USC Zeroes In On Baseball Coach

USC has zeroed in on Troy Tulowitzki to be its next baseball coach and a job offer is expected this week.

Tulowitzki, who is an assistant coach at Texas, will receive a counter-offer to remain with the Longhorns, according to sources.

The former major-league all-star gives USC a splashy hire although he has never been a head coach.

However, he is a highly respected coach. In 2021, Texas had its highest team batting average (.275) and its most home runs (68) since 2010 in Tulowitzki’s first season.

The challenge for Tulowitzki will be confronting the issues of being the coach at private university for his first job.

Will he like having only 11.7 scholarships? A half-scholarship still means a player needs to pay $30,000 (plus room and board). At Texas, an in-state player on half-scholarship pays less than $6,000 (plus room and board).

But the lure of being a head coach, especially one with USC’s tradition, might make the job too attractive to pass up.

4 thoughts on “USC Zeroes In On Baseball Coach

  1. Scooter,

    SC alumni and fans are going to have to give a big financial boost to the program. They could even create more scholarships by crearing and endowment called, ” Five Appendage Endowment”. in order to receive any benefit from this endowment and to help with the player’s time at SC, they must have two arms, two legs and a fifth appendage that hangs between two legs. No player can have breasts on them. This is not discrimination because it is a private fund and the trustees can set the rules on who they want to award the money to.


  2. Big name…big mistake. Never been a head coach, and never built a college baseball program. Mike Scioscia, would have been a better choice if your going to offer a big name. My point is SC should have gone after an established head coach who has his program in the playoffs each and every year like the good ones do.

    Pitching is the key to college baseball success. If I’m a top rated pitcher why would I now be motivated to play for Tulo when Savage at UCLA has produced some outstanding pitchers over at UCLA.

    My opinion is Bohn did not do enough research, and went with just a big name and probably could have secured a better established college baseball coach for the same money they are going to have to pay Tulo.


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