USC Morning Buzz: Baseball In Full Meltdown

USC pitchers Jaden Agassi and Charlie Hurley entered the transfer portal today.

Agassi is the son of Andre Agassi and Steffi Graf. He was 3-2 with a 4.34 ERA.

Hurley was 6-2 with a 4.19 ERA. USC has lost 3 of its top 4 pitchers.

What this shows is the players have little faith in whatever they are hearing from administrators to stick around. The deadline for USC to renew scholarships in all sports is Thursday. And there isn’t anyone in baseball to make these decisions.

Meanwhile, USC catcher Garret Guillemette, who entered the portal a few days ago, is transfering to Texas.

And the coaching search goes on . . .

Not quite the football search where Mike Bohn and Brandon Sosna patted themselves on the back. Remember, USC baseball finished last in the Pac-12, so they knew for a long time they were firing Jason Gill but dragged their feet on replacing him.


11 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Baseball In Full Meltdown

  1. There are very few who care about the baseball hire. It’s not even in the same universe as the football hire. Bohn got his legacy hire correct, you can’t deny that. College baseball is discussed at the national level for about two weeks a year, if that. It’s sad to see how far we have fallen, but for almost all alumni and USC fans the baseball program is an afterthought.

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    1. Mrs. helton,

      I disagree. SC’s baseball program was a pedigree of the nation. SC needs to hire the correct person who will bring it back. When he gets here (I hope they don’t hire a women for this, but knowing SC they will go Woke and hire a man who was a women and switched), he will need time to rebuild. He will need endowment money to help with the tuition and to build a staff. There is a lot of ifs here, but they can be rebuilt back to being the pedigree they need to be. Or just lock the doors permantely for around 5 years and see what happens.


    2. Uh, I care. And I know plenty of people like me who care. The gleaming empire built by Coach Dedeaux finishes in last place? Disgraced? Coach ran out on an embarrassing L.A. Times feature? I’m not saying it’s a Clay Helton level of concern, but it ranks up there.


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    1. That was how the Dims were hoping to solve the formula shortage. Kill the babies, the demand for formula goes down! Simple.

      Going to be fun watching companies pay the T&E of women wanting abortions. All the women who don’t get abortions are going to demand the same amount as a bonus, for not getting pregnant. Or else they’ll scream discrimination!


      1. So Cal,

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      2. Never going to happen, but you’re right.

        Pro Life wanted them to at least be required to watch a video of the procedure and see what actually comes out. But of course the PRO ABORTION people shot that down. Wouldn’t want the women being informed, oh no! (Same as 2020 voters. Couldn’t have them knowing how bad Joe’s cognitive decline was or anything about Hunter’s money laundering.)


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