46 thoughts on “Carson Palmer On Number Unretirement

    1. Could happen! Slovis just tweeted that he’d return if he could get #32.


      1. You mean some of the sports apparel sites might need to lift their ban of the 32 USC jersey?!

        Yes, that is how soft our country is. As if we needed more evidence than Dementia Joe and the people who voted for him.


    2. Not a retired number but I’d like to see a non-LB ask to wear 55 and then be told he’d have to explain why to Willie McGinest.




  1. So I have searched I cannot find a Carson Palmer quote with the line “for one season.” While I believe this is the most likely scenario , it is disingenuous to add the line to the quote. Anyway one year is fine if he contributes.

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    1. Scott cleverly left the [invented out of thin air] phrase “for one season” outside of the quotes. I understand the Editor in Chief of the New York Times was impressed enough with Scott’s new [troublemaking] quote format he blurted out to staffers, “why the fuck didn’t we think of this first?!”


  2. Too much petty crap with this football program, and that usually means the players are SOFT. The Clay Helton stench is still looming, so expect the Trojans to still get pushed around like Sissy’s once the season starts.

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    1. What’s this “once the season starts” crap? Who are you to tell our players what to do? They can get pushed around anytime they want!


    1. Why aren’t McKay and Carroll the Pac 12’s most winning coaches? Is Wilner excluding NCAA imposed “forfeits” from our totals? Is McKay not considered a “Pac 12” coach?


      1. McKay won 70 conference games and Carroll won 73 (including 10 vacated). For a number of years, McKay only had 4-5 conference games.


      2. In 15 seasons, McKay won 7 conference games 2X, 6 games 4X, and 4 games or less in the remaining 9 seasons.


    1. It was our pleasure, G.T.!!!…
      ….and a big “go to hell” to anyone who expressly refused to join in…


      1. “Good answer. Good answer. I like the way you think.”

        – Professor Terguson (aka Sam Kinison)


  3. “If I was going to Oklahoma still, this would not be a thing.”

    USC’s top 2023 football recruit, Malachi Nelson, announces his first NIL deal

    (no link)

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