Morning Buzz: USC And UCLA To Big Ten?

Well, here’s a nice way to make a slow day more interesting.

Here’s the tweet from Jon Wilner of the San Jose Mercury News:

Would USC president Carol Folt and (more importantly) UCLA chancellor Gene Block approve this?

Block almost hates sports so it would be big for him to agree. It’s also hard to imagine USC athletes having to fly to Maryland for a women’s volleyball game.

Obviously, the money would be temping. Is this all one way for USC and UCLA to get a bigger share of revenue from the Pac-12 like it used to?

Would Lincoln Riley like it? He already came to USC to avoid the SEC.

The Athletic has confirmed the story so the conversations are real.

If nothing else, it halts are the media’s fawning coverage of George Kliavkoff.


14 thoughts on “Morning Buzz: USC And UCLA To Big Ten?

  1. WTF?! What’s next?!

    Fire and brimstone coming down from the skies! Rivers and seas boiling!
    Forty years of darkness! Earthquakes, volcanoes…
    The dead rising from the grave!
    Human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together… MASS HYSTERIA!

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  2. I thought that USC was going to try to go independent, but it makes sense that they would entertain a Big 10 move. This could also be a negotiating ploy to get the Pac-12 to agree to things USC wants. I still think it is a possibility that USC and UCLA remain in the Pac-12, but that football schedules and revenues are a different deal.

    USC and UCLA could really add a huge market to the Big 10.

    My favorite thing about this is that it would mean Oregon gets screwed. If they remain in a conference with the other Pac-12 schools, I cant imagine they can negotiate a decent media deal. That would doom them to a lower tier status and even Nike money wouldnt be able to prop them up.

    Without USC and UCLA, the Pac-12 becomes a secondary conference in terms of football and basketball, the two money sports.

    It is 100% certain that USC is going to try to maximize their media rights deal. That is certain.

    I think this helps USC on the recruiting trail. Players want to play nationally important games and USC-Michigan and USC-Ohio State is alot more interesting than USC-Colorado or USC-Washington State.

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  3. ugh,sukker borne evry minit as thay say,any one think how tuff it will be to moove all the bildings and stugh,nevr mind maiking evry stoodint moove,i think apprul fuhls day iz come lait fir a few poeple this yeer,smdh

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  4. If Lincoln Riley doesn’t recruit 4&5 star linemen in that conference, then he won’t be around too long. Because they play Big Boy football in the Big Ten, not the Sissy Bull Shit that he thought he’d get away with in the PAC 12 .


  5. Stopped by to say “I told you so”. I see some people haven’t been keeping up with the conference media deals and cash. Not like Wolf was following it.

    I would have thought that we would have went through a disappointing season (which I suspect) in not winning a playoff game and still doing the same things that don’t work only a little better, thereby destroying any possibility of a media deal to keep us relevant.

    Cal and Stanford were two of the schools that didn’t want BYU, TCU, Baylor as Christian schools, (nor Air Force as a service academy supposedly). This was the second time PAC presidents cut the conference leader off at the knees when they tried to expand into Texas – Wolf isn’t being fair to Kliavkoff who like his predecessor tried. As a PAC 12 reporter Wolf also didn’t follow this, but he’s been good with taking stories out of a popular book on USC lore and posting the pics and stories like they were his. Smh Wolf, you’re better’n that.

    I get that people think it’s a bluff, but there is no money to be had if the two schools stay in the PAC 12 with the shtty prospects for a media deal no matter how you cut up the money, even if UCLA and USC were practically independent in pursuing media deals.


  6. Hopefully, this is just a threat that will encourage the Pac-12 to change their rules so that the better teams get more money. They need to put Larry(whatever his name was) behind them. He was a sports socialist. He believed that everyone in the Pac-12 should be equal. Under him they were. They were equally bad.

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  7. Scott, “Fundamental Attribution Error Specialist”, Wolf always has to assume the worst in folks. Has it even occurred to that Riley came to USC not to avoid the SEC, but to be in the best position to compete with Saban and the SEC?

    I’m sure he believes that he can coach as well as anyone, so how do you beat the SEC? If Riley is the coach he thinks he is, then the only thing he needs is recruits, right? Do you grind it out competing for recruits to come to Norman, Oklahoma? How about, “You can compete for a Heisman and a national championship and you won’t have to live in Tuscaloosa, AL” Boom, recruiting pitch done. If Socal weather, beach, clubs, etc isn’t enough to motivate kids to stay/come here, then the NIL situation couldn’t be better. Can you imagine what kind of NIL deals Palmer, Polamalu, Leinart, Bush, and others would have been able to get when USC was rolling? If/when USC gets rolling again, the NIL deals will be ridiculous. Why do you think Saban is crapping his pants about NIL deals even though his kids have done well so far? He knows that Alabama, and the entire SEC, is likely at a disadvantage for NIL deals in the long run. Riley believes he can wield his coaching magic. I’m sure he believes that If he can out-recruit the SEC, then it’s game over. College football dynasty for years to come.

    The funniest thing about Scooter’s obsession with Riley “avoiding the SEC” is that scott ignores his own mantra: “USC recruits itself”. Any chance that applies to coaches too, Scooter? Any chance Riley has been down to socal for recruiting trips and thought, “Gee, I think my family might like the beach and the weather better than Norman, oklahoma?” Some say, “Wow, look how much money Saban makes and then consider how cheap it is to live in Alabama. He must live in a mansion.” Yep, but then he has to go outside sometime. Yep, he’s got a boat but I’ll bet he drives it around in some green filthy lake. Lincoln is probably living in a mansion on a cliff in PV, finding joy every time he walks outside, and driving his boat, a yacht, in the beautiful ocean. The Yacht’s name is probably “Suck it Saban”.

    Riley is here not because of what USC is at the moment, but because he sees the opportunity to take over college football. Who knows if he is right. BUT IT’S NOT FEAR; IT’S OPPORTUNITY THAT BROUGHT HIM TO USC.


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