USC Sunday Notes: A Little Bit Of History And Track Shines

More from 1965:

  • USC center Paul Johnson accepts the Gloomy Gus Henderson Award from Brice Taylor, who was the first Trojan All-American. The award went to the player who played the most minutes in the season. Taylor was also the football coach at Southern and started the Bayou Classic vs. Grambling.
  • For some reason, the Gloomy Gus Henderson Award was discontinued in 1992. Probably because it usually went to a lineman.
  • Another example of the world changing. Channel 2 interviews four-time world record pole vaulter John Pennel at USC in 1965. A pole vaulter getting interviewed for a TV feature!
  • USC had a good final day at the World Championships of track and field in Eugene, Ore.

Andre De Grasse and TeeTee Terry ran the anchor legs on the gold-medal winning 4×100 men’s and women’s relays. De Grasse for Canada and Terry for the USA. Aaron Brown of USC also ran a leg for Team Canada.

Michael Norman won the gold medal in the 400-meters.


13 thoughts on “USC Sunday Notes: A Little Bit Of History And Track Shines

    1. If you’re talking about who’s done more to prepare the American people for an end to gun ownership, free speech and freedom of religion….

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  1. Somebody please wake up Lincoln Riley and let him know that USC is moving to the Big Ten, not the Mountain West or WAC conference ? Because he’s recruiting as if the Trojans are in a 7 on 7 flag football league. 😂. He must be sipping some of Clay Helton’s Kool Aid .


    1. What makes you think that taking advice from Lynn Swann is wise? (Unless it is golf). You need to go back to Marv Goux. We only listen to Marv.

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  2. The Gloomy Gus award was for the most minutes on the field during the season. It is possible that award was redundant.
    Awards should mean something, like the Pulitzer that Scott was awarded. But recently I discovered it was Pudlyzer. A very popular award that may never go away.

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    1. Trump asked the Pudlyzer Board to take Scott’s award back….


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