A 50th Anniversary Celebration Fizzles

About a dozen members of the 1972 USC team attended the Salute to Troy for a 50th anniversary recognition of the 12-0 team.

That’s a poor showing for what is arguably the best team in USC history.

I spoke to a few players who didn’t go and got a common response: The cost of the tickets was an issue especially for those bringing family members to the event ($80 per ticket plus $14 parking). And some couldn’t juggle their schedules for the event, which used to take place in August.

It’s great that 12 members of the team were honored. But it should have been a lot, lot more considering what they contributed to USC football.

47 thoughts on “A 50th Anniversary Celebration Fizzles

    1. I couldn’t agree more.

      However, we aren’t too far from Hollywood’s Walk of Fame and every person with a star on the sidewalk had to pay for it himself. I was shocked to find that out many years ago. It was $50,000 last year. Increased to $55,000 this year.

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    2. Billions in endowments , and those cheap bastards changed $80 dollars? C’mon Mike Bohn Head, would the University go broke if the event was free ? How much is Lincoln Riley making a season?? 🙄🙄

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  1. If HH wants a do over, honor the 1972 team during a game this season.



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    1. It would be a crying shame if Langer’s went out of business –they’ve been such a huge part of L. A. life. Everybody –keep paying your $20 for great pastrami sandwiches! [I just heard that the best deli in the bay area — Saul’s—is now a Chinese food restaurant].

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  2. I am guessing charging the team members for tix was a misunderstanding, and in actuality that any of the ’72 team who wanted to attend could have done so with at least one additional complimentary ticket and parking. I’d love to see if that story is confirmed. Charging the ’72 guys would be beyond the pale.

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    1. I’m sure it’s true… USC tried to do this for my 1967 and 1968 teams!! I raised a big complaint and posted it in the LA Times and embarrassed Swann and Haden to not charge my teammates and guests. These dumb asses finally agreed not to charge us!!

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  3. As the 1969 Team Co Captain, I had to remind twit’s Lynn Swann and Pat Haden that is would be completely out of touch and unacceptable to charge my teammates and guests for the Salute to Troy event. This was in 2017 and 2018, 2019 the event was cancelled. I spoke for the 1968 team as their honorary Captain since Steve Sogge and OJ didn’t show up… the 1967 and 1968 team and guests didn’t pay!! It was such an embarrassing. low class situation for USC to even try to push that bullshit on my team..
    Bob Jensen #51 LB 1967-1969

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    1. Bob Jensen: How do you think your 1967-1969 defenses compared to the 1972 Trojan defense? Do you believe that the 1972 team was the best of all time. Do you think any of your teams could have beat the 1972 team.

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      1. I think we’d do extremely well.
        1967 National Champs N0 1 National Team defense ..
        OJ and other great players. Earl McCulloch, Adrian Young, Tim Rossovich. Ron Yary, Bob Klein. Many first and second roumd NFL picks
        My 1968 team lost the National Championship Game to Ohio State in the 1969 Rose Bowl. Probably Coach McKay’s worst coaching performance..
        OJ was the Heisman Trophy winner.
        Probably the least talented of the teams.
        My 1969 team, in my Captain’s opinion,was the best most talented..
        We were No. 1 in National Team and Run defense. We were called “The Wild Bunch) great players.. My Co Captain Jimmy Gunn, DE Charlie Weaver, Al Cowlings, Tody Smith, Bubba Scott, LB Greg Slough, Ron Alaya.
        Offense was extremely good but had to
        Score in the 4th quarter a few times!
        “The Cardiac Kids” they were called..
        USC HOF’s Jimmy Jones, Sid Smith, Clarence Davis, Bob Chandler. Sam Dickerson to name just a few.
        Most players were NFL draftees. Two went to medical school, I was drafted by the Cowboys in the 2nd round but decided to go to the USC Dental School.
        Our 1969 team had a .955 winning percentage ( 10-0-1) 5th best in USC Football history. We ended up a controversial 3rd Nationally after beating Michigan 10-3 in the 1970 Rose Bowl.
        Most of the 1972 team were Freshman when I was a Senior Linebacker.
        They were absolutely dominating that year.
        I would match our 1969 team straight up with the 1972 team.
        I think our 1969 Wild Bunch defense would win the match up with the 1972 team.
        Hell, we have a monument of the great Wild Bunch Defensein front of Heritage Hall, if that tells you anything..
        Defense wins Games!
        Fight On!
        Bob Jensen #51 LB

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      6. So Cal —China should put off embarrassing Biden further before the election….they may not like what comes after November if they’re not careful….

