USC Sunday Buzz: Who Loses Post-Mike Bohn?

I fully expected the media, which ridiculously put Mike Bohn on a pedestal the past few years, to turn on him now, and the indignation level is high in this column.

You would think Bohn was Public Enemy No. 1 now, which seems a bit over the top (and I say this as the most vocal critic of Bohn in the media the past 4 years).

But you know who loses post-Bohn? The former Boy Wonder, Brandon Sosna.

If you embrace the theory that Bohn’s shortcomings were widely known at Cincinnati and his management style continued at USC, who knew the most about it? Sosna.

He worked at both places for Bohn and even turned a tiny meeting room into his own office at Heritage Hall, mainly because it was connected to Bohn’s office. No one saw more than Sosna.

And no one was closer to Bohn than Sosna. Did he enable Bohn’s brusque style? Did he turn a blind eye to Bohn’s habit of doling out work and being out of sight? Did he witness boorish behavior?

Don’t expect the media to turn on Sosna. He was leaking information to them regularly during his time at USC, so they won’t turn on a source. Unless they have something to gain, of course.

  • If you read stories about unidentified former coaches leaving because of Bohn, just remember I wrote two years ago about track coach Caryl Smith Gilbert being upset that Bohn refused to make a counter offer when Georgia offered her a job. She was also upset he skipped the NCAA championships in 2021, when USC won a title. Smith Gilbert took the Georgia job. When she wanted raises for her assistant coaches, he suggested she raise the money herself.

One other thing: Smith went to Carol Folt about all this and Folt declined to intervene. So it’s not all on Bohn, if you think she left because she felt unappreciated.

Another natural candidate is women’s soccer coach Keidane McAlpine, who also left for Georgia in Nov., 2021, despite winning an NCAA title at USC in 2016.

  • USC baseball didn’t have a great weekend in Arizona, losing 2 of 3 games to the Wildcats. But the Trojans are still the No. 4 seed at the Pac-12 Baseball Tournament (did you know there is a tournament?) and get this, play UCLA on Tuesday at 2:30 p.m. in Scottsdale, Ariz.

USC’s 33 victories are the most since 2015.


70 thoughts on “USC Sunday Buzz: Who Loses Post-Mike Bohn?

  1. I still say that baseball coach is an outstanding coach and will have SC challenging for the NC in a few years. Another good move by that evil Mike Bohn.

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      1. A friend made a very (I believe) astute observation as to what is going on with the Mike Bohn termination. He suggests that if there are sexual harassment claims this is no more than a smoke screen for the real reason he was let go, which would be because of racial equality. I am all in favor of hiring the best person for the job but with Bohn leaving so abruptly the only way to cover that idea up would be to use something like harassment or his health. I think it makes sense with the direction Folt is trying to take the university. Maybe he really does have health issues or did harass someone. We may never know the real reason he left.


    1. He is evil, parcelman! I’ve read umpteen spinetingling stories over the last 24 hours about Bohn touching a woman’s shoulder during conversation [something they haven’t realized is wrong yet in France or Italy—hopefully they’ll change now!]. He also made comments that 2 women felt threatened by, retroactively speaking— classic case of “dormant anxiety”.
      Who better to vindicate the rights of Bohn’s long line of “victims” than man-hating Carol Folt?

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      1. Right now nobody seems to know anything for sure but we’ll find out more in the days and weeks to come. Maybe the guy has problems. The timing of the whole thing bothers me. Just when SC’s football program is getting ready to take off, this thing pops up on the scene which is something that could hurt recruiting. Just as SC is beginning to get over all the scandals, this pops up. This definitely gives opposing recruiting coaches things to tell the recruits about “scandal ridden USC”. It’s all of a sudden out of nowhere. This whole incident sounds like “a day in the life of Joe Biden”.


  2. Sosna is a mama’s boy. The guy can’t stay at a job more than a few years then he ups and goes. When he went to work for Cleveland he moved in with his parents and left that job after what a little more than a year.

    Apparently he’s a top notch bullshitter, he had Bohn wrapped around his little finger. So he had a hand in hiring Lincoln Riley, so what, what else has he done other than bullshit his way into job positions that are more a title than anything.

    Idiots out there are praising that fraud as if he has built a couple of programs into contenders, which he hasn’t. That clown Sosna is trouble waiting to happen.

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      1. I think being caught on television staring at a man’s ass as he walks by is an even more serious felony than touching a woman’s shoulder.
        Neither Carol nor Mike are holy enough to be employed by USC. We’ll all breathe easier when they’re gone and we can go back to living decent lives.

