Anyone Going To Salute To Troy?

Is anyone going to the Salute to Troy this weekend?

I haven’t talked to anyone who is going, which surprises me, especially with all the buzz around Lincoln Riley.

Some people have told me they definitely aren’t going, a residue of a frustration with USC football the past few seasons.

I have to say USC hasn’t done a lot to promote it. USC sent out an email to season-ticket holders with a loud video by Mike Bohn promising more details and then never sent out the follow-up.

Maybe after not having the Salute to Troy since 2018, USC wanted to take a low-key approach. But why not blast out the event with Riley as the frontman?

The idea of the Salute to Troy in June instead of a week before the season is also odd. But that shouldn’t be a reason to keep things under wraps.

15 thoughts on “Anyone Going To Salute To Troy?

  1. Scooter,

    I believe USC apathy is everywhere. I have a friend who is a ucla fan and is great friends with Rod McNeil. Rod used to be the president of the USC football alumni. Annually, they have a golf game to raise money. When Rod was in charge, the place was packed at the golf course. He played couple days ago and he said it was not as full as previous years. We both believe that is because of the apathy, no one got the word out, and the price, $400.00 to get a lousy lunch, play golf, and get a lousy dinner.

    Most people do not care until they see what Riley will do. I’m not going to Salute To Troy this Saturday. I have a graduation party to go to. That is another reason why they need to move it back to the week before football.

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    1. Ha! Grand! What would we do without Ed. G’s mock-u-plies?


    2. LMAO! Yeah, Ed, the childish shit some people resort to is mind boggling. He’s fortunate I have zero desire to take him up on it.

      You read these type of stories once or twice a year about an online squabble resulting in them meeting up. Thank goodness it’s rare that it occurs between two people who are BOTH dumb enough to do it, much less suggest it.


  2. YES I’M GOING. One of the few things I still like about college sports is talking with the athletes. This event is now one of the few you have a chance to talk with FB players.


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