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  4. Charging people to be honored… They should have had someone, even student volunteers, helping arrange their reception and greeting at the very least.

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  5. Thank you Bob Jensen for answering my question about your 67-69 teams. They were great team especially on defense. I once worked with a guy that played cornerback on Indiana’s 1969 Rose Bowl team. I asked him if he had an impression of O.J. Simpson. I asked him a very open ended question because I wanted to see if he agreed that OJ was one of the greatest players in college football history. In response, he said “my helmet made an impression on OJ.” As a linebacker I thought you may appreciate that response. I did.


  6. TOTAL BS to charge the players at the Salute to Troy who are being honored. Shows me no class something UCLA might do.

    The 1972 team was one of the greatest teams in college football history. USC should be thankful to every one of the players that were on the team for their great service to the university. What in the world are Bohn and Folt doing if you have to charge the players your honoring. If you can’t afford to put on the show correctly cancel the show.


  7. I don’t want to cast doubt on Scott’s story but a bunch of septuagenarians couldn’t rearrange their schedules? Maybe USC should invite them to a game for free and bring them on the field.


  8. Nobody mentioned that the ’97 team only had Three player show up. And I think there were more like 15 players from ’72 team.

    I talked to a lot of this years players and they all basically said the same thing, that the coaching and the strength and conditioning is night and day compared to previous staff.


  9. How about comparing the 2003, and 2004 great Pete Carroll teams to the 72, 67, 68, and 69 teams. That team that beat Oklahoma in the 2004 Orange Bowl (blew the Sooners out) for the National Championship had a great…great defense, and a great offense. The 2004 team that lost to Texas in the 2005 National Championship game did not have a great defense to match their high powered offense which could out score most opponents, but it caught up with them against Vince Young and Company.

    I would put Lofa Tatupu (son of Trojan great -Mosi from Punahoe High School in Honolulu( right up there with some of the best USC linebackers who did not get the credit they deserved along with Bob Jensen, Kevin Bruce, Charles Anthony, Matt Grotegood, and of course Ricki Gray now Ricki Ellison.



    Great leader…and person, and WHAT A GREAT ATHLETE HE WAS.
    I am watching the 1972 USC vs. Notre Dame highlights. AD got all the credit, but watching Sam take out 2-3 ND players trying to stop the student body right is incredible even when they knew it was coming most of the game. One of the reasons he was so effective as a blocker was obviously his size, but even more way is his speed leading the tailback around the corner on the sweeps. No one and I mean no one
    could slow Sam down around the corner, and those that tried ended becoming a piece of the Coliseum turn.

    Another forgotten part of Sam’s game was the famous leaps over the defensive lines into the end zone. Not only was he big, but the guy could jump, and I really wonder if defenses today could stop a man of his size who could leap that high as he crossed the goal line.

    Still waiting for a Statute in front of the Mckay Center for this man. He was a great representative for USC.

    Dear Mike Bohn………..get the Statute of Sam Cunningham done. You owe it to the 72 team after honoring them Saturday night yet you charged them admission which is a very low class act.

    For those of you that have forgotten how special Sam was please watch the highlighs of the 72 USC/ND game on you tube.


  11. Sam Cunningham has to be in the Top 5 Greatest USC football players.
    Great speed, big and physical, sacrificed for the good of the team in 72 when he probably could have been an All-American/Heisman Trophy tailback as he proved one day in Birmingham against Alabama as a young soph. in his first season. Probably could have played linebacker also he was that talented. Ask AD about Sam Cunningham he knows Sam destroyed many defensive players trying to stop the tailback,and if it wasn’t for Sam opening the holes along with a good offensive line he would not have had the soph season he had at SC in 72.

    Sure wish Lincoln Riley would bring back the fullback or h-back position for a few plays per game. It would would stimulate the running game at least on some of the sweeps.


  12. Langer’s is ok but Tops World Famous I’m Pasadena/Arcadia is the pinnacle of LA pastrami.

    Thank you Bob Jensen for hanging out with us on this blog. Your stories are like reading a chapter from Coach McKay’s biography which a friend of my dad’s gave me as a kid (McKay, a Coach’s story). And big props for going from the football team into dental school – not sure I’ve heard of anyone from the football program doing that other than the Tings going to med school.


    1. Thanks for your kind words!
      OT Chuck Arrobio also went to Dental School. Other athletes that I know of were:
      Olympic Champions Gary Carlsen Track and the super fast Jamacian Lennox Miller.
      I’m sure there’s more.
      I had to balance my studies with Football and game films at lunchtime with my getting a business degree and pre dental science classes.
      It was very difficult but rewarding .
      Cheers Bob


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