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      2. MG, USC is tooooo far gone these days for that to happen, they’ll just go more WOKE, ( that should send someone into a tizzy )

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    1. What exactly has Folt excelled at in her time as President? Name one thing.

      Prior to firing Bohn, you could say she excelled at keeping USC out of scandals and that the athletic department was a success. Not any more.

      She should be dumped like a hot potato. She is incompetent. She is a bad bureaucrat, in way over her head.

      When she started at USC, she was involved in tarnishing the reputation of the business dean so she could fire him, instead of just deciding we wanted to move on to a new business dean. Now they are doing the same with Bohn.

      We need a President with the gravitas to make management decisions without needing to create a scandal to do it. If Bohn is not showing up for meetings, is skirting his responsibilities, then sit down, explain the issues and get resolution on them, or fire him with a public thank you and the explanation that Folt had simply made a management decision based on differences with Bohn.

      But Folt is too weak and pathetic to operate this way.

      The problem is that Folt has no big vision for the university and no real major accomplishments. You cant hold your top managers to high standards of performance if your own level of performance is not up to the level of your own position. President of USC is a big job, one of the biggest jobs in academia. Folt is simply incapable of measuring up.

      Time to let her go. Not based on a scandal, but based on simple poor performance.

      BOD, do your job.

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      1. Folt should get advice from C.L. Max Nikias on how best to try and cover up scandals. Oh no, wait…

        Nikias’ problem was that he had too many scandals to manage and the truth was bound to come out and when it did it was a tidal wave of corruption, sexual assault, sexual harassment, drug abuse, thievery, embezzlement, admissions fraud, etc.


    2. Good article. I propose that we go back to the midst of the covid pandemic days and pass laws demanding 12 foot diameter circles around every person to protect them from the touching and inappropriate comments pandemic(the TIC pandemic). It seems as if you are accused(especially by a woman) of spreading the TIC Pandemic you are guilty until proven innocent.
      I don’t see why any man would ever want to date any woman nowadays because if she really falls for him and he finds someone that he likes better, all she has to do is claim sexual harrasment or even rape and he is history because the burden of proof today is on him. Was it Shakespear who said “hell hath no fury like a woman scorned”.
      I remember when Kavennaugh was being confirmed. He was accused by Christine Blasey Ford as his main accuser. But there were other women and one of those women who had accused him publicly but she never testified. Her name was Judy Munro-Leighton. A couple of years later she renounced the story, said she was just trying to get attention and said she had actually never met Kavannaugh. The same thing happened with the Duke Lacross players and others. I guess the best way to go is to marry the girl who lived across the streets from you when you 5 years old and marry her early(like when you are both about 17). Maybe he was a predator. It’s too early to tell.


  3. Thank you CR. Your link is very informative. I am thrilled in the midst of the new SC scandal, that the sanctimonious folt is being cited. I’ve wanted to scream each time I’d hear her use the word “integrity” as if she was the second coming of Mother Theresa. Get rid of her, too!!!

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      1. Carol has a way of robbing us of “subtlety”, John —

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  4. This is the piece Scott is trying to get published in the National Enquirer. It’s now obvious he’s beating a dead horse with his Bohn obsession. Perhaps one of his fanboys will come to his defense…..waiting!

    Scott also claims to have been strategically positioned in front of Heritage Hall with the ability to eavesdrop on Bohn’s telephone conversation. This led to intel previously not known by the fanboy media.

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      1. Scott has more disguises than the paid assassin who took out Sophia Coppola in Godfather 3……he can get past security checks anywhere in the USA….


  5. No, you don’t fire someone for their delegation managerial style if everything is successful. A top leader of any organization should not be a paper shuffler. And if you’re at the top you can’t expect to be loved, just respected. This is an affirmative unaction thing which when you think about should be wrong. But why wasn’t Bohn mentoring someone for his job eventually if hiring staff to meet categories is so important? Hey, Folt was doing nothing but being the symbolic head of SC while Nikias was doing all the work.

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    1. This whole mess started when Kamala Harris was in town last year— allegedly Bohn asked her some questions about how to to survive in a high visibility job…and Harris answered “Did you ever see Chinatown, Mike? Do ‘as little as possible'”…….

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  6. So did Bohn say ” Hey that women is attractive. ” Or did he say ” LOOK AT THOSE TITS !”

