USC Quick Thought: At Least NIL Is Going Well

I mean, if you were a USC booster, wouldn’t you have complete confidence in BLVD?

Remember two weeks ago I wrote about players frustrated over the lack of NIL deals.

Just listen to these pitches:

39 thoughts on “USC Quick Thought: At Least NIL Is Going Well

  1. ugh,thay shuold tacks all thoose poeple getin the munneys and maik them giv it to the pore poeples,itz onley fare cuz we aint got nun and we wunt it,smdh

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    1. Ed, I have an idea of how to get the rich folks’ money and at the same time do away with most of them. Simply have the government declare eminent domain, or use some other phony legal excuse, take the money from these gluttons, and without their money to support their oversized egos, most will commit suicide.

      Mission accomplished, Sir Eddie


      1. The word “callow” instantly comes to mind the split second Jones opens his pie hole….

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      1. No more Baxter either? No more shots of that bag of concrete he carried strapped to his belly under his t-shirt?

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    1. Yeah, it’s way past time to move on.

      Some people cry about not posting politics. But we’re not even half way through this administration. 895 days to go! Don’t want people laughing at failure. Then you shouldn’t have voted for it!

      Clay is long gone! And I’m not one who wishes him failure. I’ve said, I wish all of our former coaches the best except for Sark. Once he sued USC, I wanted him to do nothing but flop.

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      1. Today, the prezinent declared inflation over, as a huge drop in gas prices offset all the other increases in the CPI. A year ago, Joe said “Forget about Putin’s gas price increases, look at all the other prices you pay!” Now, Joe says “Forget about all the other prices you pay, look at gas prices!”

        Sark didn’t take ownership for his behavior. It was obvious he had a problem, he couldn’t deal with it, and that he didn’t seek help fast enough. But then he wanted to blame it on someone else and have them punished for his choices. I’m glad he has his life turned around, but I still think O-coordinator is the best fit for him, not HC.

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      2. Slo cal: Don’t want people laughing at failure. Then you shouldn’t have voted for it!

        What the fuck can it be autism? YOU HAVE USED THE SAME TALKING POINT FOR THE LAST 6 MONTHS….THE HORSE IS DEAD!!!!!

        Joking aside, you have some mental issues. Normal people don’t repeat the same lame
        talking point 24/7 hoping to get an answer that’s appealing.

        Have MG work with you on some new talking points……


      3. Well, T67, the same fool who claims inflation is over also claims our border is secure! LMAO

        Oops! We woke the baby again! LMAO


      4. Hey, dementia-brain…. My buddy sent me this illustration of you, cartoon-like. It depicts a massive head, watermelon size, and ears bigger than a taco shell. I guess ears really do grow once you reach ear-puberty.

        What’s even more interesting, it looks to be the image of Joe Biden, inside the top part of the head, relaxing in a recliner.

        Biden’s quote….”I did this!”…….(while tears of laughter pour out)


      5. So Cal, can I take one last shot at Ton-o-Hel, and then I will shut up for at least 24-hours:

        Well, all I can say
        by looking at Clay
        in his way
        is that in his day
        he hasn’t missed many lunches
        I must say

        Sorry, but Clay-baby just brings out the poet in me– the rude poet side of me


  2. SC’s NIL program needs to be repaired or changed. I still think that they will take those steps. It doesn’t make any sense to me that they would fire a USC legend(Swann), hire a good AD, spend money on their football adminisration infrastructure, spend big money on a great HC, and hire the former assistant commissioner of the Big-12 and all the money they have spent to build up the off-the-field program only to refuse to pay the money for the players who are on-the-field.

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      1. Isn’t that the truth!!!!! Not only should they not be running a University, they shouldn’t be running a city, state or country. Unfortunately, they are…….they are running them right into the ground.

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  3. I’m confused by the BLVD model. Got the idea that they were to solicit sponsorship opportunities for USC athletes. Here it says they are engaged in fundraising. 7-figure deals!? OK for who? Caleb W. has been talking Beats by Dre for over a year, pre-dating USC.

    “Asked for proof of that progress, Jones said USC is “looking at eight-figures-plus annually” in private donations, before considering potential corporate sponsorships, content sales or merchandise. He also said that USC has already issued “seven-figures-plus” in deals to Trojans athletes since BLVD was rolled out.”

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    1. $10+ million in private donations before corporate sponsorships are considered!? If Felix Chevrolet wants give out cars to Tuipalotu, Shane Lee, and Neilon in exchange for some social media publicity … what’s wrong with that?

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      1. Just using those names as examples. See marquee guys like Caleb W, Addison, maybe Travis Dye getting big NIL money, but that’s it. But there’s a nice market out there for the others if BLVD doesn’t price itself out.

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      2. Charles, I am having a hard time with BLVD only using 50% toward players. Whose mansion is the other 50% going to. Reminds me of BLM.

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      3. here’s what’s wrong with that…. Your boy Michael Calvin, can’t monetize a car so he can’t get his 15%. Trust me the department will realize this dude is a total charlatan. Cant believe y’all can’t see it. Just listen to him talk in circles and say nothing. But he uses the phrases of the day though.

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      4. Well, back in the day, Mr. Smith, the receipt of cars for merely being a college football star, might have earned that university the death penalty, as it once was meted out to SMU

        But today in exchange for successfully rocking a football helmet, the lucky recipient knows about rock n roll, all the girls he wants, fast cars– and little else

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      5. Vault91—
        I’m afraid “our boy Michael Calvin” is just the latest in the very long litany of examples of fast talkers pulling the wool over USC’s eyes….

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  4. Gabby,

    I see that your girlfriend, announcer from espn, Mechelle Vopel, is turning into a man and his name will be M.A. Vopel. With that happening, I am sure you will be pleased to do the same thing that you do to biden and that is to suck c^^k, will do to your boyfriend, M.A. Vopel


    1. wow!!!! what a high IQ comment… Actually, I have no fucking idea what you were trying to communicate. Perhaps you might be jealous that I suck Biden off every day.

      Your little rant yesterday was debunked big time…EMBARRASSING!!!


  5. These BLVD guys are ex-USC athletic department guys, right? What the heck do they know about working with big brands and representing athletes? Nothing much.

    Good thing that Student Body Right is going to be set up.

    I am getting a little sick and tired of the heavy-handed actions of Folt in regards to alumni support of the school.

    Just listen to the names of these collectives – Student Body Right and Stay Doubted. Which one is a smart branding? SBR. Stay Doubted is exactly what athletes are doing regarding USC’s NIL promises – they are doubting those idiots can ever do anything.

    Bohn has been doing alot of things well but on this NIL area, he is making big mistakes. If you want to set up an outside agency, you should be finding someone with real experience from an agency or other marketing background.


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