USC Morning Buzz: Winners And Losers Of The Week


Jordan Addison

Talk about powerful. He wasn’t even a USC student in the spring but is now wearing Carson Palmer’s No. 3. Player power!

USC recruiting weekend

At least four commitments from the biggest recruiting weekend of the Lincoln Riley Era.

Suzanne Nora Johnson

The first female chair of the USC Board of Trustees will fill the considerable shoes of Rick Caruso. How long until the next scandal?

Three-star linemen

USC’s taken commitments from a trio of three-star linemen (Tobias Raymond, Grant Buckey, Amos Talalele) recently.

Malachi Nelson

The five-star QB committed to USC told ESPN he signed a name, image and likeness deal with The h.wood Group, a Los Angeles-based global hospitality firm with more than 30 restaurants and clubs worldwide.

Liam Douglass

The former USC offensive lineman has transferred to UCLA.



What is USC’s policy on retired numbers? If a tailback gets permission from Marcus Allen, can they wear No. 33? In this climate, a USC athlete can pretty much do whatever they want.

USC baseball

I hear there’s been some pushback from early coaching candidates over the attractiveness of the head-coaching position. Baseball insiders could have predicted this.

NIL Companies

BLVD! Stay Doubted! Has anyone really done any due diligence on these companies? Why does USC think the same company should perform two different jobs but under different names? Don’t ask the Boy Wonder. He’s off to Detroit.

Salute to Troy

Did they schedule the Salute to Troy in June just to coincide with the recruiting weekend? Not a great look to get only 12 members of the 1972 team.

61 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Winners And Losers Of The Week

    1. I’m laughing at the fact that USC fanboys think the Trojans coaching staff can coach up 3 star offensive linemen to be dominant.. Really ? It’s that easy.. huh ? 😂. Please believe me, Alabama, Georgia, Texas A&M , and Ohio State didn’t build championship level programs with mediocre 3 star linemen. 😂😂



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  2. Scooter,

    You forgot to mention our president falling off his bike. he needs training wheels. I also heard that he will compete in the Tour De France this year starting July 1, 2022. What a Maroon, quote from Bugs Bunny.

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      1. Biden was okay after his spill he got up and sniffed the hair of a bystander. The cameras panned away


    1. I want Scott to [once again] cross the “good taste” line —blending Johnson’s photo with his infamous “Helton Breathing Thru Mouth” photo…..

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    2. The photo Scott used had to be at least 20 years old. Because I’m finding some from 2007 that don’t look as good.

      That’s not a big deal, because we all age. But to use those for an introduction when they don’t look anything like you anymore?

      Unlike our current administration, we need integrity & transparency.

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      1. Hey so cal your probably one of those that sent your money to that con man Trump that he stuck in his pockets and laughed his ass off at you suckers


      2. If that were true, I’d probably be among those who want him back in 2024, which I don’t. I’d support him if he’s the nominee, but hoping it’s someone else.

        But thanks for playing and demonstrating your ignorance.

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      3. Bruins post is ALMOST funny — he’s presumably paying mandatory federal income taxes going toward housing for illegals and protecting Ukraine’s (already lost) border with Russia …..but he’s worried about voluntary campaign contributions…


      4. Well, they can’t point to any accomplishments by the current administration, so they’ve got to try their best to shift attention away from all of its failures.

        You know, like these dumb Jan 6 hearings.

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      5. Are you talking about the hearings themselves? or the committee representatives? or the cable coverage? … or the Washington Post reporting? Or the daft, overbroad wording on the subpoenas they’ve sent out? Or the lack of oversight by the Justice Department as the committee tramples the” potential” defendants’ constitutional right to an attorney? or to cross examination? or to a fair panel?


      1. tama ka, mahal niya ako kahit tanga ako,

        ugh,i think i got the rong gendur fir my missus ed on the preeveus possed,smdh

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      3. GT, if you’re up for a short Oscar nominated film, try “The Tonto Woman” on YouTube. It stars the late Francesco Quinn, who died far too young.

        He made her realize how beautiful she was and all that she had to offer. She made him want to be a better man. I think that’s true for a lot of us and our beloved partners.

        It’s only about 20 minutes long.

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  3. Trump is all about integrity and transparency??? Where the fuck have you been for the last 35 years!! So Cal is a Dumbass!


    1. You’re the dumbass. FYI, Trump isn’t President anymore.

      The current administration claimed they were going to “bring integrity & transparency back to the White House”.

      Pull your head out of your ass before you suffocate.

