USC Employees Want Part Of Big Ten Windfall

USC’s impending move to the Big Ten has tongues wagging inside the athletic dept. as everyone wants to know what happens to that $100 million that will come to the Trojans yearly?

Coaches want to know if they will get bigger budgets. Employees want to know if they will get raises with the athletic dept. about to be flush with cash.

“How much will my budget increase,” one head coach said. “And not just for travel. We need a bigger recruiting budget for my sport because the Big Ten teams are spending more.”

USC is definitely going to spend more on chartered flights for non-revenue sports and men’s basketball.

It’s also going to have to make some adjustments with its football equipment. Usually, it sends a big truck to the road venue that leaves in the middle of the week. What happens when the game is in State College, Penn.? You might need to leave Sunday before the game to drive 2,567 miles.

But people within the dept. would like to know more about their overall budgets and raises? Over to you, Coach Bohn!


15 thoughts on “USC Employees Want Part Of Big Ten Windfall

  1. ugh,its so troo that this a big miss steak,no one evir had to deal with what the poeples reefer to as a so called budgit be for,may be the scool shuold start teeching classus on how to do it but thay is probaly to bizzy givin owt participashun tropheez to poeples instedd,smdh

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    1. How long B4 college players get reclassified as employees?
      Soc Sec , pensions disability, taxes, future medical, HR guidelines, per diems, ………infinity.

      Good luck.

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  2. Why not lower tuition for all students or at least not raise tuition?

    Probably not going to happen but one can dream


  3. Scooter,

    If SC was smart, do not increase anything until they understand the nature of the beast that they will have to deal. They need to know the expendtures compared to revenue. If they were smart, they would bank $40 mil and get a 10% return on the money, quarterly. That would be $16 mil extra and they could apply that all to one sport. Then next year do the same and apply it to another sport. Eventually all sports would be self sufficent. just an idea.

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    1. Pnation
      No way that the IC would hold water in California or the fed for that matter.

      BTW if you can achieve 10% then apply to CALPERS, lol. They could use you.


  4. First you take care of all the football and basketball needs(especially football) since they are probably the only sports that are actually making money. Then you use the rest of the money wherever you decide.


  5. For away games the athletic dept should setup a satellite facility to warehouse the travel equipment with staff , all of the Big Ten team that travel west will have to do the same maybe they have a Central facility here in LA


  6. Ted that is a brilliant suggestion and observation that you make. You must be a very successful person. people that think outside of the box like that usually are


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