USC Has New NIL Company To Help Athletes

USC announced a partnership to create NIL opportunities for student-athletes with a company called Stay Doubted.

It’s not exactly a new venture because Stay Doubted and BLVD Studios (which already is part of USC) are both run by the creative agency, J1S. Michael Jones, the founder of J1S, is also the CEO of Stay Doubted.

Sounds like a good deal for J1S.

The NIL opportunities in which BLVD (and Stay Doubted) will assist USC student-athletes range from sponsorships to promotions and events to merchandise.

USC fans will be asked to sign up for various levels of membership subscriptions through BLVD, which will give them opportunities with student-athletes such as event appearances and autograph signings.

USC said it is providing this service because only three percent of its student-athletes have engaged with professional service providers.

REACTION: This is only for current athletes, not recruits. So it isn’t like Texas A&M paying a ton of money to lure football players. It also is not a collective so USC will not be brokering deals. This is something to benefit athletes after they arrive at USC.


25 thoughts on “USC Has New NIL Company To Help Athletes

  1. If you listen to Ryan Abraham, he has said that USC still doesn’t have their act together when it comes to a business structure concerning NIL’s like Oregon and many of the other power 5 schools have. That’s why we lost that O-Lineman to Oregon from the state of Washington. But he said that they will eventually get it together. Hopefully he’s right.

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    1. I couldn’t have said it better myself, and I’m shocked the delusional USC fanboys didn’t cry about your truthful post, because they hate facts. 😂


  2. If you think this isn’t to lure recruits and announced right before the biggest recruiting weekend in a long long time, then I might have a bridge to sell ya.

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  3. WILL SO CAL AND GABBY EVER MEET IN PERSON ??????????????????????????? WILL THEY EVER BE FRIENDS ???????????? STAY TUNED SPORTS FANS !!!!!!!!!!

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    1. They are both warriors fighting for a cause.


    2. wouldn’t exactly say fighting for anything. merely making observations about the shit show.

      it’s only when a certain someone gets defensive about having supported the shit show and trying to deny dementia man being responsible that it devolves. I have a hard enough time dealing with dumb people, but when that same dumb person adds lying on top of it, I have no choice but to call it out.


  4. Xi officially declared the start of China’s “special operations” yesterday, same thing Putin called his actions in Ukraine. It’ll start with things we don’t even see or hear about. But make no mistake, it’s about to blow over there.

    In response, Taiwan made it clear they have missiles capable of reaching Beijing.

    Biden voters about to have even more blood on their hands. Jinping (like Putin) never would have pulled this with a strong President in the White House, who did more than try talk like a tough guy. (That Cornpop story was hilarious!)


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