Yes, USC Finally Gets A Lineman!

Three-star offensive guard Micah Banuelos of Burien, Wash., committed to USC over Oregon and Texas A&M today.

Banuelos said USC moving to the Big Ten played a part in his decision.

This is welcome relief for Lincoln Riley, although it should be noted Banuelos had a total of nine scholarship offers, so it’s not quite like landing five-star Josh Conerly or some of the recent targets who committed to Florida schools. But USC needs linemen so it’s a win.

And it gives the fanboys a chance a hype recruiting!


56 thoughts on “Yes, USC Finally Gets A Lineman!

    1. WOW Scotty Oregon didn’t make him a higher offer or he wanted an education to secure his future so he chose USC.. You are Mister insider go find out instead of being a blogger and calling out the so called fan boys. Inquiring minds want to know! What happened with his recruitment.

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      1. Roosevelt Brown and Roosevelt Grier were fat boys too and yet they were 2 of the greatest O-Linemen that ever played the game.

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    1. Yes, good get. The quacks were already counting their eggs on this one. I don’t worry about the star system here so much, a lot of the rankings for linemen is based on height and weight. This fella is 6’2.5″, 280. If he was an inch taller and 15 lbs heavier, he would be a consensus 4 star.

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      1. He’ll be tossed like a rag doll when he plays against Big Ten linemen. He should move to nose guard on the defensive side of the ball .


  1. Banuelos and Curtis are big gains not only because they are really good players but because, in the case of Curtis, we won a recruiting war with Wisconsin and Ohio State and, in the case of Banuelos, we won a recruiting war with Oregon and Texas A&M. We have to start winning those recruiting wars against those other big time football programs.
    In the case of Banuelos, some people have him a 3 star and some have him as a 4 star but watch his films. I’m not sure what kind of a pass blocker he is but he really is a mauler on the run and in his high school program, they ran a lot of counters and pulled him from the other side, which is what LR does a lot in his offense(Harrell never pulled linemen that I remember).

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    1. Curtis and Banuelos first recruits since Big Ten announcement. Texas seems to have gotten a bigger recruiting bump from Arch Manning commitment.

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  2. Banuelos is a mauler on the run but he must be a pretty good pass blocker too because, if you watch the films, his QB is right handed and coaches always put their best pass blocker at left tackle for a right handed QB to protect the QB’s blind side and he plays left tackle on every play.

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  3. Showing alternate NFL helmets on the tele. Wouldn’t mind seeing USC doing a 1- or 2-off alternate helmets each season against non-conference and/or lower-division Big Ten. It’s still all Cardinal and Gold and recruits love this stuff.

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      1. Charles,

        I believe SC needs to keep the uniforms and not fall into the dissary of changing uni’s like they change their underwear. Let the oregon’s the maryland’s, the ruins, and other lower tier teams that are trying to draw attraction do that. SC is a blue blood that doesn’t need that. My opinion. Thank you.

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  4. Does OWNS read the NEWS- The UCLA Regents, and State of California bailed out the UCLA athletic program time and time again while they were in financial trouble, and now they are really pissed UCLA walked out on their debts by moving to the Big 10.

    Regents Order Scrutiny of UCLA

    Looks to me like UCLA also should consider giving up their football program like Cal because they can’t afford to pay the rent at the Rose Bowl. One thing for sure at least Cal owns their own football stadium, but both should give up football because of a lack of fan support. Without booster Casey Waterman UCLA could not even afford Uniforms!

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    1. In 2016, California Gov. Gavin Newson and the State Legislature enacted a law that prohibits state-funded and state-sponsored travel to states that “discriminate” against LGBTQ people.

      The bill states, “California must take action to avoid supporting or financing discrimination against lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people.”

      The list of states where California state funds won’t be permitted for travel has grown to 22 — Indiana, Louisiana, Arizona and Utah, were added to the Naughty List this year.

      This law applies to “state agencies, departments, boards, authorities and commissions,” and state-funded high school and university athletic teams.

      As members of the Big Ten, UCLA and USC will have to play road games against teams in Ohio, Indiana and Iowa — all of whom are on the Naughty List.

      There are several other big-time football programs in other conferences that are based in states that are also on the Naughty List — Oklahoma, Texas, Tennessee, Utah, Alabama, Florida, Kentucky, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina and West Virginia.

      They all made the list of deplorables. 😦

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      1. Good Point. I never thought about that. If UCLA plays against one of the teams on that list, technically, the state is paying for the trip(I would think) since UCLA is a state supported school. It just goes to show you how idiotic Newsome is and also how stupid the average californian is since everytime Newsome runs, he not only wins but wins by a landslide.

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      2. The majority of California and New York voters are a little bit in love with the idea of mass suicide….

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    2. TommyD
      Does the d stand for dumb?
      Where do you get your shit?

      Cal isn’t giving up FB. JHC you are ignorant.


      1. T Bruins,

        Rose Bowl is about to kick out the ruins. where will the ruins play? Don’t say SoFi, they won’t even talk to you. I am thinking you guys can play at Maryknoll High school, across the street from ugly on Sunset. You might be able to fill the stands there. LMAO. gutty little ruin

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  5. Bruin Rob don’t care he don’t even go to any games anymore. He just like to come on here for his daily troll job because the bruin blogs can’t stand him and his nonsense either.


  6. A fine kettle of fish if you ask me. But don’t because I’ve always wanted to use that saying.
    After the last five years of recruiting lardbutt losers I really hope we are bringing in some talent.

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      1. John Hamilton, 67.
        [Now go on Wikipedia for “Cast of ’50’s T.V. Superman” & and check out Joi Lansing]……

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      2. To quote Mike Bohn — “Was that great or what?!”
        [Scott should run that video clip every week]….

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