Big Ten Move Unites USC/UCLA Fans

The Big Ten Conference has done something unusual: Unite USC and UCLA fans.

If USC had gone to the Big Ten alone, UCLA fans would be livid. If UCLA had gone alone, USC fans would be indignant.

But the fan bases can put aside their tribalism for a little while, as they partner for their big move. They need each other at the moment to move forward.

I’ve started to hear from USC fans unhappy with the move to the Big Ten but I think UCLA fans are probably more skeptical about the switch. For one, UCLA is not a football powerhouse and Chip Kelly hasn’t said a word so far.

But maybe more important, UCLA basketball is going to bear the brunt of the travel issues. Will it help UCLA’s NCAA Tournament performances to travel back to the Midwest all winter? And then go to Chicago or Indianapolis for the Big Ten Tournament?


35 thoughts on “Big Ten Move Unites USC/UCLA Fans

  1. UCLA will get blown out trying to compete in Big Ten Football, and their small fan base knows it. The fans will still not come out to the Rose Bowl to see games. In basketball they will now have to compete with 6 or 7 great programs who are good every year, as opposed to the Pac 12 where there was 2-3 good programs every year that gave UCLA some competition. . In baseball SC and UCLA should do very well in the Big Ten because there are no power programs in that conference other than Michigan who is beatable.

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    1. Chip finally held a [sort of] press conference ….but he could only get the word “mommy” out of his mouth before tearing up and departing the podium….

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    2. Nothing about USC Football over the last decade suggests that they’ll be able to compete in the Big Ten. They certainly don’t have the roster to do it now, so Lincoln Riley, and the Trojans fanboys should count their blessings that the move won’t happen for two more years.


  2. Did Bohn contemplate an even bolder move? USC, UCLA, Notre Dame, Ohio State, Michigan, Penn State, Michigan State, Wisconsin, Miami and Florida State for a new Big 10 Conference?


    1. Don’t think so.

      But as a kid I staked an all-night lookout for the Easter Bunny, so I suppose anything is possible if you are a kid.

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  3. What is this “unite” with sucla business.

    Whenever I tend to go soft with sucla I fall back on the memory of 1989 at Pauley Pavilion with sucla crushing my beloved Trojans by over 40-points, and some middle-aged sucla female got up and screamed, “We want 50, we want 50!”

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    1. Westwood so sucks. When, at the Bruin Theater, I screamed “knock the mother-fucker out” as Ali was opening up on Foreman —a “male” next to me said “please —there are women present!”

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    1. Maybe it was the mullet, but there was something about John Kruk that just said, “I’m hungry and I’m eating.”


      1. The Ultimate rooting dilemma is around the corner:
        ….UCLA vs. Notre Dame…..

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      2. Not a dilemma for this Trojan. I always root for the Catholics when they aren’t playing us. I’ll burn in hell if I don’t. 😉

        I don’t want to beat them when they suck. I want to beat them when they think they’re national champs.

        Rudy is one of my favorite movies.

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      3. I once sat next to a fairly drunk Trojan fan who kept yelling to the angry Notre Dame fans “Rudy is only a movie!” as we beat-up on Notre Dame. I made sure not to walk outta the coliseum with him.


      4. Had a drunk ND fan behind us once in South Bend making fun of our drum major wearing a “skirt”. Completely clueless, considering their band came onto the field shortly thereafer, led by bagpipers in kilts!!!!

        Made as much of a fool of himself as you know who.


      5. Slo Cal: “Fucking A”

        Sounds like an 8-year-old who just received his first “Dukes of Hazzard” Hot-Wheels



      6. Gabby –for 4th of July watch The Right Stuff …pay particular attention to what Gus Grissom replies after John Glenn says “it’s time we got somebody up there!”


      7. The suspense is killing me, can’t wait until tomorrow. Google said it streams on HBOMAX. (fun fact, 96% on Rotten Tomatoes)

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    1. Don’t even bother with a moron who has to knock anything I post, just cuz I’ve had the balls to call him out for being one of the fools who got us into this shit storm. (Actually dumb enough to claim we’re better off now. LOL)

      Also funny that he’s stupid enough to knock what I wrote after posting “crotch kick” like a loser gamer and “triggered” over & over again like the pussies who provoke people, then whip out their phones like a weapon, so people will only see the response not the shit that led up to it.

      It’s the liberal way.


      1. 1) Shelter-in- place.. VS …freedom to travel the world
        2) 40 million unemployed …VS… lowest unemployment rate in 50 years
        3) Negative GDP… VS… positive GDP
        4) 5k a day dying..VS… no mask mandates
        5) Entire public school system shut down… VS…. Back to 100%
        6) 7 trillion increase in the national debt…VS…..1.75 trillion reduction in the national debt, since Feb. 2021.
        7) Twice impeached …Vs….Ethical (need more)

        So, you pay a little more to put gas in the pinto, and the price of Depends went up a few bones, spilled milk

        One of two things was going on between Feb 2020 through Feb. 2021, you hide under a rock, or trump shut down your brain……(maybe both)


      2. So Cal,

        In Catholic school I was in the 6th or 7th grade and the nuns would say to us that we had to pray that ND wins. I thought ot myself, aren’t we to pray for the home team to win? I never bought into praying for ND and Christ does not care who wins. He just wants us to want him. Now, that is a winner.



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  5. USC blew a 14-point 4th quarter lead at the Rose Bowl in ‘98. UCLA co-eds dancing on the tables later in Old Town. Necessary for TV contract, but UCLA Big Ten meat squad.

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