USC Close Again On A Lineman

Offensive lineman Landen Hatchett, one of nation’s top centers, has decided to stay close to home and committed to Washington.

Hatchett is only a three-star prospect but was targeted by USC and visited the campus last weekend. He lives about 100 miles from the University of Washington and his brother plays there.

What is shows is getting linemen continues to be a challenge.

33 thoughts on “USC Close Again On A Lineman

  1. Greetings fans, this fat lineman importance is nonsence ? over rated ! Riley a skinny guy knows what hes doing !!! fat on the other hand dont !!!???? folks pushing fat lineman on line list your weight with the email?????/ REGARDS , E

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  2. Don’t you mean linehe/she/they, Scott? Geez, get with the program. And why we are at it, make geometrical neutral–line/curve/ellipse/square…
    So line/curve/ellipse/square/he/she/they.

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  3. Lincoln Riley is going to have to prove in the upcoming season that he’s going to play physical, smash mouth football . And yes, he ran the football at Oklahoma, but out of a finesse formation . Riley’s Sooners teams weren’t physical, that’s why they made a first round exit in the playoffs every year.


      1. Every top team runs out of a similar formation now, typically just one RB, often with no TE, or the TE split out from the 5 OL guys. Bama threw close to 60 times in their bowl game, Ohio State threw about that number of times in their bowl game, almost all out of 1 back sets and lots of wideouts. If you are going to get a Bryce Young or CJ Stroud or Caleb Williams, you aren’t going to get him by promising they will spend most of their time running the power I.

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    1. Apart from Jim Harbaugh and the academies, everyone runs out of a “finesse” formation. Lincoln did not lose playoff games because Oklahoma couldn’t run the ball, they put up points in every game. They lost because they couldn’t stop people from scoring.

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      1. Exactly! IMO, Reiley had the best offenses in college football, at any given time, while coaching at OK. The defense was a different story.

        The performances remind me a lot of Chip’s Oregon teams, which won by having the best unit on the field, his offense.

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    2. Dude, being physical at the point of attack does not guarantee a dominant run game or a 3-and-out machine. The combination of scheme, execution, and taking what the defense or offense gives you, outweighs physicality. Plus, superior coaching can neutralize perceived advantages.

      Regarding, “Riley’s Sooners teams weren’t physical”. you’re trying to compare two different sides of the balls as one unit.

      No disrespect, but you sound confused…… just saying!


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    3. Their yards per play were right up there with the best so in essence perhaps they were a little more physical than what some think. If anyone thinks LR is going to pull in 5 star tackles and guards this year they are out of their mind. Not until he shows the world USC is a viable place to play. That will result in guys going to nfl.

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  4. (imagine trump outside the Capitol building on Jan 6th)

    Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall
    Humpty Dumpty had a great fall
    All the king’s lies and all the king’s cult members
    Couldn’t put Humpty in the presidency again



      1. How many figures I’m I holding up?

        (The patient says something nonsensical and then falls down again)


      2. Speaking of a “new gig”! I’ve been searching for a fair amount of time- I’d rather wait to find a great fit than rush into a “gig” that’s not right for me


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  5. Three stars is a lost?!? I always though five stars were better!

    If losing a three star is a major loss then USC is in big trouble.


  6. So Wolf complains when USC recruits a 3 Star, and he complains when a 3 Star goes somewhere else. Bottom line is the glass is always half empty for Wolf concerning USC.

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    1. Scott is a crazy old coot, but he is our crazy old coot. If we sign ten five-stars, he will complain that we did not sign eleven five-stars.

      Just a rumor, of course, but after Nolan Ryan’s 19 strikeout game (almost 50 years ago!), he complained in his school newspaper (the San Bernardino High School Herald?) about the number of walks. But just a rumor.

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  7. I can understand the kid wanting to play with his brother at UW. Isn’t that what the Branch brothers are doing by committing to USC?

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      1. I think politics are a little bit different than football. The damage Uncle Joe and his cronies have done will last for a long time.

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      2. parcelman007; “The damage Uncle Joe and his cronies have done will last for a long time.”

        HOLD ON!…. king trump’s incompetence caused 400k deaths. How easy you forget!




    1. Parcel, he makes excuses for the more than 600K who have died on Biden’s watch. At the same time, he includes in Trump’s numbers all of the 80+ year olds, obese people and people wih underlying conditions who died before the vaccines came out. Anyone who doesn’t have a short memory remembers it hit those people much harder than the general population.

      A) He acts as if Trump released the virus himself.
      B) He actually had the nerve to claim “Biden defeated the virus with the vaccine”. You know, the same way Dementia Man has claimed there wasn’t a vaccine when he came into office. (Even though he had already gotten his first shot! LMAO)

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