If It’s Friday, It’s Time For A USC Notes Column

Forget about the $100 million USC stands to make by joining the Big Ten.

You know a big reason a lot of fans will cheer the odd conference move? Because they all get the Big Ten Network, so even in a worst-case scenario, a USC game will be available to all.

And USC won’t be playing at Camp Randall Stadium in Madison, Wis., with a kickoff at 7:30 p.m. PT.

Trips to places like Camp Randall, Happy Valley (Penn State), The Big House (Michigan), Ohio Stadium, Kinnick Stadium (Iowa), etc., are also going to be a highlight. Unless USC loses, of course.

But the loss will still end early unless it is at the Coliseum.

So forget the $100 million. That’s for USC to prioritize. The fans want good locations, early kickoffs and a TV channel that they can watch.



 9039 Sunset Boulevard, West Hollywood

  • L.A. gangster Mickey Cohen was at Sherry’s in the early morning of July 19, 1949, eating ice cream and regaling an audience of policemen, reporters and underlings.

Around 4 a.m., Cohen left with his security team, which included bodyguard Harry Cooper, a special agent from the office of the California attorney general. Cohen had recently exposed some corrupt vice cops to their superiors.

With Cohen on the sidewalk, shots rang out. Cohen was hit in the shoulder. Cooper was hit twice in the stomach. Actress Dee David was shot in the back. Gangster Neddie Herbert was shot in the side, arm, foot and wrist. Herbert later died from his wounds.

Cohen lifted Cooper into his chauffeured sedan himself and the car sped down Sunset Blvd.

  • That same year, actress Shirley Temple left Sherry’s after a night of drinking. She picked up her navy-blue Cadillac from the valet and was driving down Sunset Blvd. when she noticed a man’s fedora sitting on the passenger seat.

“Pulling to the curb, I inspected the hat carefully, found no identification, then noticed the car upholstery was not mine,” Temple said. “On the floor in the back lay a long locked black leather case, soft to the touch but with something hard inside… When I returned to the nightclub, the valet tumbled over himself with gratitude. What he had delivered was Mickey Cohen’s look-alike Cadillac.”

  • The shooting at Sherry’s involving Cohen drew national headlines and placed the mob war for control of gambling on the Strip in the spotlight. Calif. Gov. Earl Warren led calls to clean up the strip. The ensuing crack down eventually drove the multimillion-dollar illegal gambling operations off the Sunset Blvd., and to other loctions, like Las Vegas.
  • And now for some history:
  • Remember when John Robinson lost his first game as USC coach to Missouri, 46-25? That Missouri team beat six top-15 teams — No. 2 Ohio State, No. 3 Nebraska, No. 8 USC, No. 14 Colorado and No. 14 North Carolina. But it also lost to Kansas, Iowa State and Illinois. What a season!
  • USC, of course, won its next 11 games after that shocking loss to the Tigers.
  • A week after being upset by Missouri, Ricky Bell (above) rushed for 193 yards as USC routed Oregon, 53-0, at Autzen Stadium.
Things got better for John Robinson after a disastrous opening night vs. Missouri.

No. 3-ranked USC defeated No. 13-ranked Notre Dame, 17-13, at the Coliseum. Here’s a fumble where Rob Kerr scrambles to recover ahead of the Irish’s Al Hunter. USC’s Ed Gutierrez (50) and Steve Obradovich (14) close in on the ball.

USC greats Gary Jeter (left) and Rich Dimler (right) rush Michigan All-American QB Rick Leach in the 1977 Rose Bowl.

  • USC sprinter Don Quarrie won a gold medal in the 200 meters at the Montreal Olympics while competing for Jamaica.
  • Why do I always feel like USC got better speakers in the past?

This is just from the 1976-77 school year.

