USC Morning Buzz: Go Now, Don’t Pay Later

I finally found someone going to Salute to Troy!

A donor called me after reading my post yesterday.

“I don’t want to go but I got a call from the athletic dept. asking me to buy tickets,” the donor said. “They twisted my arm but now I can say no the next time they call to ask for something that will probably be more expensive.”

  • The more I look at USC’s new NIL partnership, I wonder why it lets one company (J1S) wield so much power by having it run BLVD Studios and the new “Stay Doubted” company.

Has BLVD done such great work that it demands letting them now run this NIL venture to provide representation for USC athletes?

Since media reports will only be positive, the answer must be yes (right!!!!!).

BLVD made the deleted video where Clay Helton was cooking hamburgers (see above photo).

  • Defensive end Grant Buckey of Bakersfield (another three-star) committed to USC. He is a Class of 2023 prospect.

15 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Go Now, Don’t Pay Later

    1. Odd name. Taken literally, sounds like “let others underestimate you.” I still don’t get the BLVD meaning. Short for Figueroa or Kobe Bryant Blvd!?

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      1. Which works for one game, maybe two. But to put it out there as if it’s the season’s motto? Odd.

        Remember Matt Barkey’s return season? “Unfinished Business”

        Didn’t quite fulfill that one.

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  1. ‘@BillFOXLA: Per sources, the gang member who fatally shot two El Monte PD officers last night was on probation for felon w/ a firearm after he received a bare minimum sentence in plea deal under LA DA @GeorgeGascon last year, despite having a previous strike on his record. @FoxNews

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    1. If Los Angeles voters retain Gascon they’re crazy…. he hates them… it’s time to hate him back…


  2. I am going with my lady partner plus another couple. No arm
    twisting and a very small donor to a lousy athletic dept. The
    current administration in the athletic dept. really knows nothing
    about the Trojan legacy. Followed USC since 1962 and am an alum.

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    1. Well, just as Joanna did in Office Space, with the bare minimum 15 pieces of flare, I also give the bare minimum to keep my seats where they’ve been for many years.

      I hope Stan the Chotchkie’s Manager doesn’t give me any grief about it, or I’ll be forced to to “express myself”.

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  3. Greetings, fans !!! well the hockey puck is still sliding with tb vs colorado ! ruttas rocket like goal from the wing was awesome that sparked the win!! rutta looks to have his teeth also??? cirilli apeared to be aaahhh not sober kept faling over his own feet looked dizzy !!!! Regards , E


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