USC Morning Buzz: Lincoln Riley Shows Ability To Adapt

With cornerback Ceyair Wright and cornerbacks coach Donte Williams in the news recently, I decided to look into how Lincoln Riley views Wright’s football-acting career.

Wright met with Riley and asked him if his acting would be a problem for the coach. Riley told him as long as it did not interfere with his student-athlete responsibilities, he had no problem with his acting career.

I’m sure Williams agreed.

  • Former USC wide receiver Bru McCoy officially dropped his legal action challenging the school’s 2021 indefinite emergency order removing him from campus four days after a felony domestic violence arrest involving an ex-girlfriend, according to City News Service.

McCoy’s action comes five months after USC abandoned its Title IX complaint against McCoy after the player’s former girlfriend refused to take part in a hearing and allow the school access to her medical records.

McCoy’s court papers were filed Friday with Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Mitchell L. Beckloff, requesting dismissal of his case “without prejudice,” meaning it can be refiled later if circumstances warrant him doing so.


26 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Lincoln Riley Shows Ability To Adapt

  1. Acting careers, players fighting over numbers, can’t sign any 4&5 star linemen.. lol 😂 Sounds like a championship team to me.. lol NOT


    1. Saban & Smart, or SS for short– And after all these years the entity is still lying, cheating, deceiving (but fortunately not killing anymore)

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  2. Ceyair describes himself as “student, athlete, and actor.” I don’t know how you do all three well. College football requires an enormous time commitment. It is very difficult to be both a serious full time student and a football player. Now he’s going to act in a series. Good luck. My prediction is that he will not be on the Trojan roster at the end of the year. Next up. Bring in Prophet Brown and Domani Jackson and the transfers from Colorado and Washington.

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    1. I don’t know about that, Plow Horse. The producers specifically told Ceyair, “try to play well in that football game stuff— it’ll be good for the show.”

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      1. Donald J Trump, a man of great moral character! (tooooo funnnny)

        (this repented fool(Parscale) was once one of trump’s major mouthpieces….now look)

        As presented by Stephanie Murphy, a Florida Democrat on the January 6 committee, Parscale told Pierson: “This is about Trump pushing for uncertainty in our country. A sitting president asking for civil war … I feel guilty for helping him win [in 2016].”

        Pierson replied: “You did what you felt right at the time and therefore it was right.”

        Parscale wrote: “Yeah, but a woman is dead.

        Pierson said: “You do realize this was going to happen.”

        Parscale said: “Yeah, if I was Trump, and I knew my rhetoric killed someone…”

        Pierson said: “It wasn’t the rhetoric.”

        Parscale said: “Katrina. Yes it was.”


      2. Why would I? It’s a complete joke, the manner which the administration is weaponizing the DOJ. Violence or intimidation by the right, prosecuted. Committed by the left, ignored or worse, condoned!

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      3. Source: Latest Monmouth Poll [July reported by Real Clear Politics]…


    1. Glad to hear that!!!!. Looks like a wave of a new variant is spreading throughout the country….. China just shut down the entire island of Macau…(gambling mecca)

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      1. Weird Pandemic culture over there in mainland China. They get 20 cases and they shut down a 25 million-person city.

        Whereas in Los Angeles County we have an average of 6000 cases per day for weeks, and we declare that the Pandemic is over, and there will be “rioting” in the streets when mask-mandates are reinstated.


      2. I do know, Asian countries had the fewest deaths, per capita, from covid. Perhaps it was a product of just a more healthy society and or stricter covid guidelines. But when they do lock down it’s fast and widespread.


    2. Is it just me, but I never thought most movie roles were that difficult to master. Oh, sure, crying on cue would be impossible for me, and certain roles would be beyond many people’s reach.

      But Wright will probably not be asked to do much as an actor. Besides, the real money for him lies in a possible NFL contract, so get your priorities straight, my man.

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    3. Great news. Even better news will be that you also are back to normal (although “nomal” for us is not your usual normal)


      1. That comment was meant for George’s recovery. I don’t usually associate the words “normal” or even “nomal” with Mr. Michael Guarino.


  3. Bru McCoy got screwed and the USC football program did not stand up for him. He is a big loss. Not sure if LR could have or would have stood up for him.

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    1. Helton and company folded like a cheap tent. Innocent until proven guilty, and he was never proven to be guilty. The system is unjust and cost this kid a college degree from USC!


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