USC Baseball Coaching Update

I’m hearing UC Santa Barbara baseball coach Andrew Checketts has rebuffed USC’s efforts to hire him.

If USC really wants Checketts, it will need to regroup and improve its package. And when I say package, I mean assistant coach salaries, staff positions, recruiting budget, etc.

Meanwhile, former major-leaguer/Texas assistant coach Troy Tulowitzki told Austin-American Statesman columnist Kirk Bohls he will interview for the job.

“I will be talking to them,” Tulowitzki said. “I have not made any decision. I loved my time at Texas and living in Austin.”


17 thoughts on “USC Baseball Coaching Update

  1. Why do I have this feeling we’re gonna wind up with Fucketh Youeth as our new baseball coach…?

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    1. I suppose it is possible his baseball knowledge is better than his assessment of our current leadership.

      It is pretty bad that we haven’t held a candle to CSUF in baseball for years. Maybe here & there, but over the past 15-20 years they’ve been more consistent.

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    1. Joe walking up to the pitching machine:

      “Hey Bub, I said we are having a pitcher’s meeting right now in the dugout! Move it, double-time!”

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      1. Ha! I love the imagery. [The fun part comes when Joe fashions a chain to take on the pitching machine — as he was forced to do with the deceased Corn Pop]…..

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  2. The UCSB coach has been really successful, placed lots of guys in MLB, extended through 2028, but his salary is under $400K. I guess the USC job is not what it used to be.

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    1. Another Chris Peterson. He’s content to remain where there’s not a lot of pressure.

      Not everyone wants the brass ring and the stress that comes with it. Heck, that’s why we always end up with elections between a giant douche and a turd sandwich. The best leaders out there usually want no part of being a politician.

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      1. Who would? If you’re an honest broker the press [which literally—and I mean literally — works for the cheats & liars currently running the country into the ground] is gonna kill you with fake stories….

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      1. Guarino you are such a douche bag. Shut up and take a last dive in the
        ocean. Move out of this country if not to your liking. Amen!


  3. Scooter,

    This could be a blessing for SC. The Olympics are coming to town and they want to put in a new complex which would include the football practice, Locker Stadium, Dedeaux field and the swim staduim. They want to build a new baseball stadium. SC baseball will have to play someplace else for 2 years. But they get a new stadium. With the new stadim the new coach will have to understand that there will be a set back but at the end, he will have a new place. That is if he lasts more than three years.

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