USC Saturday Buzz: Just One More Thing On Salute To Troy

One of things I mentioned about the Salute to Troy last weekend was only 12 members of the 1972 team showed up.

Among those who did not attend was linebacker Richard Wood, the first-three time All-American in USC history.

Wood lives in Florida and I’ve heard from several ex-players they didn’t get invited until the last minute. So that makes it unlikely players like Wood would attend, especially because they had to pay their own way (and pay for tickets for family members).

I’ve heard Marcus Allen, who did attend the event, was flown out by USC.


23 thoughts on “USC Saturday Buzz: Just One More Thing On Salute To Troy

  1. If this is all true USC needs to send refunds, apologies, and never let it happen again. When they are blowing money on visits for guys who are already committed elsewhere they can surely get the greatest USC team of all time here on USC’s dime. If they can’t afford it find a booster who can. This is all BS.

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    1. Very sad. And penny-wise, pound foolish. It is silly to do this and end up only with 10 guys, or whatever it was, from the ’72 team.

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  2. ugh,the problum with theese kill babey protesseds iz that all the womin thare is ugley,thay so angrey that no one wunt to maik babeys with them so thay wunt evry one els to hav to kill thare babeys jussed to levvel the playin feild as thay say,but i think the ishoo can be resahlvd by theese womin loosin so wate and stop all ways bein so angrey,then thay wuoldnt be so ugley and som one wuold maik a babey with them,

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    1. [Personally] I like it better when Ed writes his own stuff and doesn’t just plagiarize Hillary’s [autobiographical] New York Times Opinion pieces…

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  3. HH needs to set up some personnel and funding, with student interns. It would be far less than HH spends on furnishing an office (bills came in for single mid/lower level admin offices well into six figures being changed every couple of years) or a quarter of salary for these video making guys who have less skill than the average fan making their own hype videos for fun. And it would be worth it in improving fundraising, recruiting and just for good PR. When will we ever get solid leadership in HH?

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    1. Answer to Global’s question: Things aren’t likely to get better until the University drops the “No leadership required or desired” from all it’s job announcements….

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  4. The “Batman” -Richard Wood had more raw talent than any USC inside linebacker ever. Great speed, instincts, leader, and loved to hit. I was really disappointed he did not have a better career in the NFL. However, his career at USC was a great one, and USC should have paid his way out for the recent Salute to Troy get together. Three great athletes from that 72 team who have been sadly forgotten- TE -Charles Young, FB-Sam Cunningham, and Wood. Safety Charles Phillips-(Blair HS- Pasadena, CA is another one but I understand Charles did come to the recent Salute to Troy.

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