Can College Football (And USC) Get Priorities In Order?

College football is changing.

But I guess I am a traditionalist. I don’t care if an offensive lineman can do the splits. I care if he can block.

  • I’m already tired of hearing about Caleb Williams’ NIL deals. I’ve previously said I think Williams is the second-best QB in the nation. I think he will have a banner year at USC.
  • But can we hear about something with Williams other than the deal with Beats by Dre headphones or myriad other companies?

He’s even got Lindsay Gottlieb shilling for him. Why does she say having his merchandise in the USC bookstore is what makes USC special? It just makes USC obsessed with money. Marv Goux had a better idea of what made USC special.

43 thoughts on “Can College Football (And USC) Get Priorities In Order?

  1.   The reason why I am somewhat optimistic about our O-Line problem is because of the difference that I see between LR and CH. We have had problems on our O-Line for a long time now. Helton has known about it but he never fixed it. He gave lip service to it but the next year the problem was still there. With the lineman that we recruited from 2015-2019, we should had had great O-Lines. In those years we brought in 12 O-Linemen who were 4 star or better. If you just go from 2015-2018 we had 11. That’s almost 3 a year.Chuma Edoga (5*),Clayton Bradley (4*),E.J. Price (4*),Frank Martin (4*),Nathan smith (4*),Austin Jackson (4*),Alijah Vera-Tucker (4*),Brett Neilon (4*),Andrew Vorhees(Some rated him 3*, some 4*),Jalem McKenzie (some rated him 3*, some 4*),Justin Dedich (4*),Jason Rodriquez (4*)  Take this back to 2013 and you have 6 more 4*’s:Kahliel Rodgers,Nico Falah,Damian Mama,Chris Brown,Viane Talamaivao,Toa Lobendahn  That’s 18 guys who were 4* or higher from 2013-2019 on the O-Line. But then there were others who might not have been 4*’s but they turned into outstannding players…..Guys like Marcus Martin, John Martinez, Jordan Simmons, Andrey Walker, Chad Wheeler, Zack Banner, Max Tuerk, Kevin Graf and Liam Jimmons. That’s 28 really good O-Linemen between 2013 and 2019. They should have had great O-Lines in those years and yet they didn’t. They had )-Line problems.  One of these guys decided to transfer out and another quit for medical reasons. But we still brought in a lot of outstanding O-Lineman. A lot of them didn’t get developed and even if they did they didn’t play as a unit.  I just don’t think Riley is like Helton. I think he is the type of a CEO that looks at the system, identifies the problems and takes real steps to fix them. He knows that we will never win big without the great people up front. I think that he will fix that problem. He didn’t leave Oklahoma to come here and just win the conference titles. He was doing that at Oklahoma.

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    1. Good analysis parcelman. That is an impressive list of lineman and most of them came from Southern California. It shows that we have the talent in our area, just need to win the recruiting wars and develop the talent with out new coaches and re-establish our tradition of great linemen. As they said in Field of Dreams, “Build it and they will come.”

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    2. There’s no substitute for strong physical line of scrimmage play, but it seems like the Trojans hopefuls think otherwise. Lincoln Riley will win games, because the PAC 12 is one of the weakest, finesse conferences in all of college football. And if Riley doesn’t step up his recruiting game, USC will get their hats handed to them when they move to the Big Ten.

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    3. I thought Jordan Simmons was a five star? His uncle told me a few years back that he had caught on with an nfl practice squad. Hope he’s doing well.


  2. Scott,
    You have 100% reverted back into a guy who just throws sticks into everyone’s spokes. Its boring and tired. I’ll check in to hear you complain after we blow out Stanford.

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  3. Scooter,

    Sc has become a three ring circus. There is no goal, no thing that the players are trying to get to. They are in for themselves. Dude doing the split, pregnant wome selling Dr. Dre headphones, saying why SC is so special and they have no clue on why it is. This is a lost generation and a lost university. Where is Marv Goux when you need him? SC needs an Oregeron or a Goux on the staff to chew these prima donna’s a new one.


    1. As a result of the Title IX investigation and their promise to change, did you know they are no longer the “USC Song Girls”?

      Just “USC Song”! I kid you not. All part of the “He/She/They/It” crap.

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  4. These are examples of frivolous things that get tweeted out to generate likes, comments, retweets. Not as click-baitish as an intentionally misleading headline, but same principle. Marv Goux wouldn’t be described as frivolous.


  5. Isn’t that what they are paying ‘Celeb’ for, to be able to get their particular brand name out to the buying public?

    Since I can just skip over commercials in print, it is no bother to me. My problem is listening to games on the radio and while the action is
    on-going they will plug some product. I get so disgusted I turn the radio off.


  6. Being that flexible at his enormous size will be a plus with SC using pulling linemen this year, and he is also quick…being a JC all american he surely can block…

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  7. “Why does she say having his merchandise in the USC bookstore is what makes USC special?”