    Did he say ” That’s a very nice dress Sally ” Or did he say ” That dress makes your ass so grabbable. ”

    Did he say ” Jim, your work isn’t up to our standards. ” Or did he say ” You fucking asshole, get your shit together. ”

    What women find offensive these days is mind boggling, I can’t even imagine working in an office these days.

    If you haven’t followed the ongoing saga of Hadley Gamble of CNBC, Google it and cringe.

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    1. The vast majority of women think this “I felt uncomfortable” crap is embarrassing. I’ve stayed friends with lots of women lawyers and they laugh at this horseshit.
      Carol is a big fucking phony….and she’ll end up the victim of her own daffy virtue signaling….

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      1. Nothing in the LA Times article suggest a hostile work environment. Here’s the legal definition.

        What Makes Workplace Harassment “Severe” Or “Pervasive” Enough To Be Considered Unlawful Conduct?

        To qualify for a hostile workplace legal action, hostile work environment harassment must be pervasive (inescapable) and severe (austere). As such, rare, sporadic, trivial, or isolated incidents do not legally qualify for a lawsuit.

        In court, improper conduct is viewed as rising to the level of “hostile workplace harassment” when it either takes place repeatedly or threatens the victim’s physical well-being or safety.

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      2. Plow Horse,
        You’re 100% correct…..but Carol thinks we’re weak and dumb enough to accept the idea that revelations of alleged shoulder touching at Mike’s PREVIOUS job were so shocking to the conscience of the modern world he had to be told to get off campus within the hour….[and, for some, just being told it’s time to be “shocked” is enough to be shocked]…

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      3. The problem is that the WOKE ( there’s that word again ) crowd view anything and everything as an issue, they can twist any phrase to make it offensive to them, and people like Woke Carol just cower and fire the person with no investigation.

        You don’t like your boss these days ? Just say they are a racist or made your work environment uncomfortable, or they made inappropriate comments about you, true or not, they’re as good as gone because it more than likely won’t be investigated.


      4. My feeling is that “woke” issues are being used to cull out people who maybe dont fit in with the groupthink of organizations. What I find is that people who are incompetent, but generally liked, tend to rise up in organizations, but someone who is a complete success, but not as well liked will be discarded.

        Effective management teams care mostly about results, and only care about the internal process used to get to the result if it has other detrimental side effects.

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  7. Look what you have wrought Bone by resigning–

    Even the Times’ Plaschke (The Lakers can win the NBA title) is jumping on the
    “integrity” bandwagon

    ‘Without-a-Folt was beside herself with warm accolades when she fired
    ‘Give Ton-o-Hel a 5-year extension’ Lynn Swann, but has nothing but contempt for
    “Riley-hiring’ Bone

    Of course Wiley takes the high road as he prepares to take the road out of L.A. to the NFL-wonderland

    Meanwhile the accusing Cincy and LaLa ladies are saying, “If it had been Brad Pitt caressing my shoulders there would have been no problem”

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      1. …”when he touched my shoulder I had flashbacks of him throwing Bruce Lee into that car in Once Upon A Time In Hollywood” —-

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    1. That was the message of the Tom Brady Sexual Harassment video on SNL: Be good looking and you can get away with it!


  8. This Bone thing has now lasted longer than the 3-day crucifixion of Christ, time to move on, but one final word about Bone not standing his ground and caving in to the “Shoulder-Whisperers,”
    If Bone had been in charge of The Alamo he would have said, “Santa Anna is coming with thousands, let’s make a run for it boys while we still got the chance”

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    1. Move onto what, exactly? It’s the offseason for college football and basketball and the SC baseball team just laid an egg in Tucson.

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      1. Noooooo……never!

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    1. Allowing the hire is one thing, allowing Grinch to stay is another.

      I don’t think Riley will be at USC long term, if he makes it past 5 years I’d be shocked.

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      1. With a potentially hostile new AD coming in and McVey’s chronic burnout with the Rams, Riley’s stay may be even shorter.

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      2. Lincoln and Caleb go pro after last game of this season…..


  9. The entire time Bohn was here we did nothing but bitch and moan the he wasn’t doing enough at his job. Now that he’s gone we all complain about the nature of his exit.
    Some might say we just a bunch of old guys who do nothing but complain but the reality is everything is just too goddamned woke!

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    1. Mike Bohn was a sweet klutz — I hate to see him get smeared and fucked over like this by a ding-a-ling bitch like Carol Folt….

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  10. How does a young person meet someone in this type of environment? The workplace used to be a pretty good fishing ground for marriage material.

