Three-Star Lineman Flips To USC

The first of the commitments from the weekend has gone public: Three-star offensive tackle Amos Talalele announced he is committed to USC.

Talalele committed to Cal two weeks ago but has now switched to USC, which shows that USC can still dominate Cal. It also shows USC is still taking three-star linemen.


19 thoughts on “Three-Star Lineman Flips To USC

    1. It’s good to see that Lincoln Riley is picking up where he left off at Oklahoma, a low emphasis on controlling the line of scrimmage, and a huge emphasis of 4&5 star skilled players. Do you know what that will get you in the playoffs? An Ass kicking, and an early EXIT!! The USC Sooners


  1. …Size cannot be taught.

    Foot speed/agility CAN be taught.
    Of course there are some incredible talents–Tyron Smith comes to mind. Otherwise, maybe you find big guys with quick feet and develop them?

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  2. 3 star? Wait a minute, he was a 4 star when we were talking about him a couple of weeks ago when he went to Cal. One rating service has him at 4 stars, the other has him as a high 3 star. Way to work the snark, Scottie!

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    1. Scott smiled at the # of hits he’d get by going 3 star…..

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    2. Scott the gift the keeps on giving. When does “Mr Inside” report anything the resembles inside information? From his “reporting” the only thing I think he’s inside of is the USC library photo catalog.

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  3. …I recall spending a few Summers near Campus, as my Summer jobs kept me in the ‘hood. Workouts were a lot easier also. The Campus was dead, which was kinda’ eerie.

    Jubilee Weekend was a totally cool time on the “lower West Side (West 37th place)” where I lived. Of course I did not participate, but watching it happen in my neighborhood was really cool experience. Having been educated by the California Public school system from K-12: 1966-1979, I was never told the story of Juneteenth. Hmmm.

    I love American History. The good and the bad. Here’s to a memorable and peaceful Juneteenth for the Big El lay.

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  4. Some of these 3 stars will become really good players if they get the right coaching(and that is a big “if”, not being sure of what kind of O-Line coach this guy is). Why can’t we get the 4 and 5 star O-Linemen? I’m beginning to think that a lot of it has to do with the money and has always had something to do with that. Part of the reason that they didn’t come when CH was coach was because they weren’t being developed and also that there was a different O-Line coach every year. The opposing schools were telling the O-Line recruits that they will have 3 different O-Line coaches in their first 3 years at SC. That was a factor. But I just saw a study ranking the Pac-12 schools on how they developed players and they had Oregon rated 6th in the Pac-12, even worse than SC. Washington was rated #1(4th in the country). Stanford was #2. UCLA was 3rd and Arizona State was 4th. Then came SC and then Oregon. Yet Oregon was getting those 4 and 5 star O-Linemen one after another. That’s because uncle Phil has been paying those recruits for a long time.

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  5. You understand zero about roster building. USC is going to take some local kids who are 3 star or lower 4 star athletes, but can be developed. Linemen with the required size can be developed over a couple years. Why do they do that? First, to dominate local school recruiting, so when there is a 4 or 5 star, they have built good will. Second, you need those local guys to be on the depth chart, but potentially to never reach starting positions. Riley will still go after the higher 4 and 5 star kids, but the West Coast is not a mecca for those kids.

    We do have a problem that o and d-line talent will get paid guaranteed money from Oregon and is less likely to earn valid NIL money at USC than the skill players. We need a collective to offset that Nike money in the trenches.

    Josh Hensen is a top developer of talent and o-line is where you can develop kids with the right attitude and coaching. The lack of success recruiting for the line will just take a little longer to solve. I still think we will get some 4 and 5 star linemen this year.

    It is likely we take a few linemen out of the transfer portal after the season. The TP is going to be crazy this year. That will be necessary as a transition when our seniors leave for the NFL.

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  6. taking a 4 star that is rated 3 on some sites but will be a 4 during his senior and is rated a 4 currently on some services and is both a defensive and offensive lineman is a correct choice under the SC plan to develop quick linemen which he is …but all wolf can see are stars.


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