid enough to vote for this shit storm has NO BUSINESS telling anyone else about perceptions or embellishing……Fuck off you piece of shit!…. Try looking in a mirror dipshit. ….Had zero issues while your stupid ass was away for the past several days. ….No she wouldn’t. She’d take it up the ass and enjoy it.

    So, you can’t even call what you posted recently. (sad)

    Alzheimer’s: the most common type of dementia, is a progressive disease affecting nearly 6 million people. Alzheimer’s disease involves parts of the brain that control thought, memory, and language. It can seriously affect a person’s ability to carry out daily activities. It begins with mild memory loss and can lead to a loss of ability to carry on a conversation and respond to the environment.



    1. Too stupid to read…AGAIN.

      You get what you give, Dumbass. Don’t want me to tell you where to shove it and point out what an idiot you are, don’t prove it with virtually every other post.


      1. Keyboard tough guy: someone who is needlessly belligerent/confrontational in online settings, but is a meek little bitch in real life. Because of poor life choices, a typical keyboard tough guy works a dead-end job and lives in a rathole apartment in a shitty neighborhood or a low-budget rest home.

        He is consumed by his jealousy of people who are more successful than him and his willingness to blame everybody but himself for his problems. As a result, he suffers from low self-esteem and anger issues.

        In the online world, he can A.) raise his self-esteem by acting far more aggressively than he would ever do in real-life settings and B.) vent his anger by projecting his jealousy, insecurity, and sexual frustration onto others in a non-face-to-face setting


  4. Well I have the perfect solution. In keeping with recent tradition:

    Get the addresses of the other PAC-11 baseball coaches and offer them. Bohn obviously is not paying attention to THEE RILEY M.O.

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    1. No get the phone numbers of the Old piss or OU baseball ⚾ coaches and Offer them up a boat load of money to come to USC. Shoot for one of the best just like with Lincoln Riley higher in football.


    1. I just got back from a nice little vacation in Seattle!

      Once So Cal tones down his ineffective rhetoric and quits putting words in my mouth, the spirited bantering between the two of us will even out. I appreciate your general concern



    2. Yeah, good luck with that.

      As you can see from her response to your suggestion…deflect and blame someone else. Right out of the Joe Biden handbook. LMAO!


      1. Interesting!…. Because your king trump(aka the orange cheeto) allowed 400k to die under his watch and expressed zero empathy or remorse, but instead, he blamed the “radical left” for his total incompetence

        Dude, you’re way too easy… I’m getting tired of puching-down on you. Go find a new hobby, better yet, go chase parked cars.

        PS…. Have your handler change the diaper. You’ve been marinating in it for the last three days. (maybe you enjoy it, wouldn’t surprise me)


      2. “Easy” only in someone’s demented mind who actually thinks she’s won something. When all she does over & over again is prove what an idiot she is.

        You claim I’m the keyboard tough guy, yet you admit you would have shoved that little girl the same way Nancy did.

        I’m not the only one who’s called you out for being a fool. The others just don’t want to waste their time doing it again. Keep crying. It’s OK, Gabriela.


      3. Dude, I’m all out of piss. Winner winner chicken dinner!. Feel proud! You’re a true case study of how an endurance troll can win a pissing contest. (I would still twist you into a pretzel)



  5. Scott is teasing us with all this baseball shit. He’s saving the Big Stuff for later! This Monday’s Winners and Losers “will blow the lid off congress!”*
    *Adam Kinzinger quote


    1. It’s hilarious the way they have Kinzinger on one side of the podium and Cheney on the other side, in a desperate, pathetic effort to make it appear bipartisan! That is some truly funny shit!

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      1. It has nothing to do with bipartisanship/partisanship, if it sounds like a fart and smells like a fart, it’s a FART!


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      2. Sure, sure. It’s just a coincidence they placed the two of them there.

        Same way it was a complete coincidence Putin waited until Biden was in office to invade Ukraine. The two have absolutely nothing to do with one another.



    1. A black, female GAY coach! (Although being in softball, that’s almost redundant.) 😛

      Either way….just like the White House’s useless press secretary. LOL


      1. Good to see you up & about. Having had friends & relatives go through chemo, I know it can really knock you on your ass for several days.

