USC Morning Buzz: The Big Ten Wasn’t Only One To Have Media Day

Clay Helton was at Sun Belt Conference Media Day on Tuesday.

A big talking point was how he lives 7 minutes from his office at Georgia Southern and drove 45-60 minutes from his home in Palos Verdes to USC. He said he often slept in his McKay Center office Monday-Wednesday nights.

“You can’t put a price on being 7 minutes . . . half a cup of coffee . . . I’m two country songs away from the office,” Helton said. “You can’t put a price on being able to sleep at home with your wife every night.”

What about football?

“If you make the mistake of looking forward and not being in the moment . . . you’ll get your butt beat,” Helton said.

If you think people are no longer going to be fooled by Helton, think again.

51 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: The Big Ten Wasn’t Only One To Have Media Day

  1. Sitting in Logan Airport at 1:36 am in Boston thinking how sorry I am for Georgia Southern. Can Helton be any more clueless? The guy was the second string quarterback on his dad’s team. That’s like saying water boy for the LA schools. His mismanagement is legendary and he probably still thinks he was a winner at USC.
    It would not surprise me to find out that there was a behind the scenes alumni handshake to get Helton this job. And the best he can compute with is “7 minutes from home? In LA that’s a cardboard box on Figueroa.

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    1. The Georgia Southern fans will lynch their athletic director at the end of the season for this senseless hired. Clay Helton’s forehead has the word “imbecile” tattooed on it which should’ve been a dead giveaway.

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      1. Not true! I bet, if Clay actually had “Imbecile” in Big Letters on his forehead, Pat, Lynn, Wanda, Mike and Carol would have seen it…..and entertained 2nd thoughts about paying him 5 million a year….year after year after year…while the team got worse and worse and worse…









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    1. Correction: Faith, Family, A Couple of Country Songs [remember when he was out here how it was a “couple rap songs”?], 9 Hours of Plugging His Poor Wife and No Hitting At Practice…

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      1. The Creature had ONE more fan than Clay…..


    2. Hey Tirebiter
      Swann didn’t take too many hits in the NFL. He took the job knowing it was the perfect job…..I’m sure they told him at the start…..”just be a good ‘yes man’ and play a lot of golf and you’ll do just fine”


  2. Hugs should be able to milk this situation for another 5-6 years. Maybe more if he can perform some public good deeds … for example, helping a stranger change a flat, rescuing a baby from a burning house, helping old ladies cross the street, you get the idea.

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    1. …or CLAIMING he changed a flat, rescued a baby or helped an old lady across the street…..
      [btw,My favorite Highway Patrolman, Sergeant Gordon Graham, would start every DUI case off by looking at the jury from the witness stand and asking the oldest woman on the panel whether he had once changed a tire for her in the rain]……

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    1. Ed, Ton-o-Hel was SC’s loophole and they got rid of the loophole

      And I am glad he mentioned “getting his butt beat,” a subject he could write a book about that would compare to ‘War and Peace.’

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      1. I believe he and Larry Scott should co-author a self-help book about how to become a multimillionaire despite total incompetence. They could go on a hugging book tour.

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  3. Looks like the UCLA Athletic Program is in big trouble even with the move to the Big Ten….that’s if the football program can survive that long financially. With a cupcake schedule this upcoming season will they be able to afford to field a team, over pay a football coach, and pay the rent owed at the Rose Bowl each month. One victory over a weak USC team every ten years is not enough to pay the bills in modern day athletics.

    Will UCLA be “HOMELESS” IN TWO YEARS BEFORE THEY MOVE TO THE BIG 10???? 100 million bucks in debt will be tough to overcome even if OWNS, and the other Bruin fans start supporting the team the right way by attending games at an empty ROSE BOWL.

    Jon Wilner of the Wilner Hotline has a sense of where this might lead if the Board is serious about punishing UCLA:

    Multiple sources believe the regents will explore forcing the Bruins to subsidize Cal’s athletic department, which stands to lose millions annually in Pac-12 distributions because of the loss of the Los Angeles market.

    The details of a power move by the regents are unanswerable at this point, including how the money would be redirected.

    We aren’t sure they can touch Big Ten revenue; instead, they might have to hit UCLA’s state allocations.

    Either way, a loss of revenue for UCLA’s athletic department could carry significant repercussions.

    Why? Because the Bruins are already in debt. Huge debt. Colossal debt.

    Before COVID, they were facing a multi-year shortfall of approximately $40 million. According to the L.A. Times, the bill has grown to $100 million.

    That, not the desire to spend weekends in Iowa City, is why the Bruins are leaving their longtime home for a conference 2,000 miles away.

    The massive windfall from joining the Big Ten will allow them, eventually, to climb into the black.

    Chancellor Gene Block cares about UCLA’s athletic department only to the extent that he doesn’t have to pay for it. He saw the Big Ten move as a get-out-of-debt card and used it.

    But if the Bruins are forced to divert a significant sum annually to Cal, they won’t have the resources to support their programs, including football, at the level required to thrive in the Big Ten.

    The last thing the Bruins want is to start their new existence without the ability to reinvest.

    Just ask Maryland and Rutgers what that’s like.

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      1. A lot of people said they couldn’t do it…
        [Note: When UCLA officially gets kicked outta the Rose Bowl we kinda owe it to them to go on all their sites and gloat …I mean sympathize…]….

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    1. Calif refuses to do business with B10 states ’cause they are not as perverted/aberrant as Calif and its regime…so ucla can’t do business with them…right?

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      1. It’s up to California to show the rest of the country how to do things the right way.


  4. Scooter,

    Helton is such a dips^^t. He could have leased an apt. next to Staples Center during the season and not tell his wife. His wife could be with the pool boy and he could have been with his mistress.

    Actually, he could have lived in a nice apt and be at SC in around 10-15 minutes.

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  5. “Clay is a terrific communicator,” said Haden in a press conference on Monday. “He brings high character, stability, continuity, consistency, toughness, and resilience to our program. And our team deserves this after all they’ve been through in the last couple of years.”

    Thx Haden! Double thx, Swann!

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    1. Haden and Swan were over their heads. They had no administrative skills and seemed distracted by their own passions rather than the best route for the university. I blame the BOT. Of course, we read their investments bought their seats…….not their intelligence and skill.

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      1. Suggestion Box: Except for Head Football Coach, USC should start over…

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  6. It’s going to be funny if Clay does what a lot of women do AFTER they get divorced…lose 50 lbs or more, start spending more time on their hair & makeup, to prove what he missed out on!! LOL

    Personally, I don’t wish him anything but the best because if he succeeds at Georgia Southern, it won’t mean all that much. Their competition isn’t what he faced at USC.


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