USC Morning Buzz: What Linemen Visit This Weekend?

Since USC took a three-star lineman this week, let’s look at the line prospects who are visiting this weekend:

  • Four-star OT Lucas Simmons of Clearwater, Fla.
  • Four-star OT/DE Terrance Green of Cypress, Texas.
  • Four-star OT Francis Mauigoa of Brandenton, Fla.

The question will be whether these prospects want to play in an Air Raid offense and will bypass schools that are closer to home (Alabama, Texas A&M, Texas, Miami).

Other headliners include five-star linebacker Anthony Hill of Denton, Texas; four-star tight end Duce Robinson of Phoenix; four-star defensive end Matayo Uiagalelei of St. John Bosco; four-star linebacker Malik Bryant of Orlando, Fla. and four-star tight end Walker Lyons of Folsom, Calif.

I ran this picture Friday of Cliff Robinson shooting a free throw vs. Utah in 1978. A reader pointed out the photo also features Utah forwards Tom Chambers (42) and Danny Vranes (23) and that meant three first-round picks are featured.

Robinson was the 11th pick in the 1979 draft (17.2 points per game in 11 NBA seasons); Vranes was the No. 5-pick of the 1981 draft (5.1 points in five seasons) while Chambers was the No. 8-pick of the 1981 draft (18.1 points in 16 seasons).

Also, Utah’s coach in this game was Jerry Pimm, the former USC player and assistant coach and CIF player of the year at Montebello High School.


19 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: What Linemen Visit This Weekend?

  1. This’ is USC’s biggest weekend for visits. Roll out the red carpet, get the song girls dressed up, and sell it to these guys. If we don’t get some commits from these guys we have a problem in recruiting, even though they are all out of state and would be coming a long ways from home. I think LR can do it. Especially excited about the linebackers coming.

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    1. Lincoln Riley is not going to out recruit Mario Cristobal in his own state, that’s not going to happen, especially offensive lineman. Riley’s going to have to settle for 2&3 star players at that position, because big time O Linemen don’t want to play in a air-raid offense. Those recruits just want to visit California, and eat some west coast cuisine… lol 😂. Trojans Fanboys are delusional, and love to pretend 😂


  2. It is a complete misnomer to call Riley’s offense “air raid”. If USC is air raid, then Alabama is as well (and pretty much every other Power 5 offense). Riley is 50/50 run-pass nearly every season. ‘Bama throws more, and their offenses (from Sark and Kiffin) operate out of the same one back set, with really similar play structure as “air raid”.

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      1. The top 20 teams have a lot of similarities in terms of offenses. It is silly to call what Riley does as “air raid”. 90 percent of play calling for every top team is now with a one-back or no back set.

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      2. Yep. AND, unlike Harrell, Coach Riley actually utilizes ALL players on offense.


  3. Lincoln Riley has NEVER been an air raid offense. His teams run the ball and use all the blocking schemes used elsewhere. Where do you come up with this drivel?

    Do players want to play in an offense that scores lots of points?

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    1. I wish Scottie would stop calling it “air raid”. He probably knows it isn’t, and just continues to call it “air raid” to stir the pot and get a few more clicks and a few more comments about recruiting o-linemen that have been going on for the last 5 years.

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  4. If USC has a problem recruiting line players it is due to two things. First, some players believe that only the SEC and Big 10 have top notch competition on the line of scrimmage, so they will get developed there better. Second, the NIL deals given out by some schools for linemen might be much more lucrative than the real NIL opportunities for those same players at USC. USC’s NIL program for the skill players that have a high profile can match up with anyone, but those unsung heroes on he line dont get the same exposure and NIL money will be lower.

    It would help alot if more than one of the USC linemen go in the first couple rounds of the draft this year. Vorhees should be first round, could any of the other guys end up there?

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  5. Scott,
    Most of those guys you mentioned are 247 composite 5 star guys. Not sure what recruiting service you are looking at, rivals? Just curious.

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  6. I can’t stand lazy ass writers who think being cynical is so clever. Riley has the same guy responsible for A&M success bringing in recruits on the o-line. If they can get one to commit then you still have a chance to bring in the best in the west. The days of having 8 5-star linemen come in (like Stanford) will no longer happen because of NIL. Just bringing three is more realistic.


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