USC And UCLA To Big Ten Looks Done

Pete Thamel of ESPN said USC and UCLA to the Pac-12 is “essentially done” and a press conference will be held in the next 24 hours.

What a stunning turn of events. I think this move will popular financially and not-so-popular with the coaches. Does Mick Cronin want a road trip to Michigan State and Michigan. Nooooo.

Does Andy Enfield want to play anyone in the Big Ten? Noooooo.

Does Lincoln Riley want to play a night game in State College, Penn., and then get home at 5 a.m. Sunday morning? Noooooo.


30 thoughts on “USC And UCLA To Big Ten Looks Done

  1. When you consider the lackluster performance of the PAC 12 channel, coupled with the lack of real power on the west coast, it might be a real thing. National attention is paramount in the NIL era and playing a 7pm Friday night game on a Podunk station (PAC 10 channel) is not a real eye catcher.
    The season would still feature Stanford or Cal alternating years and have divisional play unlike the PAC 12 which is now going with best season without a strength of schedule component. Imagine winning the division but not playing the championship because you lost by a field goal in the rain in South Bend, while some team you didn’t play has beaten PCC and RCC and Mt. Sac giving them a better overall record.


  2. Pete Thamel of ESPN said USC and UCLA to the Pac-12 is “essentially done”

    Uhmmmmmm. We’re both already in the Pac-12. 🙂


  3. Lincoln Riley better put an emphasis on big physical linemen now, because it’s time for Big Boy Football 🏈. If he wants to continue with the air raid bull shit, then I’d suggest he request to stay in the finesse PAC 12.

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    1. You have zero idea of what you speak. The best team in the Big 10, Ohio State, runs a single back spread offense which is essentially what we are going to run.


      1. Too many Trojans Ass lick Fanboys on this blog, who don’t want to acknowledge Lincoln Riley’s history. If you actually think his Oklahoma teams were physical, then I suggest you think again. Riley’s recruiting reflects his philosophy, lots of 4&5 star skilled players, peppered with average 3 star linemen. That and 50 cents will get you a non playoff berth in the Big Ten. 😂


    2. You’re right but people don’t want to hear that, and I see some people who don’t know what they’re talking about are telling you that you don’t. We’ve all seen what happened to Oklahoma vs big boy football.


  4. I have always hated tOSU and Michigan so this makes it even better. Recruiting players now who want to play in the Big10 can come to sunny USC and still get in the big games. This helps with the money, competition, exposure, and recruiting. I can see where some of those big boys from Wisconsin, Ohio, and Michigan may look west during their recruitments.


  5. Does anyone know who were/are the participants in this tentative move to the Big 10? I’m curious if money was the only driver. It seems a logistic nightmare to have those distances of travel. SC will need its own plane. Scott is right about getting home in the wee hours of the morning. The schedules better be well designed for this travel. No Thursday or Friday nights, no late afternoon or evening games!!! I’m not sold this is a good idea. LA to Seattle flight time 2hr 45min; LA to Madison, Wisc 5hr, 15 minutes. LA to Rutgers NJ 4 hrs 44 minutes.
    Pete Thamel said they were working on this for a couple of months and the disparity in income was the deciding factor. We these the same geniuses who kept Larry Scott employed for all those years while he ruined the conference and feathered his own nest. Not sure I trust their judgement.

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    1. Logistics will be even worse during the next pandemic. You just know that they’ll be coming more frequently in the years to come. No more of this “100 years in between” stuff.


      1. As soon as the democrats need another crisis we will have another pandemic. The last one worked so well for them.


      2. I guess since Dementia Joe has erased the border and we’ll soon be Mexifornia, they figure everyone will be watching soccer anyway.


      3. I suggest you tune up the pinto before heading east. And the Shar Pei(aka Mrs. slo cal) Needs a new winter jacket, try the Goodwill



    2. This travel crying is too much. So what! Means absolutely nothing for football. Pro’s do it every Sunday. And this nonsense about Basketball players missing classes now cuz they are traveling on weekdays? Its called Zoom or Google Meets; thats how the kids can be in class every single day without missing a beat. And yes it will most likely be done in the swankiest Private plane ever. USC would do well to get that started too. Wont be long before recruits are posting recruiting pics from the private jet. And what are you saying Scott? Im sure Enfield just got everything he wanted. He threatened to go to Maryland; now he can be in the Big 10 and stay in cali and get paid. But just so he knows.. He is getting replaced by an assistant from another Big 10 school when all is said and done.


  6. Well I posted it, but really didn’t think it would happen so soon and abruptly. Surprised Stanford and Cal aren’t being dragged along. though it was those schools presidents’ fault for not wanting Christian schools like BYU, TCU, or Baylor in the PAC 12, nor Air Force…

    The Big 10 suddenly would surpass the SEC in football and the ACC in basketball becoming the premier revenue sports (and sports in general) conference in the country. The top 4 schools with the most NCAA championships are in the PAC 12, and two would be leaving, including arguably the nation’s premier football (Heisman, All Americans and legit championships at USC), and the premier basketball program (UCLA is in the clear lead with more NCAA titles than any hoops team in history).

    Oregon is up Shit Creek, as it seems the Big 10 isn’t interested anymore, while Oregon was the first to hint they wanted to leave if a new contract didn’t come about.