    I remember when I was still in my twenties, the billing clerk, a very attractive girl, coming into my office and saying “why don’t you put your timesheet in the tray before you leave. Why do I have to come into your office every day and ask for it.” I said in response “because I like it when you come into my office. You dress well, are always smiling, and brighten my day. I look forward to you visiting me.” She smiled and said “fine, I’ll make an exception for you. Do you want a refill on the coffee?”

    That behavior would be unacceptable in the Folt environment. Now you need to go to a damn nightclub to scout for women. This hurts both men and women. Who wants to work in such a stale environment where you can’t be yourself out of fear your going to offend someone and get sued or fired.

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    1. Plow Horse — There’s a reason why all my European relatives [Mainland Italy, Sicily, Sardinia] laugh about our growingly odd fear of flirtation in this country….

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      1. Agree MG. It’s unnatural and destructive. I have two very attractive nieces who are highly educated and are now in high paying positions – an architect and the head of a drug addiction treatment facility for a hospital. They are now in their mid thirties and will likely not marry or have children. They complain that guys seem to be afraid to even approach them and the ones that do tend to be the less desirable ones – unemployed, living with their parents, ect. It is sad.

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      2. On a side note, I heard from a recent study, Americans are having less and less sex. The situation you described is contributing factor.

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  11. I joked, the other day that Urban Meyer was available to replace Bohn, but that was before the L. A. Times blew the lid off the serial shoulder caressing back patting evils of Mike Bohn. I am guessing the illness he is suffering from is being sick and tired of everyone assuming a motive behind a pat on
    Society has grown into a joke where the punchline is Me Too. The next Athletic Director could be in for some serious questions in an interview.

    1.Are you now or have you ever been a hugger or back patter?
    2.Have you ever made an inappropriate comment about a coworker under your supervision?
    3.Would you skip meetings?
    4.Other than pickle ball, did you play any sports in college?
    5.What do you know and did you know it.

    When I was a kid in middle school I accidentally stepped in dog excrement on my way to class it was pretty ripe and tracked into the English classroom I entered. I had to clean the floor on my hands and knees while my classmates watched and commented. About forty years later the teacher, now a principal, and I encountered each other in an interview, ironically for an English teaching position. The only thing he remembered about me was that day when I was on my hands and knees cleaning his floor. The other panel members were surprised that the principal had allowed this demeaning event to happen and chided him for not calling the custodian, whose job it was to clean up such an event. I blew the interview by saying, “Why? I learned to watch where I stepped and had all but forgotten about the incident.” I also commented about the bubble wrap we have placed ourselves in to protect against embarrassment.
    Was Mike Bohn grooming the female of the opposite sex for some future liaison or simply sharing in the moment a bit of affection? We will never know.

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    1. Believe me, if Mike Bohn’s conduct had gone beyond innocent shoulder touching Carol would have led with that evidence…

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    2. I am starting to wonder if Bohn will file a lawsuit? Seems to me that he might be able to point to a pattern of using these “investigations” as a means of getting rid of high profile senior leadership that does not agree with Folt.

      Tucker Carlson filed a lawsuit against Fox for them trashing him after he left. His reputation is very important. I think Bohn has an even better case against Folt.

      Honestly, if a few shoulder touches or putting your arm around someone is all they have for calling it an inappropriate environment, I think he has a great lawsuit. The proper remedy for the results of that report would have been to tell him to refrain from any unwanted touching or comments on physical appearance – even complimentary comments.

      But the lawsuit wouldnt be wrongful termination, it would be defamation. It was highly inappropriate to communicate any results of this investigation outside of a few senior level people, so where did the reporters get this information? If it can be proven that it was leaked by USC personnel, that is a good defamation lawsuit right there. And with business dean as another example, this is an established pattern, so it might even be proven that the public leak was intentional.

      I am hoping Bohn sues USC and that leads to Folt getting canned. It would be worth the cost to USC’s reputation and the financial loss to get rid of Folt before she further corrodes the university.

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    1. We can no longer call them Angels. How about Sun Devils or Diablos. You can not adequately explain this embrace of sexual perversion, mutilation of the genitals of 12 year olds, hormone therapies that permanently sterilizes them, drag queen story hour to children, attack on the nuclear family, ect. without invoking spiritual warfare. The stuff Biden and BLM are pushing is sick and does not have popular support so why do it unless Satan is pulling the strings. Look at the administration parading out Sam Britton and tell me this is normal.


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