Another Way Things Could Change For USC

When the Big Ten goes to 16 games, it might have to rethink its conference championship game, according to Wisconsin A.D. Barry Alvarez.

Alvarez said the Big Ten should consider a four-team Big Ten Tournament instead of just a championship game.

“That’s something you’re going to have to take a look at,” Alvarez said.

That would add another game for four teams, of course.

  • Here are some Heisman odds that feature four QBs who are one time or another were at USC along with one who committed to USC (Bryce Young).

14 thoughts on “Another Way Things Could Change For USC

  1. Two weeks of playoff games in the Big 10? That will be hard to squeeze in at the end of the season, and the weather at that time of the year sucks for football in the midwest.

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    1. Play the semi-finals in LA and Pasadena, then the final game in Vegas. Kids raised in Ohio (or Wisconsin) would be fine with that. And it’s still inside the footprint.

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  2. Love letter to TommyD(umbass)

    Dear troll,

    Cal vs SC, 2 of the last 3. Not hard because FB is a team sport.

    CAL home and home games. 2016-2020
    Cal 24, NC 17
    Cal 35 NC 30

    Cal 50 TX 43
    Cal 45 TX 44

    Cal 28 Ole Miss 20
    Cal 27 Ole Miss 16

    Current NFL contracts
    Cal #5 $772,594,272
    SC #15 $510,752,056
    UCLA #23 $337,937,493

    Tommy is you went to SC, have your parents demand a refund.


      1. Aaron*

        Rodgers 28%
        Not quite 90% but close enough.

        But I appreciate your effort. Hope your new savior brings SC back. Mean it. Luv ya.

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    1. Only a Cal fan would brag about beating NC and Old Miss. I am surprised you did not bring up Cal’s appearance in the Rebox Bowl and Cheez-It Bowl. (We won’t mention the loss to Nevada). A Cal football fan bragging about Cal football on a USC blog, is rather like Billy Barty bragging about his basketball exploits to NBA players.


      1. Siggy my dear bud,
        I’m not bragging I do not brag. Ever. I don’t see why I’d ever need to defend any post I make.
        Please understand tommydumbass needed a little enlightenment. His parents need to apply for a refund.

        Cal FB is not now and never will be a farm team for the Pro’s. If my response offends you just skip it


    2. Cal is a piece of shit. When was the last time they were in the Rose
      Bowl on Jan. 1st.? Besides Aaron Rogers who is making more than
      a dime from Cal in the NFL? Prove your facts shithead.


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