Where Will Isaiah Mobley Go In NBA Draft?

The NBA Draft is tonight and it looks like USC forward Isaiah Mobley is projected as a second-round pick. He could even go to the Cleveland Cavaliers with the 58th pick, which would reunite him with his brother, Evan Mobley.

But then again, you never know who NBA teams might select late in the first round, so maybe Mobley can sneak up.

5 thoughts on “Where Will Isaiah Mobley Go In NBA Draft?

  1. I hope he gets drafted, but I wouldn’t bet on it. He wasn’t invited to the combine, and his weaknesses were really obvious last year, without his brother on the court.


  2. If Cleveland wants him to play with his brother in the late 2nd round. Not athletic enough to play in the NBA for long so probably not drafted, and it’s the NBA Development league with a few minutes in the NBA.

    Good kid..good team player. Lacks vertical movement, and an average shooter, and rebounder. He hits his peak and college not an NBA athlete, but some with less talent have made it to the NBA.


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