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      1. And by the way, they made the claim. But based on their actions, they obviously lied, which is all this administration does:

        1 Biden Vows to Be Unity President After Smearing GOP Sens. as Nazis
        2 Biden Falsely Claims ‘All’ Media Smeared Vaccine Plan as ‘Impossible’
        3 Biden White House Claims Elites ‘Celebrating’ Is Exception to Mask Edict
        4 Biden Team Tells CNN Trump Offered No Plan for Vaccine Distribution
        5 Biden Claims Federal Government Never Acted with Urgency to Combat Pandemic
        6 Biden Warns Pandemic Will Worsen After Pledging to Shut Down Virus
        7 Biden Trashed Trump’s China Travel Ban as Xenophobic Before Signing His Own
        8 Biden Said He ‘Misspoke’ When Claiming US Would Reach Only 100 Million Vaccines in 100 Days
        9 Biden Said He Would Fire Staff ‘On the Spot’ for ‘Disrepect.’ Hasn’t Fired Deputy Press Secretary
        10 Kamala Harris Repeats Bogus Claim New White House Starting ‘From Scratch’ on Vaccines
        11 Biden Statement on Impeachment Falsely Attributes Officer’s Death to Capitol Riot
        12 Biden Claims COVID Vaccine Wasn’t Around When He Assumed Office
        13 Biden Denies Psaki Said Schools Should Open Just One Day a Week
        14 Biden Says There Is ‘Overwhelming Consensus’ to Pass Excessive COVID Spending
        15 Biden Lies Again About Not Inheriting a Vaccine Plan
        16 Biden Repeats False Claim That Trump Told Public to Inject Bleach
        17 Biden Says Administration Not Opening New Migrant Centers
        18 Biden and White House Deny Border Crisis as Crossings Surge
        19 Biden Says COVID Spending Bill Garnered Bipartisan Support
        20 Biden Says Goal of 100 Million Vaccine Shots in 100 Days Was Tough for Him to Meet
        21 Biden Claims Coronavirus Was Met with Silence
        22 Biden Claims US COVID Death Toll Exceeds Three Wars and 9/11
        23 Biden Overreports Number of Vaccinated American 65 and Older
        24 Biden Makes Sweeping Projection About Child Poverty
        25 Biden Lowers Tax Hike Threshold After Promising It Would Only Affect People Making Over $400K
        26 Biden White House Claims Regular Talks With McConnell
        27 Biden Says Migrants Not Flooding the Border Because of Him
        28 Biden Says Trump Admin Didn’t Address Communist China’s Human Rights Abuses
        29 Biden Says Majority of Migrant Families that Cross Border Are Sent Back
        30 Biden Says Trump’s Tax Cuts Only Helped the Rich
        31 Biden Falsely States Top Corporations Don’t ‘Pay a Cent in Taxes’
        32 Biden Makes Misleading Claim About R&D Investments
        33 Biden Insists He Is Tough on China
        34 Biden Says Georgia’s Election Law Cuts Back Voting Hours for Working Americans
        35 Biden Repeats Falsehoods About Trump’s Tax Cut
        36 Biden Insists ‘No One Making Under $400k Will See Their Federal Taxes Go Up’
        37 Biden Repeats Spurious Claims About Georgia’s New Election Law
        38 Biden Says Gun Show Purchases Don’t Require Background Checks
        39 Biden Insists Gun Manufacturers Can’t Be Sued
        40 Biden Makes Misleading Statements About Gun Delay for 2015 Charleston Shooter
        41 Biden Admin Repeats Fake News Russia Bounty Story to Justify Sanctions
        42 Biden Claims Jan. 6 Riot ‘Worst Attack on Our Democracy Since the Civil War’
        43 Biden Brags That COVID Spending Bill Was Bipartisan Effort. It Wasn’t.
        44 Biden Says Banning ‘Assault Weapons’ Reduced Gun Violence and Mass Shootings
        45 Biden Claims His Administration Has Control of the Border Crisis
        46 Biden Says Trump Admin Didn’t Adequately Plan for Border Crisis
        47 Biden Claims the Border Is ‘Under Control’
        48 Biden Blames Trump for the Border Crisis (Again)
        49 Biden Says Anyone Making Less Than $400k Doesn’t Have to Pay Taxes
        50 Biden Claims $1.8 Trillion American Families Plan Won’t Add to Deficit
        51 White House Says Trump Admin Spurred Border Crisis
        52 Biden Appears to Make up Amtrak Story
        53 Psaki Claims ‘Number Of Officers’ Died On Day Of Capitol Riot. Zero Did.
        54 Biden Repeats Claim Capitol Riot Days Before Inauguration Was Worst Assault On Capital Since Civil War
        55 Biden Keeps Saying That The Economy Was Tanking Before He Arrived At The White House
        56 Biden Repeats Lie That Rioters Killed Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick
        57 Biden Says Corporate Media Reporters Are The Smartest People In The Entire Country
        58 White House Suggests Republicans, Not Democrats, Tried To Defund The Police
        59 Biden Says High Gun Violence In Cities With Tough Gun Laws Is False
        60 Border Lead Kamala Harris Claims It Was ‘Always The Plan’ To Visit Border
        61 Biden Claims That Tuskegee Airman Were Experimented On by U.S. Government
        62 Biden Claims He Was An All-Star Player At Congressional Baseball Game Where He Went 0-2
        63 White House
        64 Biden Delivers Lie-Riddled Speech Targeting GOP and Election Integrity
        65 Biden Denies Looming ‘Unchecked Inflation,’ His Treasury Secretary Says the Opposite
        66 Biden Denies that Proliferation of Government Money Is Jacking up Prices
        67 Biden Claims You Can’t Get COVID if You’re Vaccinated
        68 Biden Admin Mandates COVID Vaccines for Medical Employees Despite Pledging Not To
        69 Biden Claims He Was a Professor After the Obama Administration, but He Never Taught a Class
        70 Confused Biden Says He ‘Used to Drive an 18-Wheeler’
