USC Adds Another Three-Star

Kade Eldridge, a three-star tight end/defensive end from Lynden, Wash., has committed to USC.

Eldridge held offers from Oregon, Washington and Michigan. Eldridge plays for Lynden Christian, a small Division 1A school in the rural town near the Canadian border.

He was athletic enough to play running back after injuries hit the team.

Surprised USC took another three-star? Quite a flurry of them recently, eh? Amos Talalele. Grant Buckey. Tobias Raymond.

Maybe Lincoln Riley expects to get a lot of five-stars later so he wants to get some hungry three-stars to balance out the class.

And remember, these are commitments. So both sides can change their mind.


47 thoughts on “USC Adds Another Three-Star

  1. Lincoln Riley’s recruiting resembles Clay Helton’s recruiting.. lol. If it weren’t for the quarterback, and receivers transferring through the portals, what would be the big deal? The USC Sooners are starting to look like the team in Oklahoma 😂😂


    1. The “fans” on this board are just ridiculous. Riley has proven he can transform a roster rapidly. They have a strategy for recruiting. These local 3 star players will be the depth chart that sticks around, even if they are not starters. Any of these players can be developed into a player that contributes over multiple years.

      Four and Five star athletes take longer to commit. USC is aiming for alot of top recruits, but they will take more time to get commits.

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    2. Sark, good job at Austin this year. You rocked it. BTW, the Riley recruits are nothing like the Helton recruits, almost all of whom were told to leave by new management.

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  2. 3 stars recruited under Riley aren’t the same as 3 stars recruited under the previous regime. The former can coach these players, whereas the latter couldn’t. We should at least give Lincoln the benefit of the doubt.

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    1. Hey Lateral, I think we do. Just a couple of wanna-be’s on here that have to shed their idiocy with us for some reason. Maybe little dicks or something.


      1. Speaking of Dicks, steveg49, pull Clay Helton’s out of your Ass hole , because I’m tired of him cheating on me .


    2. So is a 3 star Nick Saban recruit better then a Lincoln Riley 3 star? That sounds like a typical Trojans Fanboy logic … 😂😂😂.


  3. Scootere,

    Henson will have his hands full this season by trying to develop a mean streak in the oline, make them dominant on the run, pass blocking, and upgrading the talent. He must get this done, or it will be helton 2.000010

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    1. USC is losing alot of production on the line this year, but I say there will be three parts to this plan.

      First, USC needs to blow out alot of teams this year early in the game, so they can bring in the depth players and get a few of them ready for next year. Guys like Mason Murphy and Jonah Monheim need to get developed. Maybe Cortland Ford will stick around for another year to get developed more.

      Second, USC needs to land 2-3 highly rated offensive line recruits. They are looking good for 2 of them. And then they also bring in the depth players, which they already have locked down the best recruits on the West Coast for the line (beating out Oregon, Cal and others).

      Third, they will probably dip back into the transfer portal for a player or two that can play immediately for 1-2 years. The TP is going to be insane this year, with alot of players looking for NIL money and USC will be a top place to land.

      Our offensive line this year will be really solid, definitely better than Pac-12 teams, probably a step back from the elite teams. Next year is a transition year and then by 2024, they will hitting on all cylinders.


  4. Sure he looks good, playing against Canadians 😂😂😂. 3* U. Not ready to compete with the big boys. But maybe a 2nd or 3rd in PAC 12 is doable!


      1. Mrs. Helton (replying to 67): It’s just exactly the same …except for no 5 star restaurants (or football players), no nightclubs, no opera, no ballet, no art galleries and no awesome wine shops [but lots of liquor stores]…..

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    1. Maybe but maybe not. I just don’t know how you know that. On film he does look like he could be a player. It’s true….some guys look like Tarzan and play like Jane. But others look like one of the chip monks and play like Godzilla. Have you ever even heard of Matt Groodegoed. This guy may turn out to be a bust but he might turn out to be great. On film he looks good. That’s all we know.

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      1. I know you are a twit that doesn’t understand anything so I will break it down for you. Lincoln Riley has a 5 year window before this whole thing either falls apart or he does great and the NFL comes calling. Either way he needs players who can play immediately. 3 stars will most likely take 3-4 years before they can contribute consistently. Long story short, he needs 5* and high end 4*’s now. Also, he can’t miss on many kids. You don’t have to believe me now. I will gladly remind you when Lincoln Riley bolts for an NFL job! 😂😂😂


  5. I’ve read a few comments I agree with and a few I think were written by 12 monkeys using typewriters trying to write a masterpiece.
    First not all star systems are created equal. Someone recently pointed out that a major travel site uses circles rated by customers along side those of the star ratings. Like the star system used by the football magazines, they are subjective.
    So if USC offered them a spot on the team someone saw through the stars. These kids didn’t show up on the doorstep and beg to let in. Maybe we should chill and wait to see who develops.

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    1. Sorry my new job as officially retired forces me to sleep until 7:30. Then I only skim Wolf until something new is posted. I have already read the paper with SC news being about a basketball player (barely a sport) in the NBA draft after coming back for his senior season. I thought big deal ask Matt (not Charles) Barkley how that worked for him.


      1. You have no idea how it worked out for him. There’s a good chance he’s perfectly happy with the decision he made. Dumb of you to ASSume it’s all about dollars.

        For athletes whose families are struggling financially, sure. But for someone whose family is well off, there’s no rush. If he valued being the BMOC and wanted to enjoy another year of it, no reason he shouldn’t and only a fool would project his own value system onto him.


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