USC Morning Buzz: Winners And Losers Of The Week



They get a game with USC (and probably a great guaranteed fee) in 2027 because the Trojans need a home cupcake with all those Big Ten games.

Boogie Ellis

He got to play on the same team as LeBron James and DeMar DeRozan in the Drew League on Saturday. Now his life is complete.

USC water polo

They don’t have to change conferences for men’s or women’s water polo and they still get some of that Big Ten money.

USC baseball

Here’s a silver lining: There was no one selected in Sunday’s MLB Draft. That’s what happens when the program needs to complete rebuild.


USC athletic dept.

It handled the Charles White situation like it often handles many issues. Totally ignores it until there’s a story in the L.A. Times and senses negative publictiy, then it’s “I look forward to learning more about the challenges in his life!”

Of course, Mike Bohn has plenty of time for Colin Cowherd.


Does it matter that Gavin Newsom and some UC Regents are not thrilled with the move to the Big Ten. Probably not. But we’re about to find out.

Andy Enfield

Haven’t heard much from USC in the transfer market.

Brandon Sosna

Still has the egg avatar on this twitter account since he went to Detroit. Just put a Lions helmet there, already.


36 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Winners And Losers Of The Week

  1. Winner: Scott Wolf
    For getting through the dog-days of SC football (well, he is almost through it) in June and July with fluff pieces.

    But now that August is almost upon us and the beginning of Fall practice, Scott will be able to add substance to his commentary.

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      1. Well, it was more of a default than anything, Michael, but it certainly worked out in my favor, or as my wife says after reading some of the posters’ comments: “There are a lot of nice fellows on Wolf’s blog.”

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      1. Zelenksy is looking more and more like a Charlie Chaplin silent movie general and less and less like a “combination of Churchill & George Washington”….

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      2. Hey, PT, see my response to you on the Charles White story. I posted the link to Wolf’s blog about it. But in case you don’t want to go back…

        Former USC players have started “Fight On Forever,” a new non-profit entity “with the purpose of caring for former Trojan teammates facing life’s challenges.”

        Fight On Forever will assist individuals or families dealing with economic hardships, health-related issues or struggles with addiction and mental health.


    1. Ed. G. — Maybe it’s time to use my favorite all -purpose apology: “It was all a big misunderstanding.” [Worked great when I walked into the Princess Bathroom at Disneyland]…..

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  2. Just saw an interesting stat– SC has a winning record against all the
    Big-10 teams except Michigan St (4-4)
    Wisconsin– 6-1
    Michigan– 6-4
    Nebraska– 4-0-1
    Iowa– 7-3
    Penn St– 6-4
    Ohio St– 13-10-1

    Maybe the Big-10 has more to worry about SC than vice versa.

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    1. …But for Clay Helton things would look even better on the Wisconsin and Iowa portions of that chart of yours, John….

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      1. Always recall ‘the hand of fate,’ MG. — Without Ton-o-Hel SC would not have been in a position to land Wiley.

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      1. Fair point, but actually a few of the games were played in the midwest (eg Ohio State 1990 and 2009, Nebraska 2007, Iowa 1976)…the more pertinent question rather than where they were played is when they were played (ie the record largely reflects McKay, JRob-I and Carrol)…don’t think the Big 10 will be quaking at the thought of playing us at present – it remains to be seen what direction the program heads in while living the Life of Riley …


  3. One more stat and I will chill out:

    Between 2002 and 2008, 7 years running, SC would have been in the playoffs (“Final-4”) every year if they existed back then, and would have been the favorite to win it all (even the 2005 Texas team was an underdog to SC).

    SC did win 2 National Championships, but they could have won 5 or 6 during that 7-year SC reign.

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    1. You haven’t been gone that long, ’67,’ to have forgotten that
      Scott just has to be Scott, no matter how hard he tries to reform.

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  4. Probable BIGGEST LOSER,

    uclol. They’ll have to start paying rent somewhere. The UC Regents will extract blood money. They’ll be dropping non revenue sports like a stain on a blue dress.


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    1. Cal75,

      If they rent out Centinnel field in Inglewood that runs righ underneatht he flight path of LAX, and is a high school field, I think they get it for free. They get righ off on flroence from the 405 fwy and make a left and they are there

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  5. Scooter,

    in the winner’s column, you should have mentioned that Coach Adny, of the baseball team picked up the player from ND who is from Huntington Beach, Anoki, who is a pitcher, through the transfer portal.

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  6. Honestly Scott hates USC. Think about it. They need a cupcake because they’ll be in the Big 10? Really? Has he seen the all time record for USC vs. the Big 10? The only team that comes relatively close to matching USC is Ohio State.
    And the fuss over over Charles White? USC employed him when he was snorting his way through his NFL pension. What exactly do they owe him? But to read the way that Scott puts it USC owes him big time. I doubt any current USC administration could pick him out of a lineup. He hasn’t exactly been hanging around heritage hall.

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  7. Hey Scott, MLB only had 2 rounds and a compensation round on Sunday; there are 20 rounds total. So… pump the brakes on declaring USC not having anyone drafted

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  8. Gavin Newsome is not thrilled because he is a socialist. If UCLA and USC go to the big 10, they may begin to excell with all that extra money they will inherit. Socialists never want anyone to excell. Excellence is a curse to any society if you are a socialist. Larry Scott was a socialist. That’s why the Pac-10 today is falling apart.

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