USC Has Bigger Presence On Offense Than Defense In Pac-12 Preseason Team

We already knew USC is a mostly skill-oriented team but there are six Trojans on the Pac-12 preseason offensive team compared to just two on the defense.

Maybe as significant, five of the six USC players are transfers.

USC also has two picks on special teams.


29 thoughts on “USC Has Bigger Presence On Offense Than Defense In Pac-12 Preseason Team

  1. Obviously Stanford and California don’t have enough good players so no wonder they are considering moving to another conference or giving up football. I know Cal fans hate USC, but history shows they have probably only been competitive in football 2-3 times in the last 50 years.

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    1. I think it was 1959 Rose Bowl I saw them get beat by Iowa…Muncie years they were pretty good,and around early Pete C years pretty good…

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      1. Cal’s 1958 team went to the Rose Bowl with Joe Kapp as QB — Joe’s backup was a great guy named Ken Meade —who went on to become a Berkeley Assemblyman and, later, the dean who preceded me as dean of JFK Law School. We used to leave the law school and throw the ball around at Civic Park in Walnut Creek while the poor students were in midterms.

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    2. Even with Aaron Rodgers, they were only 1-1 against USC. And in their best year, 2004, they lost to USC after our famous goal line stand. They ended up going to the Holiday Bowl and lost 45-31 to Texas Tech.

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  2. Offense will be explosive. Every group(TE, WR, QB, RB are stacked with talent). I even think that the O-Line will be outstanding. You have 2 guys from the O-Line who are considered candidates for all-American. Plus you have a lot of other O-Lineman who are going to be really good. Justin Dedich is outstanding(a possible pro player). Bobby Haskins has proved that he can play. Cortland Ford is another one that is slowly becoming a star. Jonah Monheim can play. And there are others.
    The defense….we’ll just have to wait and see. But if the defense turns out to be fairly decent, SC will really be good this year.

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    1. Great post. The defensive cupboard was indeed left a little bare, but I suspect that the LB transfers Shane Lee from ‘Bama and Romello Height from Auburn are going to be really good.

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      1. Lincoln has the offense he wanted —now he’s gonna ram it down the rest of the Pac 12’s throat all season long barring injuries…..

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    1. Sorry Ed but women can’t be on a list of all star Pac- 12 football players. But who knows…..maybe some of them are trans women or trans men or whatever

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  3. Why can’t they leave this year? I mean, pay off those Pac-12 leeches and go independent. Kudos to UCLA for finding a pair and USC is sticking the Pac-12 for all the abuse, bad refs, stupid scheduling and piss-poor tv deal. That list can’t compare to the BIG$100 or $ECheats.

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  4. USC is going to be so competitive this season, that I wouldn’t be surprised if they kick Alabama, and Georgia’s ass in the playoffs. And don’t be surprised if Lincoln Riley gets coach of the year awards .

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  5. What would have come to mind as an interesting story, is what players not mentioned as 1st or 2nd team all PAC -12 have a plausible chance at ending up on the team? Some names come to mind and there are many more:
    Brendon Rice
    Shane Lee
    Eric Gentry
    Domani Jackson
    Atticus Bertrams
    Romello Height
    Caden Bullock
    Many more

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    1. Yep [It would mean a teeny bit more if the Pac 12 season had actually started …and all the projected 1st and 2nd teamers had really shined in ONE actual, real life game]…..

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    1. We WILL beat Utah or Notre Dame….and possibly both….


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