USC Saturday Buzz: Carol Folt Gets Dragged On Big Ten Move

USC is going to pat itself on the back for its move to the Big Ten although it only happens if Fox Sports wants it to happen.

But the knives are already out for USC president Carol Folt in this column by John Canzano.


23 thoughts on “USC Saturday Buzz: Carol Folt Gets Dragged On Big Ten Move

  1. Folt is an embarrassment. If she did this and set up the Pac12 for problems without advance notice, it shows her low character. Does SC want this type of person representing its values???

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    1. In simplest terms this reconfirms what we knew already: Folt is without honor.

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      1. F’ em all. Folt did the right thing. The conference never backed us nor coach McNair when they had a chance, f’d us on their socialistic media distribution deal and repeatedly screwed us with scheduling (including no bye weeks). She provided Bohn with the necessary cover to f’em all, and he did.
        And as far as blaming her for the downfall of the mighty Pac12, how’s about we share some of that with the other presidents who enabled tennis larry to drag us light years behind financially and charge us a premium to do it.

        That is all.

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    2. It is part of negotiations and Folt is there to represent the interests of USC, not the Pac-12. What did the other Pac-12 teams do to USC? So what do we owe them?

      I hope the Big 10 takes Washington and Arizona or ASU, to create even more of a national footprint.


  2. It’s bigger than one person.

    Did the Pac 12 stand by USC during the Reggie Bush NCAA infractions ?

    Absolutely not. No way the Big 10 or SEC let one of their members accept those infractions.

    This is about the “Benjamins.” It’s always about the money.

    I applaud USC, the entity, for this monumental shift in college athletics.

    Good job!!


  3. Now wait just a minute here– ‘Without-a-Folt” has self-proclaimed that she is of the highest moral standards and honesty, and that she would never hurt any person, animal or thing.

    I have got her word on this!

    Now, if she got under the skin of that pesky Pac-12 Conference,
    well then, they had it coming anyway.

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  4. Lol, you know it’s all about the money. When in doubt it’s still about the money. Untill someone shows you proof or proves to you otherwise. The roaming gnome troll Folt, just wants to put her lipstick on it. Like she does with everything at USC since she’s been there. Show me the money 🤑💰.

    UCLA goes from a 100$ million in the hole/red
    To 200$ million surplus think about that. With the 300$ million dollar, big 10 tv deal. It was a no brainer, for them to leave the PAC 12

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  5. Kudos to Carol Folt. Finally, a leader who puts USC and its interests first ahead of the interests of a shitty conference that leeches off the university and is never there when needed most.

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    1. It’s not what she did…it’s how she did it….


  6. Hopefully this all back fires on this roaming gnome troll, Folt and the power’s that be with the big bucks get her out of there. I’m sick of that woman messing up everything everything great about USC. Time for a change after 3 years. Boosters, Alumni and students start banging your monkey to get her outta there. Please before it’s too late!

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  7. The only way the PAC 12 survives if they merge with the big 12 and make thier own super conference. Beat them to the punch, before the big 10 and sec expand to 20. Then you have 3 super conferences with 20 teams each. 60 teams have a shot for it all. Oregon and Washington must buy in.

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  8. Can’t have it both ways Scottie. When her moves damage the University you have your dagger out. When she puts the Program first & elevates it, you pull it out again. Both her & Bohn have made my alma mater relevant again & that’s something you haters are going to have to swallow.


  9. USC has to start winning to be relevant again. Just saying, especially after going 4-8 last year and all the hype with Lincoln Riley and his staff coming in.

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      1. I wish she was still indebted to Caruso but that debt has been bought by a globalist. A better fit for Folt, maybe, but the average American working Joe/Jane (and all other gender types) don’t figure prominently in their hierarchy of priorities.


  10. Anybody noticed that USC (and UCLA) are now in a better position to attract better sponsorship deals? Or pay for charter flights for the basketball teams and Olympic sports? Or joined the conference which has had the least amount of members put on probation by the NCAA?


    1. You say “join the conference with the least members on probation by the NCAA” like it’s a good thing…


  11. Nikias and Haden wanted the sanctions, they wanted to knock things down. There was no way the other presidents could override what USC wanted to do vis a vis the sanctions.

    And a lot of the bullshtters here were all for getting rid of an AD and HT winner who gave the University a return to glory for a half dozen years in the midst of the last 45 years of futility and clusterfck that has been going on at USC.

    Many of you now talking sht about what the conference should have done cheered on Nikias, that obsequious, lying, incompetent fraud who went from a Dean that created a scandal of lies in reporting numbers to the university rankings folks in a way so sloppy it was bound to be found out, then oversaw a litany of disgrace for USC while helping the jackals at the NCAA to bury USC’s football program along with some other corrupt frauds (looking at you Haden).

    To see the people who applauded Nikias and Haden and Sarkiffinheltonharrell now pretend that it was the conference’s fault and that Folt by breaking every professional code of ethics and proper behavior as a leader of an institution in consortium — it just tells me a lot of people are still full of sht and haven’t learned a thing, and will continue to be the group of enablers for more disaster.


    1. Fox said to Carol, “He’s a 100 million!!!!” Carol replied,”where do I sign?” You show ANY college president that kind of money and their signing.


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