USC Wants You To “Stay Doubted”

In case you wondered why the new company USC hired is called “Stay Doubted” here is the answer from founder/CEO Michael Jones:

This is why Mike Bohn and Brandon “Boy Wonder” Sosna get paid the big bucks.


13 thoughts on “USC Wants You To “Stay Doubted”

    1. Wow. That is exactly the message I was hoping they WEREN’T trying to send.

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    2. Here, here! Exactly!

      “Stay Doubted” is the dickiest SC garbage since “Ripsit” or whatever they called it. Stupid shet. As you wrote, SC needs to get back to blocking and tackling and spend less money on the marketing weasels.

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  1. Jeeez, how long did it take Bohn & Sosna to tag you as persona non grata at SC Wolf? Was it hate at first site or did slowly creep back into the hedges like that Homer meme?


  2. I am all for doubt. Doubt will give you incentive to search for truth and that’s good. I don’t believe in staying in doubt. That is anchored in the post modern idea that there is no such thing as truth which you hear in all the liberal institutions. Somehow you are supposed to spend your whole life searching for truth but don’t you ever say that you have found it. That will offend someone whose truth is different from yours. They might even have to defend their truth logically…horror of all horrors

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    1. You just reminded me of one of my favorite pieces of architecture on our beautiful campus…Diogenes in ‘search of an honest man’ at the entrance to the south wing of Mudd Hall of Philosophy.

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      1. Mudd Hall — great memories. Professors Kevin Robb, George Vick and Teaching Assistant Pamela Panasatti. I feel their ghosts every time I walk by that building.

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    1. unless I am misreading that name is not USC’s name. It is however a cleaver way to sell a USC education — through an ad agency — as being more important right now than buying a fleet of jet skis or motorcycles with bows tied to the handlebars.

      Bend over and put your hands on your knees and take a deep breath. It may become clear later… or not.


  3. I dont know who this guy is, but that is the most retarded company name ever.

    The overall idea is fine, but execution is everything. Why didnt they form a deal with a major sports agency, or even a place like CAA? I would think that some of the major sports agents would see the value of representing athletes in college, and then continuing that representation beyond. Basically, more of a full service agency, starting in college.


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