USC Morning Buzz: Steve Sarkisian Lands Top Recruit

Arch Manning, the No. 1-ranked QB and No. 1-ranked player in the nation, committed to Texas today.

It’s a big commitment for under-fire coach Steve Sarkisian.

It also shows Manning was not turned off by the fact highly publicized QB Quinn Ewers is a redshirt freshman. Manning also considered Georgia and Alabama.

Texas will have the two top-ranked quarterbacks in their classes (Ewers and Manning).

Only three quarterbacks ever have received a perfect 1.000 rating on the 247Sports composite: Vince Young — Ewers — Manning


38 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Steve Sarkisian Lands Top Recruit

  1. If nothing else, Steve Sarkisian can recruit 4&5 star players at all positions, not just skilled. Former TCU coach was hired as an consultant at Texas, so I’m sure he’ll pick up in the areas where Sarkisian slacks.

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    1. Yes, Gary Patterson was hired to help bring Steve Sarkisian along, so I expect Texas to be competitive sooner then later.


  2. This might help Texas battle us for Texas recruits. I would rather he went to someplace in the deep south.

    But this sets up the need for a USC – Texas game to be scheduled. I would love to see USC reignite some of the old rivalries – USC/Texas, USC/Michigan.

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  3. Too bad Sark is a slimeball who couldn’t accept responsibility for his own actions. If not for suing USC over his termination, I’d pull for him the same way I pull for Lame and heck, even Clay.

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    1. Man, I was with until the last 2 words of your last sentence, So Cal…

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      1. I don’t think Clay tried to fail. I think he gave it his best. He just sucked. I can’t hate him for that.

        Heck, even with Dementia Joe. He’s just not very bright and lies too much.

        But I put most of it on the morons that voted for him and also on Jill for committing elder abuse. I like to think Joe didn’t actually wanted people to die & suffer as a result of him being installed as the Puppet In Chief.

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      2. Clay’s lies and failure hurt others and the program. Those are too much for me to forgive. I forgive Sark’s drinking because I have had alcoholism in my family and know it’s a sickness. However, his lawsuit is unforgivable because he also hurt others and the university. He should have been repentant, not vengeful.

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      1. If Helton would’ve been fired two years ago I might not despise him so much as he wouldn’t have been exposed as a complete fraud. His Pollyanna approach was becoming detestable. Instead of taking any responsibility he took the approach of a tee-ball coach.
        If they ever put together a league where scores are not kept and it’s all about having fun, Helton’s your man.

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      2. He also hurt the university and many young men who didn’t get trained then were no longer competitive for the draft………helton’s a dream destroyer. NOT a nice guy to me. I also had a face to face with him during which he made promises to me he never fulfilled. The promises were about me gifting the football team and I needed to be sure I didn’t violate NCAA rules.

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      3. Thanks, Carra.


    1. The quarterback whisperer? That would have to be the guy who said “Cody Kessler is the most talented quarterback I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with!”

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    2. Hey idiots, it’s a commitment not an LOI so it means nothing. He’ll be at Georgia or Alabama instead of Texas.


  4. The quarterback’s just one eleventh of the offense. His name might have carried weight in high school, but he hasn’t played a down of college ball.
    What happens when he discovers the coaching isn’t what he thought it would be? He has transfer portal written all over him. (Bad unimaginative tattoo artist)
    Anyway good for Snark err umm… Sark

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    1. Yeah, no way Ewers & Manning both stay.
      I’d be curious if Arch’s last name wasn’t Manning? I’m sure he’d still be a 5* but not as hyped as 2nd coming.

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  5. Can’t figure out how Louisville has taken 5 players from So Cal. Three 4* and 2 high 3* players. Looks like USC needs to go recruit at St John Bosco real soon.


      1. The Magnificent Joe McKnight — Half of the 2 man team (Barkley being the other half) who made “The Drive” happen…


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