An Update On USC’s Punter Position

Lincoln Riley addressed the fact Australian punter Atticus Bertram was not the roster.

“We’ll see how it evolves,” Riley said. “Obviously, there’s some challenges with international players, (I’m) not ready to make a definitive statement there. I think we’ll have some more clarity as we get closer to camp.”

I’m sure USC will do everything possible to get Bertrams to L.A. because the only other options right now are walk-ons. On top of that, there is no special teams coach so how much will these walk-ons improve.


21 thoughts on “An Update On USC’s Punter Position

  1. Hopefully they will get this guy but if not, there’s got to be other high school punters or even soccer players that they could bring in as a preferred walk-on that have a strong leg.

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      1. Don’t get Ed started again on bone talk…..we all know he’ll misuse the privilege….

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    1. Cal is dropping their football program??? Hmmmm…..that’s breaking news from the Breitbart of college football…..Eddie Boy…..haven’t heard that one.


    1. Like I said. There are plenty of punters who have strong legs and are probably attending SC academically already. Also. I’ll bet there are some good high school soccer players at SC. Just have a try out and see what you get.

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  2. It’s punting, not quarterback. Any former high school kicker can do the job. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a second or third string running back give it a leg up just to get on the field.
    I am a bit surprised to read that USC doesn’t have a special teams coach, my guess is Riley doesn’t feel the need.

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    1. I guess you haven’t heard that Coach Baxter is still on the payroll as super duper pooper special consultant….

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      1. Baxter was a good coach at one time. It’s possible he took too many shots to the head or too many shots at Sarks booze cabinet. Either way Alzheimer’s had a poster boy in that gentleman.

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      2. Works for me, 67….


  3. Don’t think we will be punting much anyway and if we do it won’t be for a lot of yards. This offense is going to be a juggernaut.


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