USC Brings Back Salute To Troy (And Wants To Yell About It)

USC is bringing back the Salute to Troy football event, which was discontinued after 2018 because of lack of interest.

In a twist, it will be held June 18 instead of the week before the season-opener, probably to capitalize on the interest in Lincoln Riley. The event will be held at Cromwell Field. Details will be announced next week, but it will include players, coaches, the band, song girls and Traveler.

Now if you want a jarring experience, here’s Mike Bohn yelling at you to attend the event!


32 thoughts on “USC Brings Back Salute To Troy (And Wants To Yell About It)

  1. Excellent! A summer event!! I’ll be there in my Cardinal & Gold speedos!

    Someone do me a favor and hold Carol back. I know she’ll want some of this Grade A prime beef. But I’m spoken for.

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      1. Carol! All night! Heaven on earth!
        [USC has eaten Bohn’s soul — he wasn’t nearly this much of a T00L when he got here……not to mention he’s letting a bunch of yahoos script and direct his video performances ]……

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  2. ugh,y do thay gotta haff this uhvent john,know we cant complane that thay iz not cunserned abuot the tradishuns at the scool,know we gotta fined somthing elss to be up set abuot,gee thanx alot,smdh

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  3. Bon-Bon acted like a carnival barker, a very unnatural presentation. Maybe he should enroll in one of SC’s acting classes to pick up a pointer or two.

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    1. Watching that misbegotten performance it became clear Bohn isn’t long for this job….

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      1. P. S.
        If he wants to learn how to do the ‘exuberant yell’ he needs to watch more Petros….

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      2. Michael,

        I love Petros when he gets riled up, that is even better. His dad is just as fun at this as well. That is where Petros learned this. Crazy Greeks. Chessburger, cheeseburger, cheeseburger, pepsi, no coke. That is when Saturday Night was actually funny.


  4. He reminds me of an introvert trying to be the life of the party. It’s just not in him.

    Gee, MG, it is so much fun being pop-psychologists. Is it too late to get our degrees? What time is it?

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    1. I feel sorry for Bohn. This job has left him a fricking wreck. Can you imagine watching a tape like that and thinking, “This looks pretty good!”?

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  5. The funniest thing about the incident when Sark lost it at the 2015 Salute to Troy event was that Todd Marinovich was there and actually warned Haden and other administrators that Sark didn’t look right. Todd even pleaded with Haden to pull Sark off the stage because he sensed something wrong was going to happen. But Haden ignored him and Sark proceeded to cuss and yell at a family event. He later blamed it on mixing booze and pills.

    Man, if you can’t take Todd Marinovich’s word for when something bad might happen connected to booze and pills, who else is there to talk to about addiction and self – destructive behavior?




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    1. I’m reminded of the Gary Shandling bit where he reminded the audience that Robert Downey Jr. told the police he was doing research for a movie when he was found naked and under the influence of drugs and alcohol in his neighbor’s backyard —“yeah, the movie was The Robert Downey Junior Story.”

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      1. Another story about Todd Marinovich was when he was in prison. I believe he got six months for something. When he got out, someone asked him if he got roughed up in prison and if they gave him a hard time.

        He said, “Nah. Everyone in prison are Trojans and Raiders fans.”



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  6. Well, Monkeypox should go full blown around July, just in time for them to lock us down and say they need to produce millions of mail-in midterm ballots for every citizen (and non-citizen who wants to vote blue).

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  7. I just watched the Bohn tape again. Kinda by accident. I think I’ve pinpointed the problem: Mike Bone doesn’t have a sincere cell in his entire body.

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  8. Loved to have seen Narduzzi head explode more like it.

    ThePoniExpress: Interesting story out at Pitt today: The Addison family showed up today to move Jordan Addison out of the football teams apartment complex in full USC gear. Head to toe. Trojan logos everywhere. Would love to have seen former coaches and players reactions.

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