    Reading is your friend. She said “the people are what makes USC special” NOT selling t-shirts.


  8. Someone once said ‘When you start criticizing the young you know you are old,” or something like that.

    Times have changed since most of us lived in the 1980s and even 1970s. (Dare I mention the 1960s and 1950s, and By George Tirebiter, the 1930s?)

    The Pandemic played a part, no doubt, but people are more self-centered and selfish than anytime in memory. Even during the American (and world) depression in the 1930s people had a semblance of class and respect for others.

    Today? Well, especially if you drive the Los Angeles freeways, the idea of being rational in your driving habits (to heck with courtesy) is for the other guy or gal. And with American corporations such as the gas monopoly, the food supply monopoly, and the landlord rental monopoly, everybody is gouging the little man/woman. And face it, except for the moneyed Top-10%, we all are “little people,” economic speaking.

    This is used to be a country like no other in many ways, especially and most importantly, in spreading the wealth around. There has always been the top-10% who have no money worries, but America used to have a 60% to 70% middle economic class. That has probably been reduced to about 30%.

    Which translates to a 60% American class that is struggling to make the rent each month.

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    1. LJ,

      then I am old. I remember when people were considerate of others and they would honor their word. Now, it is a me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me, and did I mention a me world? As far as the freeways are concerned, 99.999999999999% should have their driver’s license and car taken away. Horrible drivers that do not know what they are doing on the freeway, know where they are going, and are too scared to go fast.


    1. Another thing…

      I don’t know how he got it. Dr. JOE Biden said in July 2021 that if you got vaccinated, you wouldn’t get COVID. He’s double vaccinated and double boosted!

      Not only that, but some fool on this blog claimed he had defeated the virus with the vaccine.

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      1. Good name ❤️ Pant Suit Queen like HIllary Clinton. Hiding her atrophied legs, varicose veins, and bruises. She’s probably going to be president within the next two years. Suck on that.


      2. And then there’s Dougie Harris, the Toast of the Town among the USC Davos crowd. #LawyersWife


      3. At least Paul Pelosi has sense enough to stay in California albeit let’s pray he doesn’t kill any more people out on the road through thrill-riding and or drunk-driving. Dougie is attempting to monetize his marriage within fed gov.


      4. Kamala Harris isn’t black. She’s at most one-quarter African through her Jamaican father. And immigrants from India do very well in America. Don’t give me this Kamala victim dogshit. She had a privileged upbringing in French-speaking Quebec. This Kamala narrative is a made-up lie from Barack Obama himself and from democrats.


    1. He’s probably still waiting for the smoking gun they were supposed to present tonight!

      They must be holding on to it with all of the evidence that Trump colluded with Russia.


      1. HI SO CA.

        BUT I FOGET









      2. I bounced over to it during commercials of whatever it was the wife & I were watching. No, I don’t like Trump’s personality. But I appreciated all he did and all he tried to do.

        But it’s so Orwellian, the manner in which the Dims operate. Going after Trump & the Jan 6 knuckleheads, but not the 2020 rioters. A complete joke!

        Combined with the manner in which they support violence by abortion activists and supreme court justice antagonizers, they’re not going to be satisfied until they’ve pushed us to a civil war. At which point they’ll cry like victims, acting as if they did nothing to provoke it.


  9. I’m willing to put money down that the coaching staffs have been told by athletic admin to pimp as many of the athletes’, cross department, NIL and gear deals as possible. They are using it as a recruiting chest piece. “Look at what we do for our own”. It’s all smoke and mirrors bullshit. Do you ever think she would be doing this if she wasn’t told to by higher ups? Even with kids she’s directly responsible for. The gear isn’t even anything special or creative, just name associated. Like buying a generic T-shirt with them name blandly written on it “Lebron James”. Big F-n deal. Its one thing if 40% went to charity or if it was a really cool graphic. Or if he was in an obscure sport that you were into. No it’s just name whoring. One of the reasons I loath pro sports and the direction of college athletics. Boiling and dumbing it down for the masses, so you can get the dollars out of their pockets into your’s. No thanks. And I think the dude will be good and as far as I know an ok guy. I just don’t like the direction this whole thing has gone, and the actions of the grownups in the room to kiss the asses of 17-21 year olds. Yes they need some more benefits beyond tuition because their bodies are on the line, but they don’t need to be running the asylum, then transferring the second their ass only gets half kissed. I almost lost my life twice for my university as a college athlete. I don’t think anyone owed me anything. I came back both times because I loved my sport and had unfinished business. I had something to prove to myself. It lead to a 14 year post collegiate career. A struggle working and training full time to make the dream happen. A career and family sacrifice for that period. I wonder what percentage of these kids would put up with that. I’m not a “get of my damn lawn” guy, but do we wonder what will happen generationally to institutions that require grit and toughness. (military, true leadership, law enforcement, emergency services, international competition, etc). We are starting to see it already. And compare to now in 15 years. The slide has started.


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