USC Quick Thoughts

Has USC lost the commitments of any Florida offensive linemen today?

  • Has Donte Williams forgotten in spring practice he was critical of cornerback Ceyair Wright’s priorities? Of course he has. Bygones.
  • Former USC wunderkind Brandon Sosna has a new twitter avatar. Guessing it didn’t come from the USC social media team.

16 thoughts on “USC Quick Thoughts

  1. “Has USC lost the commitments of any Florida offensive linemen today?”

    How do you lose a commitment if they never committed in the first place?

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      1. Even the beautiful and smart Zsa Zsa Gabor had detractors (the few men she didn’t marry). So it is no surprise Wiley is not universally loved.

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      2. Below comment got misplaced, it was for Leach.

        Semantics, shematics, Wolfie never met a controversy he didn’t love. And if he ever thought through some of his comments, he’d be through.


  2. Wolf is like a stuck record. He gets on something and just won’t let it go. Next week he will be snarky about all that terrible travel in 2024. Perhaps Ceyair got the acting job as part of NIL. At least he actually has to do something to earn the money.


    1. Nice —always great to read that beautiful quote from Charlie Manson etched on the front gates to UCLA…..


      1. Damn MG, I’m not sure that Manson is any worse than OJ, who sculpted(carved) his ex-wife into a pez dispenser.


      2. Mazie gets the quote of the day (yesterday), Michael!

        “Who the heck would know what our Founding Fathers meant?” (when they wrote the Constitution!)

        Uh, well, maybe by reading what they wrote!!!!!


  3. Lincoln Riley doesnโ€™t need 4&5 star offensive lineman, because he has the same 7 on 7 football philosophy as Clay Helton. Air raid teams donโ€™t even play defense, because who ever has the ball last will win the 59-58 games. What Riley really needs is more 4&5 star quarterbacks, receivers, and undersized running backs ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

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