Sunday Buzz: USC Hires Andy Stankiewicz

The long, grueling search for a baseball coach has ended as USC hired Andy Stankiewicz of Grand Canyon.

As with many USC searches, sometimes it pays to be the No. 3 candidate. Stankiewicz was offered the job after USC was turned down by Andrew Checketts (UC Santa Barbara) and Troy Tulowitzki (Texas).

Stankiewicz had the Grand Canyon school president and athletic director try to make a counteroffer to keep him yesterday. He finished second in the USC search three years ago.

Stankiewicz led Grand Canyon to five WAC regular-season titles (2015, 2017, 2018, 2021, 2022), one WAC tournament title (2021) and the program’s first NCAA tournament appearance at the D-I level (2021) followed by its first at-large selection into the NCAA tournament (2022).


24 thoughts on “Sunday Buzz: USC Hires Andy Stankiewicz

  1. Just to be clear, Carol, me, Block and Jarmon didn’t run to the B1G begging for admission. We told them the we ARE leaving the PAC12, and if they would be interested. To their credit, they understood that not only was it a no brainer to take use from a Brand, and marketing standpoint, they also understood that if they didn’t take us, someone else would. Fight On!

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  2. ugh,intresting that thay tel us we gotta moove to the mid wessed and wen me and missus ed gettin reddy to leev and sayin by to r famlees thay higher this gye as r couch cuz we iz bizzy and dont think we gunna notiss,smdh

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    1. I saw your kind-hearted post, Georgie.

      And the last time MG missed a post was when he was on his writing sabbatical some months ago that lasted a week, and everybody was a wreck due to his absence.

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  3. Good move by Mike Bohn hiring Andy Stankiewicz- he is a fiery competitor like Rod Dedeaux was. The question is will be able to recruiting pitching which is where the others failed.


  4. I get it that SC had to hire somebody to coach its misguided baseball team.

    But did they have to hire somebody named Stanoclaus or however you pronounce that letter-laden name

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    1. What makes you say that? The extended wait? The number of prior refusals? The fact our players were exiting as fast as they could?


      1. MG, Stankiewicz has got a lot of work to do with SUCC Baseball. In fact, its in worse shape than bozo BB program when Andyain’twinning was hired.


  5. The number of players drafted while at Grand Canyon is what jumped out to me. 21 players have been taken in the MLB draft as he was the head coach 6 in the first 10 rounds. That definitely tells you he coaches up his players something that we will need and haven’t heard around our teams much lately. And I think he will recruit at a high level since he has been connected to the USA National 18U and 17U teams and others as a coach. World Cup Teams. Hubbs and Gill weren’t known for these areas that ended seasons as middle of the conference teams with solid recruiting classes. I think this is a solid hire. 👌


  6. Scooter,

    SC has to give the new head coach a long contract. SC baseball team is not that good plus the Olympics coming to town and the tearing down of Deadeux field will help in the long run but in the short run it won’t help.


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