        71 Biden Says There Are More Vaccinated People In The US Than the American Population
        72 Biden Says US Has Afghanistan Crisis Under Control
        73 Biden Falsely Claims Governors Are Banning Masks in Schools
        74 White House Denies That Any Americans Are Stranded in Afghanistan
        75 Biden Administration Claims It Has Taken Responsibility for Afghanistan Crisis
        76 Biden Backtracks on Promise to Stay in Afghanistan Until All Americans Get Out
        77 Biden Claims He Visited Pittsburgh Synagogue After 2018 Mass Murder
        78 Biden Flip-Flops on Whether Life Begins at Conception
        79 Biden Claims U.S. Electricity Will Be Net-Zero Emissions by 2020
        80 Biden Blames COVID-19 Case Spike on Unvaccinated
        81 Biden Administration Scales Back COVID Treatments After Promising Them to States
        82 Biden Amplifies Border ‘Whip’ Lie
        83 White House Claims ‘Build Back Better Agenda’ Costs Nothing
        84 McKenzie Confirms Biden Lied About Troop Recommendations in Afghanistan
        85 White House Says Biden’s Stance on Hyde Amendment Hasn’t Changed
        86 Biden Says COVID Vaccine Prevents Virus Spread
        87 Biden Blames Staffing Shortage on COVID Fear
        88 Biden Claims He Has No Time to Visit the Southern Border
        89 Biden Claims Glenn Youngkin Sought To Ban Books
        90 Biden Says Electric Cars Can Drive Across America On One Tank
        91 Biden Claims His Administration Isn’t Paying Illegal Immigrants
        92 Biden Walks Back Claims About ‘Garbage’ Report Detailing Illegal Alien Payouts
        93 Most Afghans Not Vetted Before Entering U.S. Despite Biden’s Claims
        94 White House Falsely Claims That Biden Never Opposed COVID-Induced Travel Restrictions
        95 Biden Repeats False Claim That He Used to Drive A Tractor-Trailer
        96 Biden Makes Up Story About 1967 Visit To Israel
        97 Biden Pretends Rising Gas Prices Are Actually Falling
        98 Biden Claims He Is Tested Daily For COVID-19. He’s Not.
        99 Biden Pledged There Would Be No Vaccine Mandate
        100 Biden Claims He Never Supported War in Afghanistan
        101 Biden Says Spending Bill Is ‘Fully Paid For’ While CBO Expects Price Tag of $3 Trillion Added to Deficit
        102 Biden Implies Vaxxed People Can’t Spread COVID (They Can)
        103 Biden Claims He Played Key Role in Desegregation
        104 Biden Makes Up Manchin Quote To Pretend The Senator Supports His Plans
        105 Biden Doubles Down On ‘Pandemic Of The Unvaccinated’
        106 Biden Claims Trump, Republicans Want To ‘Supress’ Votes, ‘Subvert’ Elections
        107 Biden Said Long-Term Inflation Wouldn’t ‘Get Out Of Hand’
        108 Biden Repeats Lie ‘Build Back Better’ Plan Cuts Deficit
        109 I Didn’t Compare My Democrat Colleagues To Racists
        110 White House Reporters Are The Most Informed Americans Of All Time
        111 Build Back Better Will Save Americans Money
        112 Schools Aren’t Closed
        113 Republicans Want To Steal Minorities’ Right To Vote
        114 Inflation Was Already A Thing Before I Took Office
        115 The Supply Chain Crisis Isn’t That Bad
        116 Biden Created Jobs
        117 Wages Are Up
        118 The Nation’s Problem Is COVID
        119 Biden Says You Couldn’t Buy Cannons When Constitution Was Drafted
        120 Biden Say Russia Sanctions Aren’t A Deterrent After His Team Claims They Are
        121 Abortion Is Health Care
        122 ’We Need to Secure Our Border’
        123 Gun Manufacturers Are Immune to Lawsuits
        124 The Right to Vote Is Under Assault
        125 Funding Police Is Necessary
        126 Let’s Lower Cost of Insulin (After I Raised It)
        127 Anyone Making Less Than $400k Doesn’t Have to Pay More Taxes
        128 My Tax Plan Will Lower Costs and the Deficit
        129 The Solution to Inflation Is ‘Lower Your Costs’
        130 ’Our Economy Roared Back Faster Than Almost Anyone Predicted’
        131 Buying American Products Is a Priority
        132 ’I Created Lots of Jobs’
        133 Trump’s Tax Cuts Only Helped the Rich
        134 ’The American Rescue Plan Worked’
        135 I’m Always Honest
        136 Powerful Sanctions Stopped Russia
        137 ’Freedom Will Always Triumph Over Tyranny’
        138 Biden Claims Jan. 6 Rioters Killed 5 Cops
        139 Biden Denies Cutting Off Domestic Oil Production
        140 Biden Says Unemployment Claims Down
        141 Biden Repeats ‘Very Fine People’ Lie to Smear Trump
        142 Biden Says He Never Watched KBJ’s Confirmation Hearings
        143 Biden Falsely Claims Transgenderism Is ‘Safe and Healthy’
        144 Biden Says ‘Nothing’ Stopping Domestic Oil Production Even Though He Is
        145 Biden Claims His Family Worried About Gas Prices As a Kid
        146 Biden Says Gun Manufacturers Can’t Be Sued
        147 Biden Says You Couldn’t Buy Cannons When Second Amendment Passed
        148 Biden Claims He Was A ‘Full Professor’ At The University Of Pennsylvania
        149 Biden Repeats Lie that Buying American Products Is a Priority
        150 Biden Blames Putin for Months-Long, Record-High Inflation
        151 Biden Accuses ‘MAGA Crowd’ of Being ‘the Most Extreme Political Organization … in American History’
        152 Biden Said Robert Bork Thought Government Gave Americans Rights
        153 Biden Says Inflation Is His ‘Top Domestic Priority’
        154 Biden Once Again Blames Inflation on Putin and Covid Pandemic
        155 Biden Claims Vote To Block Abortion Bill Was Partisan. But Joe Manchin Also Voted No
        156 Biden Claims Roaring Economy He Inherited Was On ‘Brink Of A Great Depression’

