USC Morning Buzz: Get Ready For More Transfer Upheaval

College sports keeps changing and the transfer rules are about to go through another upheaval.

The NCAA Division I Council is recommending that the NCAA get rid of the “one-time” part of its transfer rule. Anyone would be able to transfer and have immediate eligibility, as long as they meet academic standards.

It means athletes could transfer multiple times and play immediately.

This, along with proposed transfer windows, would allow athletes to compete right away at their new school, as long as they have academic eligibility and they provide notification of the intention to transfer during the transfer window.

How long before athletes can play for 2 teams in the same season?

  • With all this change, here’s a relevant interview this week between Lane Kiffin and Paul Finebaum.

18 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Get Ready For More Transfer Upheaval

  1. That is what we needed, a further liberalization of the college football transfer rules.

    Can you imagine if one of our SC footballers is unhappy with his limited playing time, he can then go over to sucla in-midseason and perhaps get in the game to beat the Trojans.

    Can’t wait!

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  2. As players are now getting paid via NIL, it seems that having them sit a year after transferring would be viewed as interfering with their ability to earn, and this would open up the NCAA to lawsuits that they would lose. LJ, MG, what do you guys think? Any other lawyers out there?

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    1. A person can sue for any reason at all, ’67, even for supposed defamation on a blog. But just because you can file ‘suit doesn’t mean you will prevail.

      Yet it would appear to be draconian to force a kid to sit out for a year after transferring. As liberal as the authorities have been so far I doubt that this will come to be. But it is still an ever evolving area of the law, so there may be surprises in store as the matter continues to shake out

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      1. LJ

        Let’s sue Wallace over at the other blog.

        You lost a contest that you clearly were going to win .

        Also, your reputation has been impacted negatively .

        I am sure we can have the LA Times join us as they frequently post their articles for all to read.

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  3. I suspect that a NIL contract includes terms that relate to a player performing for a specific team over a specific length of time. If the player transferred before the season or within the time period of anticipated play, it would likely breach the NIL contract.

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      1. 67: I think that an offer of NIL money before signing is technically a violation of NCAA rules. However, the NCAA does not appear to be interested in enforcing rules anymore. So no harm, no foul.

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    1. Good point, Plow Horse. That might be the strongest reason for a kid to remain where he is. Loyalty these days is a dying character trait, but money can hold even strained relationships together.

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  4. If Wolf plays his cards well, he can get an NIL deal with Chicos Bail Bonds and have two college blogs. He keeps his current Inside USC blog and can open the new Inside Georgia Southern blog.
    Imagine reading such classic posts like, Helton loses a 2star lineman to Arkansas State or A Sun Belt coach told me. He’ll be raking in the hits! He’ll be laughing all the way to the basement.

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  5. YoungDole, I have considered it.

    However, the OTHER did pay me the prize money, which was an acknowledgment that I won the contest, even if he did not admit it to the other posters on his blog.

    And expelling me without an explanation to the other posters left it open for some to speculate that I committed some kind of a sin, when in fact it was that I was hurting his fragile ego.

    I don’t really want to think about the OTHER, and I haven’t since last year. I think I will leave it at that, but thank you for your consideration.


  6. Colleges take away scholarships at moments notice. I think players should have the same ability to remain or leave. The same rules should apply to colleges as players as colleges are only looking out for themselves as well.


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