  • First off, Mel Blanc, the voice of Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck and Porky Pig (among many others) packed Bovard Auditorium.
  • President Gerald Ford made a campaign stop that drew 18,000, including swimmer John Naber and tailback Ricky Bell.
  • Legendary actor Burt Lancaster spoke on campus in the fall.
  • Coretta Scott King, the wife of Martin Luther King, also visited in the fall.
  • Angela Davis and Cesar Chavez spoke on campus. Davis did not endorse a presidential candidate that year.
  • Poet Maya Angelou was part of a Women’s Week celebration on campus.
  • Comedian George Carlin taped his first HBO special from a show at Bovard Auditorium.
  • And in late November of 1976, Jackson Browne gave a concert at the Shrine Auditorium. The ad below is from a concert Browne gave in 1975 at the venerable auditorium.


I was going to select a different video but considering I just wrote about Jackson Browne, let’s go back to 1977 with this excellent montage/video.


54 thoughts on “If It’s Friday, It’s Time For A USC Notes Column

  1. The 1976 Mizzou v. Ohio State game was one of the best football games I have ever seen. The Horseshoe was filled, the band entered the stadium singing “We Don’t Give A Damn For The Whole State Of Michigan”. On the last play of regulation, Mizzou went for the 2-point conversion and was stopped with the stadium erupting in a roar. There was a yellow flag on the field and the game was not over. Mizzou went for the 2 point conversion again and was successful. You could hear a pin drop in the stadium. Both bands played for a half hour after the game taking turns standing on both sides of the field. Great sportsmanship by all.

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    1. Guess B10 alumni & fans have started to jump on! Welcome, Bob!!

      This B10 thing is gonna take some of us a while to get used to. I’m not thrilled with it, but if it forces us to ramp up our game and gets us into the CFP discussion, so be it.

      Only time will tell.

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      1. Yeah, if I had been stupid enough to vote for the shit storms we’re all experiencing, childish insults, lies, deflection & blame are all I’d be able to do, too. What’s funny is, lobbing them even in response to things that have nothing to do with the “mean” comments that hurt her little feelings.

        No wonder mean tweets from DT hurt her so much. But at least she’s kissing the asses of other people on here at whom she’s lobbed insults before. You know, other people who have called her on her bs, but do their best not to make her cry. LOL

        So in addition to multiple personalities, she also suffers from bipolar disorder. Sad.


      2. It’s called “divide and conquer”, So Cal. But I’m not falling for it. I just wonder how someone who could be so astute on matters of football and many other things can be so willfully blind when it comes to the systematic destruction of the Bill of Rights [holding prosecutorial hearings without potential defendants’ right to cross examination?], our economy [can the working poor be crushed any more effectively than this?] and our national security [listened to Secretary Austin lately? what is that all about?]…..


      3. MG…. you sound confused, misinformed, or both! … Trump wanted more representation from the right, but the minority leader refused to fill his 5 positions. You can’t pout after the fact. (please read)

        Passed House (06/30/2021)
        This resolution establishes in the House of Representatives the Select Committee to Investigate the January 6th Attack on the United States Capitol.

        The select committee must (1) conduct an investigation of the relevant facts and circumstances relating to the attack on the Capitol; (2) identify, review, and evaluate the causes of and the lessons learned from this attack; and (3) submit a report containing findings, conclusions, and recommendations to prevent future acts of violence, domestic terrorism, and domestic violent extremism, and to improve the security of the U.S. Capitol Complex and other American democratic institutions.

        The select committee consists of 13 Members of the House appointed by the Speaker; 5 MUST BE APPOINTED AFTER CONSULTATION WITH MINORITY LEADER. The resolution gives the select committee specified powers, including the authority to hold hearings, receive evidence, and issue subpoenas. It also requires other House committees to share relevant records with the select committee within 14 days of the resolution’s adoption or receipt of such records. (holding prosecutorial hearings???)

        I’m sure a criminal referral to the DOJ will follow

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      4. PS…… Wasn’t it the orange cheeto who repeatedly paraded out to the podium and called the Dems “THE RADICAL LEFT”…. If that’s not “divide and conquer” speech, then what is?


