Bru McCoy Not Yet Eligible

Former USC wide receiver Bru McCoy is not yet eligible at Tennessee.

“There’s another hurdle that we’ve still got to clear for him to be completely eligible,” Voles coach Josh Heupel said. “Our administration and department are working on that. And we’ll find out when we find out.”

  • USC wide receiver Jordan Addison made the watch list today for the Biletnikoff Award.

You might say, “of course he did” because Addison won the award last year.

But I always watch the Biletnikoff Award watch list like a hawk because they forgot to include Marqise Lee the year he won the award (2012).


29 thoughts on “Bru McCoy Not Yet Eligible

    1. Scottie is our eyes and ears. Made me think of the old film, “Local Hero”. Great, underrated film, IMHO:


  1. Question: Would Bru McCoy have started if he had stayed with the trojans. I don’t think so. We now have Addison, Mario Willams, Bryant, Rice, Ford, ect. He would probably be looking at a back-up linebacker position.

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    1. Addison and Williams are definite starters. There will be tough competition for the 3rd starting position, lots of talent out there, so I agree, certainly not obvious he would start or even get all that much PT.


    1. The new rules and lack of NCAA enforcement are the fulfillment of Jerry Tarkanian’s dream. He used to regularly field players on his UNLV teams who could not read and write and had criminal records.


      1. Stop the fucking lying! I have lived in Las Vegas for a long time. I know players and coaches from back in the 90’s…. They had overzealous alumni and boosters who exploited the situation…. still hurting from the morning ass whipping?

        Mr. horse loves to embellish, pathetic!


      2. Gabby: Ever heard of Lloyd Daniels, aka “sweet pea.” Third grade reading level, didn’t graduate from high school, drug addict and thief – Tarkanian gave him a scholarship. No other school would touch the guy.

        As for the ass-whipping this morning, you said that Trump failed to effectively combat the pandemic. I pointed out that Biden has one million deaths to Trump’s 300,000 after Biden promised to eradicate the virus. He repeatedly stated that “he had a plan.” Remember. I stated that I could not think of one accomplishment of the Biden regime with respect to combating the virus. His policies have been an utter failure.
        Predictably, you did not respond by pointing out anything Biden has done to eradicate the pandemic or anything that helped to control it. Biden was worse than Trump on the numbers and this can not be disputed.

        I note that vaxed, boosted and masked Biden now has Covid. So does double masked Fauci who funded the gain of function research in the Wuhan lab, the origin of the virus. (Predictably, he and his son/co-investor Hunter don’t blame China for the leak) I guess that Biden and Fauci’s positive diagnosis blows up the “pandemic of the unvaccinated” theory. Fauci now admits that the vaccines do not stop Covid infection but democrats still want a 3 year old to take the experimental jab before attending pre-kindergarten. It is amazing to me that you actually go out of your way to attempt to defend this garbage instead of acknowledging the mistakes that were made. And you accuse others of being dishonest. Please.

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      3. His claim is that only 11K died from H1N1 because of the great job Barack & Joe did. That’s a load of crap.

        Yes, only 11K died. But it wasn’t from anything the administration did. If that were the case, over 60M people wouldn’t have contracted H1N1!

        COVID? Almost 90M have contracted it and we are approaching 1.1M who have died. Obviously this was much more fatal, as my post to which he responded clearly stated and anyone with a functioning brain remembers.

        Do you recall “everything they did to combat it”? I saw some HR supplied reminders on our office walls to wash our hands frequently. That was it!

        He’s trying desperately to convince himself he did the right thing, in voting for this complete failure.

        He actually believes Joe, when he tries to take credit for having created more jobs than any previous administration. Most of those were nothing but people returning to their pre-pandemic jobs. They weren’t job created by Joe’s great economic policies.


  2. Bru was much ado about nothing. I was excited to see him come, but knew he was a waste when he bolted to TX and then came back. He had a mystery illness, and then played a couple of games. He showed some flashes of ability, but but was wasted by Helton G. Harrell. For a while I thought he might switch to defense, but nothing happened there.
    Finally he picked the wrong date, who wanted revenge and whined to the school. Everyone can see that the committee on looking politically correct overreacted to the report and the matter should have dropped.
    It would be a shame if he never played ball again, but that’s the way the world and its cancel culture is heading.

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      1. All joking aside, PT, I believe all major networks will be carrying the shit show. They’re desperate to do anything they can to deflect attention from the dumpster fires.


    1. He sure is showing them 9 teams what a mistake they made. Funny that the Browns were one of them. They passed on him not once, but twice!

      1 Browns Baker Mayfield QB Oklahoma
      2 Giants Saquon Barkley RB Penn State
      3 Jets Sam Darnold QB USC
      4 Browns Denzel Ward CB Ohio State
      5 Broncos Bradley Chubb DE N.C. State
      6 Colts Quenton Nelson G Notre Dame
      7 Bills Josh Allen QB Wyoming
      8 Bears Roquan Smith LB Georgia
      9 49ers Mike McGlinchey OT Notre Dame


      1. Yeah, he was 10.

        Remember, he said he was going to show those other 9 teams (really 8) what a mistake they made?! LMAO


  3. $46,100,000 per year. I just have to write it out so that I can digest that kind of dough

    No wonder ‘Celeb’s’ dad said the NIL contracts are not what they are after. (But of course they will take them for now)


  4. Josh Allen is a talent I have never witnessed before

    If Kyler is worth 46+million per year, I would offer 46 Trillion to Josh and hope that my tv revenues will cover a small part of that debt.


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