    I could see the Big 10 coming back for Oregon and Washington, and even possibly Stanford and Cal both for athletic reasons and to raise the Big 10s academic profile with the two top private and public academic universities that play Power 5 football– and I’m sure there is still some hoping for a Big 10 – PAC 12 merger with exclusive scheduling.

    The Big 10 failed to get into Texas in a bid to get out of the Rust Belt, but they get into a Sunbelt state anyway, a bigger, richer market with better academic and sports brands, and they do so with their old PAC 12 buddies, a partnership that created the Rose Bowl. The Big 10 had sought a merger with the PAC 12 before at the outset of Texas and Oklahoma joining the SEC, but now they get to pick and choose apparently.
    The only other plot twist could be the PAC 12 collapsing and reforming, getting rid of second rate programs like Oregon St, Wazzou, and trying to steal teams from the bad ol’ Jesus schools in Texas plus BYU as well as Air Force, and I just can’t see that happening now.

    The ACC and Notre Dame may make it permanent now, and the ACC should call up Army and Navy. The Big 12 may want to re-visit Air Force because Kansas is talking about jumping ship to play hoops in the Big East to get more exposure.


  7. Scooter,

    So many ramifications: Logistical, SC and ugly will have to travel to the West conference of the BIG 10. That includes Nebraska, Northwestern, Minnesota, and others. That means they leave on Friday day and return on Sunday. That is a lot of time and travel. These teams will have to do the same in reverse. It gets interesting now, what happens if SC has to play a Big 10 team on the road and then play ND at ND? Does SC stay out there for the week and do zoom classes? The PAC 12 will try and replace Sc and ugly. Who would they take? Would it be BYU and Colorado St? How do they deal with Stanford and Cal? Do they still play them or will it be treated like a non-conference game? Sc is going for thwe money, ugly is going to just stay existent. SC’ defense will be on call and the pressure will be on them to stop Big 10 football. Can Riley get ready for that? Lot to think about Scooter.

    Personally, I think it will be tough on the boys traveling so much. I think it will put a wear and tear on them, but we will see.


    1. They can play alternating home/away weekends, and the out of conference games like ND change every year. Somehow they fly to South Bend every other year and live through it. I don’t see where the travel is that big of a deal, and yes, USC should have their own 787 or 380.


  8. I am almost certain that Lincoln Riley has known about this since he signed on. He knows that USC in the Big 10 means huge audience exposure.

    I would drag along Stanford for the academic prestige and Washington for the combo of academics and the northwest market. But leave Cal and Oregon in the dustbin

    USC vs. Penn State, Ohio State, Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota. We arent going to be playing against pathetic teams any longer.

    In my view, this should impact recruiting in a big way. I’m pretty sure we get alot of negative recruiting that says that players wont get enough exposure in the Pac-12. USC and UCLA added to the Big 10 makes it a nationwide conference that will be a top draw every weekend. I wonder if the Big 12, ACC and Pac-12 will look to combine their best teams in an upper tier and lower teams in a bottom tier. Teams outside the SEC and Big Ten will need to figure out what they can do to remain relevant.


  9. So, will the Big 10 keep two divisions and I assume USC and UCLA get added to the West division, so who moves over to the East division? Would Minnesota and Wisconsin move to the East? I wonder if USC might end up as the dominant power in the Big 10 West?

    If the Pac-12 falls apart, I wonder if Kyle Whittingham retires. I bet Dan Lanning is worried about what will happen to Oregon. I guess they end up on the Big 12.


  10. They’re already talking about an East/West split with the Big 10 now being sea to sea.
    California won’t be locked down again– it will be raided more than ever by the enormous number of teams in less talented Rust Belt states, esp those that would likely be in the western division. And the competition goes way up. This all makes a lot more sense from a money standpoint (a homerun for the new Big 10, than from a winning NCs standpoint.

    A lot of talk is Oregon, UW, Cal, and Stanford will follow to Big Ten (which will finally have to renamed one thinks, but who knows).

    Colorado, Utah, Arizona, and ASU to the Big 12. (I know they wish they could uninvite schools from their expansion move, and if they can they will, just don’t see how yet…)

    WSO, OSU, and Mountain West become a kind of new poor man’s Pac-12.


    1. (I think some of that neat scenario may be wishful thinking but it has a lot of sense to it too, and I know the California schools like to stay attached at the hip while the Big 10 loves to burnish its academic image and the 4 California schools would be a big time addition academically and would seal the CA markets.)


  11. I don’t think that it is a good idea at all. You’ll make money if you get to the playoffs. They have a much better chance of doing that in the Pac-12.


  12. Greetings fans, the weathers hot junkies really act up on these days? usc not leaving for bumb ten ! you want to play penn st the pervert school !!!! Regards, E


  13. California has a law that none of its employees may do official state business in states where the laws are bigoted. So Mick Cronin won’t have to worry about travel to many of these states.
    The pairs of Oregon, Washington, and Cali schools will not separate from their rivals, and it’s unlikely those founders of the conference–including interlopers like Stanford and Wazzu–would separate from each other.
    This does have to sting for the Bay Area fans who spent a lot of time defending the conference’s allowing them to have continuous non-division games against the two LA schools, because they thought they were bound by the same loyalty to tradition. The LA schools basically just flipped them the bird on the way out… if UCLA manages to actually leave, given the law.
    And when places like Ohio, Wisconsin, and Iowa find out about this law, they’ll probably make their own similar laws as retribution.
    This is such a comedy of errors.


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