        Some great rulings the past few days:
        1) Concealed carry in NY.
        2) Roe v Wade, of course.
        3) But the most ridiculous, a coach fired for praying before or after a game. So glad they told the school district where to stick it.

        OC will be abiding by the ruling and dropping the Good Cause requirement.


    1. Hey 75, can you go check up on Slo Cal? According to a source, he was sitting in his outhouse, launching torpedos at the Russians and the wind blew the thing over(yes, the same outhouse with MAGA spray painted on the side)

      The senile fool can’t swim, hate to see him drown in a pool of shit…..thanks!

      Speaking of a job, I haven’t traded hours for dollars in over 20 years. It’s called working smarter not harder. It must suck living the gun-show-circuit lifestyle. One ring above a circus carny.


      1. I’m below a circus carny but shhhh don’t tell anyone goofy. I’m retired. I do it for fun. I’m a non profit. BTW goofy, you are not aware of what I did for a living for many years. I won’t bore you but my first month at 23 was better than some of your years.

        You’re an antagonistic little AH aren’t you?

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  6. I just welcomed Phil Steele’s College Football Magazine into Maui. He couldn’t be higher on USC’s offense –we’re ranked tops in all categories.
    But he thinks our defense totally sucks. Especially at linebacker.
    He thinks our D-Backs and Special Teams suck, too.

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    1. Hey sloooo cal, why would Biden be responsible for illegals avoiding law enforcement? Going with your ideology, Biden is responsible for all crimes committed in his country, right?

      Just like the time you told your Shar Pei-looking wife, you had a butt-dart(aka hemorrhoid) on your taint strip and blamed Biden for it.

      I’ll nothing but crickets from slooo cal. The guy couldn’t debate himself out of a paper bag.




      1. PS…. That would make trump responsible for all the illegals who fell to their death while climbing over the wall…. Trump’s wall, trump’s fault.


  7. Trump never told them to come, the way Biden-Harris did.

    But this very clear and obvious difference that a ten year old could figure out, are too much for some people. So sad.

    But thank you, thank you. I told you the morons would try to deny it. LOL


    1. You limp dick troll!…. Where did I deny it? Did you comprehend anything I posted? I asked you a few questions, as usual, you voided them.

      It’s truly pathetic you get your talking points from Newsmax/Fox. Post facts to support your allegations regarding Bidens “welcome mat policy” or STFU! …

      PS…The Shar Pei needs here nightly Gerital



  8. Abbott is a disturbed individual. He talks about Biden, and yet under his Governorship, we saw 26 gunned down at a shopping mall in El Paso by loose gun laws, church shootings, winter weather grid overload deaths caused by his mismanagement, and Uvalde.

    Now he has the nerve to blame Biden. I guess when you’re incompetent, you deflect blame, hoping it sticks.

    Here’s the reality the GOP faces, Texas is already 52% Latino and counting. The state will turn blue in due time. Where will the rebukes make up the lost 38 electoral votes, the second most in the country? They won’t!. Just claim voter fraud, rinse and repeat.

    We all know trump’s blueprint failed!


    1. My dear Gabby,
      Something is happening to you. You’re sounding less and less like a doctor of political philosophy and more and more like a political strategist. During a long ago New York Mayoral race Murray Kempton wrote, “when William Buckley walked into a room he was there to save souls, when John Lindsay walked in he was there to count heads.”

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      1. Anthony Bourdain; “I don’t have an agenda, but I do have a point of view, and it might change from minute to minute.”


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      3. GT…slo cal’s Rheumatologist has him on an 8oz lifting restriction. He’s been reduced to drinking Ale out of a sippy cup……Don’t even ask about the incontinent situation!


      4. Ha! [If you have good enough headgear and a nice mouthpiece the gloves can be 10 ounce —nobody gets hurt].


  9. What about the ole pissed Miss coach they just won the college world series. Offer him a boat load of cash…or piss off OU fans again and poach their baseball coach that would be freaking classic and just plain wrong at the same time. Or maybe it wouldn’t be, in the cutt-throat world of college sports nowadays. Figure it out real quick Bohn head because your list isn’t working; time to set the college sports world on fire again with a splash hire in baseball. ⚾


  10. “I guess when you’re incompetent, you deflect blame, hoping it sticks.”

    Perfect description of the Biden-Harris administration. It’s all they’ve done since stepping into office.

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