Is USC Going To Have Late-Night Big Ten Games?

Big Ten commissioner Kevin Warren mentioned today the conference will regularly be able to play in a late-night time slot thanks to USC and UCLA.

Hold up a second!

One reason USC and UCLA fans like the Big Ten is the idea of earlier games. Not late-night games at the Coliseum or Rose Bowl.

Do you want half of USC’s home games at 7 p.m.? You want to watch USC playing in the daylight.

We’ll see how this plays out. I know one thing. Jim Harbaugh and Co. will not want to fly back to Michigan at 1 a.m. PT and get back Sunday morning, which hurts their team.

Remember a few years ago, Michigan said no thanks to playing weeknight games.

  • Warren also said USC and UCLA will receive full shares immediately. Nebraska, Rutgers and Maryland had to wait six years to become vested members.

“They bring a lot of panache,” Warren said.

This is not exactly breaking news. I know USC wasn’t goine to move without gaining a full share immediately. That wouldn’t have flown with the USC administration.


36 thoughts on “Is USC Going To Have Late-Night Big Ten Games?

  1. Not sure if the Big 10 commissioner knows what “panache” (feathers on a helmet or a hat) means. But that would be a good look for the gutties. Or maybe the commish was thinking of Chip and confused panache with pancakes.

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    1. That is kind of the historical meaning of the word, ’67, and you are right, feathers on sucla’s helmets would add a dash of panache, although somewhat tasteless.

      SC however fits the modern usage of panache as in flair, swagger and charisma. Carroll’s teams had panache, and hopefully so will Wiley’s

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      1. Hey LJ, Doc Tyndall and Osa Messina had substantial “… flair, swagger and charisma.”


    2. Upon listening to this again, it sounded like he said “They bring a lot of paunch”, thus I believe ’67 was correct that he was thinking about Chip.

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      1. Start the west coast games at 5:00 and it’s prime time back east. Why would any B1G fans want to watch a game that could end early Sunday?

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  2. i aint one of thoose poeple who hit a womin evin wen she disservs it,if u iz that kined of persin than u can unfreind me know or u gotta hav a reely good reesin,smdh

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  3. Official Press Release:
    Kevin Warren: HNIC
    For immediate distribution,

    2024 prelim schedule inauguration game, Los Angeles Coliseum,
    USC vs NJ Nappy Heads 1900 PDT

    Memo to Harbaugh : initiation rites. Hell week for two yrs Jim. I got your back.

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      1. John
        If you marry for money, you’re going to earn every penny. Remember that a few years down the line. You’ll see. BIG has no allegiance to SC after they join. SC calls no shots in the BIG. It’ll be like a HSer becoming a college frosh. Don’t kid yourself. Warren alledgely had a truce with the ACC & PAC-12. See how fast that got wadded up and thrown into the trash.

        Warren will take care of tOSU, PennSt, Mich FIRST.

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  4. Pussy Ass finesse, West coast teams complain about times when their games starts. They also cry about who gets their favorite numbers on their football jerseys. 😂

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      1. Well, AOC said in 2019 that the world is going to end by 2031 anyway. Al Gore & John Kerry are right there with her.

        So we won’t have to be concerned with night games for very much longer.

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  5. 8pm late night games on the west coast? that means 10pm and 11pm on east and central zones…doesn’t sound popular to me for B10 viewers.

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  6. Warren very knowledgeable about USC … isn’t Spielberg honorary degree only like Karmala!?

    Kevin Warren: “You look at some of the alumni from USC, the Steven Spielbergs, at UCLA, Jackie Robinson, Jackie Joyner-Kersee, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Stan Smith at USC, you think of all the different positive, powerful alumni who have a diverse background. …”


  7. Ryno: USC had six players named to the All-Pac-12 first team, including four on offense: QB Caleb Williams, WR Jordan Addison, WR Mario Williams, OL Andrew Vorhees, DL Tuli Tuipulotu and AP/ST Travis Dye.

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  8. Warren: Hello George
    Kliavkoff: Hey guy what happened to our alliance, you lyin’ b*stard!?

    Brett McMurphy: Big Ten commish Kevin Warren told me he has not spoken w/Pac-12 commish George Kliavkoff since USC/UCLA announced they were leaving Pac-12, but said his office is scheduling a call sometime after Friday’s Pac-12 media day.

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  9. I’ve read of grumblings about Kevin Warren within the Big Ten. Mismanaged 2020 season and it was said a year ago that he didn’t have the juice to bring in USC et al P12 teams. It’s been said Warren’s being groomed to replace Roger Goodell.


  10. Maybe my favorite music lyric of all time: “… have you come here to play Jesus … to the lepers in your head!?”


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