      5. Gabby –Ha! Very funny. [We disagree on many things –but I didn’t think we disagreed on the definition of confusion].
        You make several good points –the best of which is the prediction these hearings will lead to referrals for criminal filings. There is a lot of law on this subject. May I bring you up to speed on it? Ordinarily a citizen isn’t entitled to an attorney in a civil hearing —EXCEPT where it’s clear the civil hearing is actually a bridge to a criminal filing [which is where you and everybody else who is paying attention knows this is headed for Donald Trump]—- then all the due process guarantees kick in: right to an attorney, right to subpoena witnesses on your own behalf and the right to confront and cross examine the witnesses against you. The fact this isn’t being done means that the Committee is acting in excess of it’s jurisdiction …and attorneys for Trump should get the federal equivalent of a Writ Of Mandate to stop the proceedings. But —and here’s the part you’re really gonna like — our side is every bit as dumb as you say it is. Nothing is being done…or will be done… to remedy the flaws in these hearings. As a lawyer watching this comedy I keep saying to myself: “Gee, our side is fucking stupid.”


      6. More confusion!… Because Trump is being viewed as a criminal through the eyes of “public opinion” he should be entitled to the right of “due process”….. Interesting!

        So, a grand jury hearing is flawed(maybe not the right word) due to the lack of cross-examination?


      7. A childish reply —unworthy of you, Gabby. Time to do a little legal research on this issue for your own edification— check out the rights of an American citizen involved, directly or indirectly, in a civil hearing engineered to construct a criminal case against him or her.

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    2. It wasn’t until 2005 at Notre Dame, when I saw the “Bush Push” game, that I saw a similar game with the Notre Dame fans cheering wildly thinking they had won, only to have the Trojans pull off the victory in their second attempt and time expiring. I have a signed and framed photo of that moment in my office and yes you can see Scott Wolf in the photo.


  2. George Carlin, one of a kind guy. I liked his take on climate change:
    “Why are we worried about the earth? It has been around for 3-billion years. When we’re gone the earth will do just fine”

    And Burt Lancaster– he was a great gymnast which carried over to him doing many of his movie stunts.

    I was at the last SC game at Ohio St when Troy came from behind in the last minute to hang one on the Buckeyes. The crowd never sat down for over 3-hours!

    And that 1976 ‘Misery’ game cost SC a chance at the National Championship.

    The Shirley Temple story of driving the wrong car is remindful of a Rodney Dangerfield gag: “Drinking. I am a terrible, terrible drinker. When I’ve been drinking I usually get a speeding ticket and then they make me take back the car I took”

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    1. Burt Lancaster gave us Elmer Gantry & The Leopard. Mel Blanc gave us Bugs, Daffy, Sylvester & Tweety Bird. What did Angela Davis give us?


      1. Michael,

        she gave us Communisim, Black Panthers, hate, rage, hate the white man, and kill all pigs…err police. She would fit in right now with the left wing Gestapo goose steeping Left wing wackos.


    1. You must’ve had one of those assault TV’s. They’re taking those away from everyone, Ed.

      They’re very bad and virtually all of them are black. They change channels and volume all on their own, whenever they want. A user has absolutely no control over them.

      The government won’t have it. They need to control everything. Without control, they wouldn’t have been able to cover up the fact our President’s brain is mush. Can’t wait to see what he does or says this weekend to demonstrate it yet again!

      His brain is lacking so many functioning cells, that he forgot about treating MBS like a pariah. He’s there kissing his ass today and begging for more oil production. Peace Through Weakness is his motto!!

      Maybe MBS will treat the senile pedophile to some children. What happens in Saudi, stays in Saudi.

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      1. “EAT, SLEEP, SHIT, AND BIDEN” (rinse and repeat).