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      2. My apologies for 63. Should have read:
        63. White House (Psaki): Election Laws Are The ‘Worst Challenge To Our Democracy Since Civil War

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      3. I love you, So Cal….but I was really hoping the list would end at about #10…..


      4. LOL! I wouldn’t have posted it at all, if not for the stupidity of FY.

        We knew the list was long & varied. He apparently needed a reminder.

        Always amusing how they try to excuse Biden-Harris’s failings with, “Well Trump did this” or “Trump did that.”


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      5. Headline: “5 million Americans die of overdoses traced to drugs smuggled across open southern border.”


      6. They don’t give a rip about all those people (primarily YOUNG) who are dying from those drugs. All they care about is them not having to show an ID & prove they are voting legally, so they can vote blue.

        American lives are no more important to them than Russian & Ukrainian lives.


    1. George, it has been a while for LJ. Quite some time in dog years. I believe he had moved over to the other USC blog a couple of years ago, but then he came back here. Would love to see him post again. Maybe on vacation?

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    1. I know their attempt was to say, “Fine! Let them underestimate us!”

      That’s just not how it comes across. It comes across as saying we’re happy to remain there, which we shouldn’t be.

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  4. Loser of the week Scott W. According to my calendar June 21 is a Tuesday or a tad bit late for Monday morning buzz. While we’re on the subject of retirement, maybe Scott should retire and then in a gesture of good will allow Adam Gosbard to use the “inside USC” jersey. Could be more news less snarky snooze (IMHO)


  5. What’s more important- getting top recruits or worrying about how many 60-70 year olds were honored at the Salute to Troy?


    1. I suppose you’re right, Robert. But part of getting top recruits is showing them we’re not blowing smoke up their butts when we say, “You’re a Bruin for 4 years, but a Trojan for life.”

      Fight On! Hope to see you post some more.


      1. I understand BUT from a recruiting standpoint, today’s recruits can’t relate to men from 1972. That’s more for the alumni and older folks. Bring Reggie Bush in and they can relate or even to the guys who were there. Many of today’s recruits weren’t even born when Reggie played even.


      2. Agreed. The years since Reggie, Lendale, Matt, Carson sure have flown by! Doesn’t seem that long ago, but it is.


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