Another Own Goal By USC

I frequently rail about the way USC honors its former athletes.

And I never run out of material. The athletic dept. recently emailed its former athletes inviting them to a pre-game pizza party at Heritage Hall before the USC-Rice game on Sept. 3.

The slice of pizza was free but the ex-athletes had to pay for the drinks (including soda). Typical.

But here is the kicker. The day after the event was announced, any former athlete who went to RSVP got this response:

So they won’t give you a piece of pizza but feel free to spend $95 for a ticket to the football game?

Did they max out at 10 pizzas? There’s a lot of room inside and outside Heritage Hall to accomodate a gathering so to say they are full beggars belief.

But there are thousands of seats at the Coliseum available (for a price). Fight On!

Imagine guys like Richard Wood, who didn’t go to the Salute to Troy, getting this email? Embarrassing.


32 thoughts on “Another Own Goal By USC

    1. The USC administration would rather secretly give Dr. George Tyndall a few million to walk away, then spend a couple of thousand for Pizza, and cocktails on former athletes. 😂😂😂

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  1. This attempt is/was embarrassingly cheap.Pizza parties are for little league teams.I love pizza as much as the next person, but if BLVD (stupid name) can put together NIL deal, then why in the hell can’t they cater an event that honors and helps the program? Shameful optics here, Folt.You need to look into what Alabama would do – if you ever aspire to have a program on a level with theirs.

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  2. Isn’t this a little like mailing party invitations to a bunch of old friends you have not had over since the 2020 Pandemic, and in the last sentence announcing it would cost $50 per person?

    Who is in charge over at SC anyway?

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    1. It appears someone really flakey. After the Salute to Troy debacle wouldn’t you think they had learned something? Obviously someone needs to be put in place that understands the propriety of the people that played for USC. They built the traditions.

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    2. You’re being droll, John –but I actually got an invitation like that for my high school class reunion….

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      1. Michael, if I sent an invitation out to my friends saying that they would have to pay $50 to attend one of my parties, I could envision them saying, “Gee, John is a pretty good friend, but he’s not that good of a friend”

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  3. Scooter,

    That is a slap in the face. Who eats only one piece of pizza? So does that mean if a former player showed up and had wanted two pieces, would they have to pay for the second piece and for their drink? SC should have spoonsered this for the first 500 atheletes with regualr food like salad, sandwhiches, chicken wings, maybe ribs, potatoe salad and free drinks. This made a bunch of former athletes to cheer for Stanford. Totally embarrasing.

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    1. How about something along the lines of the Rose Bowl “prime rib eating contest”?

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  4. I don’t know maybe they know Scott’s email. It’s possible he’s on the not invited list. Anyway with tailgating, which should be epic, I doubt a slice of pizza would be enough.

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    AT SC

    Intern: I have a great idea
    Sr mentor: What?
    Intern: how about we throw a pizza party for fb alums B4 the Rice game? Maybe low key with 50 pizzas and ten cases of soft drinks.
    Sr mentor: sounds expensive
    Intern: less than a thousand bucks
    Sr mentor: we don’t have that in our budget
    Intern: wait. What?
    Sr mentor: $50 per participant. Limit one slice per person and $1 per can of coke.
    Intern: sir, that’s not going to go over well. Plus the parking and ticket price.
    Sr mentor: that’s the point missy. These things are a pain in the neck. Who’s going to pay staff to set up and clean up. That comes out of our budget too you know. This will be ignored like all the other things we do for the Trojan Family.
    Intern: fight on sir.

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    1. Cal75’s Dialog continued:
      Intern: What do we do about fb alums who show up w/o an invitation?
      Sr. Mentor: Have you looked into the costs of a heavily armed security team?

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      1. I often use the phrase, especially with billionaires who crave another billion dollars, “Greed know no bounds.” Well, what SC just pulled off, a classless display of
        penny-pinching, is a form of greed, as in ‘I am going to keep it for myself and not share much of it with anybody.’

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  6. If I was a football alum (I am not) and I had to pay for drinks, I would have shown up wearing the construction helmet with two beers attached to the sides with the straws coming down into my mouth.


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    1. There you have it– byob, or bring-your-own-booze, and then everybody can have their favorite personal drink that SC probably would not be providing


      1. Truly stated, but casinos stink of unhappy people, most of whom are losing money, and top that off with too much booze and perhaps an agitated woman with your behavior, and presto, the trifecta strikes once again.


      2. Can count on one hand the number of times I’ve been in a casino. Just not my thing.

        As we’ve stated, they weren’t able to build all of the hotels and casinos in Lost Wages because people go there and win.

        I do enjoy the ponies a bit, but have only been to the track a couple of dozen times. I go primarily for the social aspect of it, not the wagering. It’s a good time!

        P.S. Even though I’m not gambler…Yes on 27! (I believe people should be able to wager online, if that’s their thing.)


  7. As a Former CoCaptain of the Undefeated 1969 Football Team, I’m not surprised in any way of USC’s incompetence.. They’ve botched the handling of the Salute to Troy event in 2019 honoring our great 1969 team.
    Hell, we have a statue of the “Wild Bunch” in front of Heritage Hall, but USC wouldn’t spend a dime for a proper celebration of our team. FYI.. The 1969 team went 10-0-1 .955 winning percentage and won the 1970 Rose Bowl over Michigan. We had the 5th best winning record in the 133 year history of USC Football. My Ex Teammates on the undefeated 1972 got screwed by USC this year’s event honoring their team.
    No Surprise!!
    In 2017 and 2018, USC did it get it somewhat right in honoring my 1967 and 1968 teams at the Salute to Troy event at the track field.
    But I had to shame and call up the twits, Haden and Swann to give free tickets to the honored players. USC was actually going to charge the people they were honoring!!!
    I hope the new Coach can restore the great USC Football tradition by winning again. Maybe the Administrators can spend some money on the ex-players.
    BYW. I never got an invite from USC to attend! My teams went 32-2-2 in my 4 Years at USC, including my undefeated 1966 Freshman Team.
    Maybe they thought I was dead. I certainly was a thorn in their side complaining to the everyone I could, including the LA Times, about how shitty we were being treated.
    We’ll see things change for the better at USC.
    I still very skeptical.
    Bob Jensen #51 LB
    1969 Team CoCaptain

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  8. Thanks everyone!
    I was so pissed off after reading what the dumb shits at USC had done, I misspelled some words. I did get a A in freshman English at SC!


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