USC Notes: And Now For A Lighthearted Moment

This will always be my favorite Mike Bohn moment.
  • And this.
  • There was a stunning result in college softball this weekend. UCLA, which was a No. 2 seed in the NCAA Tournament and entered with a 52-5 record, lost to Grand Canyon and Liberty to get eliminated after two games.

I repeat, it lost to Grand Canyon and Liberty. That’s a shocking result in a sport like softball, where the marquee team usually blow through the regionals.


26 thoughts on “USC Notes: And Now For A Lighthearted Moment

  1. The bruin softball team was mourning Mike Bohn…..
    […and Scott you shoulda waited till the “If It’s Friday” column and worked Bohn’s Magical Presser in with some Swann and Helton highlights….. Oh, fuck –what a great idea of mine! Lots of time to tee it up]!


    1. MG, UCLA softball pulled an Andyain’twinning. No excuses or conspiracy theories to acct. for UCLA’s hideous Two&Done Tournament exit. The score is always the bottom line.

      I hope SUCC’s softball team fares better in the Tournament.

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      1. The scary thing is I’d rather have Enfield coaching the Lakers instead of dumbass Darvin Ham. Darvin Ham is the NBA equivalent of Clay Helton.


    2. So Mike Bohn apparently doesn’t mind hearing that he was actually fired because of more allegations of sexual harassment in the workplace.

      I wonder how much USC had to pay to keep these latest victims quiet.

      Bohn being fired because of some “woke agenda” sounds better though, right?



      1. The NIL guys and donors play a definite role in how this all went down. You’ll learn in time.


    3. Mr. Just Owens, shove it up your ass. The biggest choke in softball
      history even better than the softball season none of the players
      went to class.


      1. Too bad he’s gone.There could have been intros by George Thorogood and The destroyers – “Bad To The Bohn” #Party’sOver


  2. Folt whacked Bohn before Bohn became more popular (and powerful) than her. Typical, campus politics. He did some good things and some bad/dumb things but Bohn was a liability. He should have never pissed off Riley or his coaches. Let’s see how NIL will get handled by next AD. My bet would be the Arizona or Washington AD. Bad enough they picked a president from a Cal State that didn’t have a football program(?!!!??!!) you’d expect the next person to have some familiarity with the biggest sport at the school.


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