USC Morning Buzz: History Repeats Itself At Heritage Hall

When USC renovated Heritage Hall in 2013, the $35 million project was going to solve the woes of the athletic dept.

It had outgrown the space and for decades every nook-and-cranny, including closets, started getting used for office space.

“The reality is that we have outgrown Heritage Hall and we are badly undersized and overcrowded in there,” then-athletic director Pat Haden said.

The new Heritage Hall (70,000 square feet) nearly doubled the size of the old building as the basement was greatly expanded to include a bigger weightroom, locker rooms, video studio, film rooms, lounges and most importantly, more offices for coaches and administrators.

Well, guess what?

Even with all that planning, USC is currently turning a storage room into . . . even more offices.

The hiring flurry at the athletic dept. has created another office space crunch. Maybe it’s all those social media hires.

It’s not the first time since the building was renovated. Boy Wonder Brandon Sosna converted a tiny meeting room into his own office, mainly because it was connected to Mike Bohn’s office. That led some to joke Sosna had the kids’ office.

History repeats itself. Here’s athletic director Jess Hill standing in a crowded trophy room at the Student Union to show USC needed to build Heritage Hall in the first place.

For the history buffs, here is the original rendering in 1955 for Heritage Hall.

34 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: History Repeats Itself At Heritage Hall

      1. Gabby,

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  2. LA Times has an article on a new collective, outside the control of the school, with old-time donors. This is very good news.

    I have real doubts about the people running Stay Doubted. I dont think they have a clue about athlete representation. They are just people from USC’s athletic department.

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    1. Look at all the “candid” videos and instagram posts of the dude who runs Stay doubted. It makes me not doubt that this whole thing is done with smoke and mirrors. He is totally scripted, though it is made to look like it is at a distance and in passing conversation, and he talks around in circles and never actually says anything. He just uses trendy catch phrases. USC admin duped again.


  3. ESPN has selected USC football as ‘Wide Receiver U’ yet again this year. This is a yearly occurrence. Even in a year where SC just had their worst year in program history, they are still king when it comes to wide receiver performance and development.

    #FIGHT ON!

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      1. Height, hands, speed, and a crazy vertical, all add up to a nightmare for shorter DBs. I’m hoping the durability is there…..thanks for posting


      1. I will note your opinion!….. I see ESPN as being the pioneer in dedicated sports media… complaints!


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  5. If they are tearing down a bunch of dorms, then how hard is it to take one of those spaces and build a second athletic building on the rubble of the old dorm?



    1. marvienna,

      If SC was smart, they would do a feasibility study to see what brings in more revenue, new classroom space, new dorm, new athletic building. it is also what SC wants. Knowing them they will want some transgender, homo, lesbo, midget hall for people like Gabby. They have to stay with the times.

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  6. Bohn ran up a big athletic department deficit at Cincinnati. Money grows on trees at USC, but somebody better watch him. He spends like a Big Government Socialist.


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