        You say the same fucking shit 24/7(autism). Quit being a tight-wade and buy a membership to “truth social”. You might get the respect you so so grave

        When Biden fails the country as a whole suffers. So, why in the fuck would you encourage him to fail. You sound like a scorned little bitch who is unpatriotic…. go service your goats…..you’re fucking embarrassing


      2. I see she’s making shit up, as usual. What a sad, pathetic life.

        Hates being reminded of how stupid she was for voting for all of this. Waaaaaaaahhhhhh!!! Don’t hurt my feelings!!! Waaaaaaahhhhh!!!!


      3. Can someone find slo cal’s handler? He’s been triggered AGAIN, and needs his meds. Every fucking day he sounds like a “broken record” and mentions “you voted for Biden”. Yet he takes zero ownership in the fact he voted for the orange cheeto, who was in charge during the worst health and financial crisis this country has ever seen.

        I would love to debate the old senile fool, but he needs to come up with some new talking points, his shit is stale. Someone, please, help out the lost-cause


      4. “Waaaahhh!!! Don’ remind me of how stupid I was for voting for an old man with dementia!! Wahhhh!!”

        And the lame, stupid “unpatriotic” remark. As moronic as idiots, such as the cows on The View, who claim anyone who criticizes Kamala is racist & sexist! LMAO

        When someone speaks the truth and it hurts your feelings, attack the person! The Liberal way!!



      5. slo cal: “When someone speaks the truth and it hurts your feelings, attack the person! ”


        You sound like the typical senile hypocrite!. You call me childish names instead of offering any reasonably intelligent answers to my questions. I’ll say it AGAIN!- you lack the mental capacity to debate yourself out of a paper bag.


      6. “Waaaaahhh!!! Quit hurting my feelings!!! WAaaah!!!”

        “I voted for an idiot who is ruining the country and don’t want to be reminded! WAaaaahhhhh!!!!”



      7. Winner Winner! slo cal is today’s winner of the pissing contest!

        Please, hand him the statue of the “Dick’ (with no balls) …Well deserved!


      8. “Waaaahhh!!! I’m going to keep crying because I was stupid enough to vote for weakness!!”

        “I’m going to challenge people to come up with solutions even though it was the old, senile guy for whom I voted that created most of our problems, by reversing policies of the former adminstration that were working!!”

        “I’m going to challenge people to ‘debate’, even though when Plow Horse stated quite explicitly many of the problems Dementia Man has created, all I did was accuse him of listening to Infowars! Why? Because all I can do is lie, deflect, blame and make excuses for having supported a complete failure that 64% of Dims don’t support for re-election ONLY EIGHTEEN MONTHS INTO HIS TERM!! That is how quickly the failure for whom I voted managed to screw so much up! Yes, I was THAT stupid!! They call me Gabriela!!”



      9. I see exactly why your friends, family, and relatives hide from you. I would too!

        Cue: The laughter continues!


      10. “Waaaaahhhhh!!! Don’t make me cry!!!!”

        “I voted for a pedophile with dementia!! He’s failing left & right and anyone with any sense saw all of this coming if Biden became President! But not me, because I’m Gabriela and I don’t have anymore of a functioning brain than Biden does!! Quit making me cry!! Waahhh!!!!”


      11. “Also, I”m going to accuse others of repeating the same ol’ shit, even though I’ve used to same lame insult about ‘relatives staying away’ a least a half dozen times! Why? Because I”m really the one who’s battling senility and forget all of the lame insults I’ve hurled, just as Joe forgets saying the same shit over & over again! I am Gabriela! Waahhh! Quit making me cry!!”




        95% OF YOUR COMMENTS HAVE A DIRECT OR INDIRECT REFERENCE TO BIDEN. any reasonable person would say this is the behavior of someone with mental issues. look in the mirror before you call someone out over cognitive issues. Your wit is low level, I’m embarrassed for you!


      13. PS….. you limp-dick, senile old man, where, when, and how did I ever say Biden was going a good job…. post my words…. not the words that fit your agenda.



      14. “Waaahhh!! I was stupid enough to vote for a corrupt, senile pedophile! Quit reminding me! You’re making me cry!! WAAAAHHHHH!!!”

        “If you say anything about what a failure he is, it’s only because you are unpatriotic!! It’s not because I was too stupid to see all of this coming, even though 47 years with nothing to show for it but flip-flopping on issues over the years and racist comments! How could I have possibly known?! Waaahhhh!!!!”



    2. Take heart, Ed. You have a powerful friend in Washington.
      “No American should ever have a television repossessed —owning a television is a Fundamental Right…”
      —Joe Biden Speaking To Out Of Work D.C. Citizens in 1996


  3. My wife was in school when USC lost to Missouri, and that’s all she knew of USC football before she met me. She has since learned much more about USC football. I have far more USC gear than I would if I hadn’t trained her right (I can say that I trained her because she doesn’t read the blogs)
    Anyway Shirley Temple driving? I can’t imagine her being grown up. Much of her career is her being cute and dancing. I saw a movie with her and John Wayne once. She still didn’t seem grown up.
    Friday columns are the best.

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    1. Scott’s Friday Column is at the point where it rivals Herb Cain’s old San Francisco Chronicle columns—
      ….which is to say it’s real fucking good….

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  4. I remember watching that USC Mizzoo game (on the Tele) thinking it was already time to fire the new head coach (JR). I think the Trojans went on a 22 game (or more) winning streak after that loss, and JR was allowed to keep his job (lol). We couldn’t stop their RB (Curtis Brown–god rest his soul) and their QB, Steve Pisarkewicz (sp), had a pretty good game. He was good enough to play for the NY giants in later years. That Mizzou team had a guy named Kellen Winslow also. I don’t know if Winslow played well against Troy or not.

    I must wonder if Mr. Wolf brought up this horrible loss to remind us that we have a new coach on staff. Most USC HC lose their inaugural game. I’m thinking Riles will win his first game vs Rice, however.

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      1. Mizzou in the 70s also beat Michigan, Alabama, Montana-led defending national champion 1978 Notre Dame, 1978 Nebraska (in Lincoln – cost them matchup with Penn State for national title shot)…of course the 76 USC stunner was the most painful (it also was accomplished with a backup QB – go figure)…you didn’t want to see the Tigers if you were a giant…but if you were Kansas, Illinois, or any other bottom feeder, your season was to be made (that 76 Missouri team didn’t even go to a bowl).

        Bourbon – they didn’t lose again until going for 2 against Bama the next season at the Coliseum while being ranked #1.

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      2. That Mizzou team also lost to Iowa State–one of the worst programs in CFB at the time. They obviously had trouble “getting up” for the easy games…

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      3. The Tommy Prothro Success Formula: Get Pumped for the big ones —take the rest of the games off.


      1. Ted Tollner, 1983.

        In a payback game for the 1982 loss to an inferior U Florida team at the swamp, the Trojans were trailing the Gators all day long at the Coliseum in 1983. Tollner called a great 2 minute drive and a “rejuvenated” Sean Salisbury was spot on leading the Trojans toward the Peristyle. With no time on the clock he hit Timmie Ware in stride on a “6” pattern (deep cross over the middle) and Timmie took it in for the tying score.

        The sideline erupted.
        Our kicker went in and the PAT was missed. Game over. Tie

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  5. …traveling to the Big 10 college towns where CFB is their only hobby/diversion will be a real test for USC Football (infra vide).
    Heck, even a game in Lincoln NB will be a real test. I doubt that many of us will be choosing to travel to Nebraska for a “weekender.” Mr. Wolf brings up a great point. There have been a few snarks who have accused Lincoln Riley of coming to USC so he could dodge the competition in the SEC he would have faced if staying at Okie. Hmmm….

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